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Tuesday, June 12

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    Have no doubt of the divinity present always here. It is of course already said. --eric ____________________________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2001
      Have no doubt of the divinity present always here. It is
      of course already said.



      Is not an entry,
      Just me playing around
      With my syllabus.


      Realization has
      Five syllables, while
      Self is only one.

      Is the aphasic
      Relationship now.

      Semantic means,
      Seed-root beginnings,
      Flowery ends.

      Shower-drain sings,
      Gargles soapy water;
      Voices of draingels.

      Invisible space
      Arises not, yet
      Hosts transient form.

      Iris opens now;
      Retinal interface is
      Relaying vision.

      UFOs are
      Over our heads.

      Errors occur when
      Criteria are
      Hedged or forgotten.

      Many pieces make
      Collection, or whole;
      Assemble wisely.


      As long as there remains even one dreamer,
      as long as there is still just one slumbering,
      Christ the Buddha is not Awake.

      -white wolfe, the bodhisattva






      who's winning so far?

      Hi Jerry. Thanks for asking and I wish I could tell who was
      ahead but this is not a boxing match. We have had some
      extremely high quality Haiku poems submitted by James, David,
      Sarlo, Alton, Jan, Dan, Wim, Jerry, Mark, Joyce, Mike,
      Harsha, and others and they are still coming in. We have to
      give 72 hours for entering and so we will stop taking
      submissions on Thursday night at midnight. Winners will be
      announced on Sunday after careful consideration. Naturally HS
      accounting firm will count the ballots in absolute secrecy
      and there is no possibility of leaking the results before
      hand. Given below are just some of the submissions from HS
      and NDS.

      Here is an example from Alton, a rising Haiku star.

      masquerading as death'
      may be cream to them or us

      Mike, offers a powerful view of reality

      a nice place to be
      probably better than death

      And again Mike offers:

      The great mystery of death
      no more mysterious than life
      oh well, who really cares

      Wim on HS says

      a question
      i'm scratching my head
      someone's armpit itches

      James Traverse has offered several brilliant Haiku poems on HS. Here is an

      wild flowers on my grave

      the Unknown
          signed by the artist
          Tat Tvam Asi

          the Sage
          walking in the winter sun
          no shadow


      Dan has been prolific.

      Here is one from Dan with a Neil Diamond flavor

      I am the moon
      you are the sun
      whose is the reflection?

      Then again from Dan

      Ripple on my chin
      lets the dew
      settle in.

      I like what David Hodges wrote in his upbeat moments

      Sunlight on old brick wall:
      I am no good
      For anyone

      Also from David, the Haiku master.

      Rescuing me from myself
      Is high on the list
      Of no one in particular


      My talk takes a walk
                  Pedestrian doggerel
                  Careful where you step


      My dog stops to talk,
      I'm lost on the sidewalk here,
      But I'm not homeless

      (Mark, you could improve yours a little and resubmit!)

      Here is one from Jan. A long Haiku!

      drip drip drip drip drip
      says one tap to another
      drip drip drip drip drip

      talk talk talk talk talk
      one human to another
      talk talk talk talk talk

      humans are like taps
      dripping what they cannot hold
      drip talk drip talk flaps

      These are just some examples and does not include the variety and riches
      submitted thus far.

      HarshaSatsangh Magazine and Website is at



      still water runs deep
      two rivers meet at its Source.
      earth shudders and quakes


      saxophone humming
      dark glasses hiding tired eyes
      scotch whiskey straight up


      wind dancing with clouds
      sand castles made in the sky
      five homeless from storm



      T. Eagleraven: Your wheel is broken if it does not go in all directions.

      Wrong Distance: What? We have a wheel that goes in the other direction just
      in case.

      TE: No wonder the axel is broken!

      WD: Perhaps then we only have one wheel that moves one way on the outer side
      and one wheel that moves in the other direction on the inner side.

      TE: No wonder the spokes are shattered. One way. One wheel. The problem with
      stealing the perfect plan is that it lacks the vision and the visionary...

      WD: Why won't this fucking thing work?

      TE: It wasn't built for you!


      As is all things in time... 'You' have attempted to enslave me (no fool am I
      although I play the fool rather cunningly eh?) and thus, you are enslaved.
      Like was Joseph and his coat.

      Yin: Treat your enemies with unceasing and relentless respect, co-operation,
      solutions, proactive choices and support their ideas by working them into
      your own, which, in turn, creates Yang: which drives 'their' betrayal,
      disloyalty, lack of support, greed, and egotism straight to hell where it

      (In real time -- this netTime IS for the battles that ensue... the wise keep
      it on the field... the fool takes it home... how do I know you are
      listening? How do I know I am God?)


      Your worst nightmare awaits in the subtle realm not in hell. Jesus is REAL.
      Deal with it.

      I AM the one that 'trains' your greatness by leaving your success to your
      own ability. My 'brother' however, will 'give' you your success but will
      take it when you make it... (Sun Tzu says let your enemy build your empire).

      I AM told that I look like the devil. I mean SHIT! HEY! I needed a body to
      get back 'here'... just like Joe Black. Eye for an Eye.

      If two elements battle then four worlds are created based in 'both' winning
      and 'both' losing. Nothing vs. Nothing.

      I AM not here to destroy my brother, I am here to help it win. We 'all' have
      had enough of 'this side of the story'!

      I belong to nothing; not even independence. As I have said: I AM not
      doing/being, good/evil, right/wrong or this/that. I AM my self regardless of
      the reputation which is a manufacturing of what is and what is not. To say
      to another that I carry your side is likened unto loading up your own ass or
      mouth (as the case may be).

      Imagine the Headlines: Jesus Christ blacklisted, tortured, and exciled from
      Cranbrook yet embraced by the world.

      'No charge' is a luxury 'given' to those that take a poor ecomomy to a
      prosperous one. The separation of these is found in those that take much of
      little and those that take little of much. If you had no hand in this but
      one that destroyed the progress of theProcess, the how can you expext to be
      invited to the head table of your Lord?

      Where would you like to be?
      Where else is there?

      Zen is a state of doing and ending.
      Tao is a state of mind and no state.
      Mu is a state of being and beginning.


      'What' is the question.
      God knows what.
      What do you know?
      Don't know God.
      Thus, don't know what.

      Finally, if you choose to ignore my questions then you must excuse me if I
      ignore your answers.

      Into what? Out of what? I do not know.

      -- T. Eagleraven

      PS: Where 'one' is found so too the other. We identify the first then seek
      the last. You look for two thus the last is the first you will find and then
      you will search unceasingly for that which is before you.



      the earth seems
      to move
      my feet

      light through
      windblown leaves
      shadows dancing

      bones old and creaky
      by me!

      love the one
      you loved
      to hate



      more of more and less
      more nondual tinkering
      educated guess

      less of more and more
      more nondual deep thought bore
      play nondual chess?

      more of less and more
      heck! here comes another shore
      isle of verbal less

      less of more and less
      lesson two of how to bore
      at a crowded mess

      more of more and more
      dom of bore just goes ashore
      to pray and confess

      less of less and less
      where did i hear that before
      party at loch Ness

      there Nessie appears
      eats the mores and eats the less
      even pays the beers!

      in the land of Ness
      the last shore a boat can reach
      there's the greatest beach




      {No, this is not just a meaningless word-ensalata.  It announces that
      it has been divined via chicken entrail analysis that the End of
      Times is without tortuous twists and turns, i.e., that end of the
      world is nondual....   so get your non-twoness before it's de

      Jeff Rasmussen
      Spirit of Tao Te Ching

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