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Saturday June 9, 2001

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  • Gloria Lee
    Sunflower Hello, Excuse this broadcast message, but you might find it useful. If you hold regular or semi-regular meetings or get-togethers, and would like to
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      Excuse this broadcast message, but you might find it useful.

      If you hold regular or semi-regular meetings or get-togethers, and would
      like to list your group on the Nonduality Salon website, please go to
      <http://www.nonduality.com/meet4.htm>, to get an idea of what's there,
      and fill out the form on the page or just send me a normal email about
      your group, and I'll post the information.

      Also, if you are open to meeting others in your community, no matter
      where in the world you are, let me know, and I'll list your location at
      <http://www.nonduality.com/meet5.htm>, and advise others in your area of
      your posting.



      PAUL COTE: escape from real life

      fwd'd by Jan Sultan from allspirit

      >Beautifully put Paul! God
      created the Universe as a mirror to see himself
      >and Love himself. Who
      are we to deny Him this pleasure. Many realized
      >beings experience the
      non-duality and then come and rest in their heart
      >chakras. Take the
      examples of Hafiz and Rumi!
      >At 09.06.01-05:27 AM, Paul Cote
      >>Right Gill, I agree...  The spiritual path means more to
      me than just
      >>being in the present moment.  It has to do with my
      heart.  Getting to
      >>know my heart in order to understand what I
      am doing in relationship
      >>to my heart.  Getting in tune with the
      heart. Understanding why it is
      >>open sometimes and gushing love and
      apparently closed at other
      >>times...  I believe it has to do with
      my own attitude, actions,
      >>thoughts, tendencies and fickleness rather
      than the heart's... yet I
      >>am integral with my heart!  Most of
      the chatter surrounding advaita
      >>can lead one to a false sense of
      completion.  Sure, one can grok that
      >>all is one, and even
      believe they experience all is one--or that they
      >>are a robot and
      whats the use?.  But the heart knows the answer and
      >>it is as
      simple as this...
      >>If one is in love, his heart is open,
      he is not under the domination
      >>of his ego. He has attained, at least
      for that moment some humility
      >>If his heart is blocked, then the ego
      is in control and he is bound
      >>by ego.  In my case, a lot of the
      time, there is a problem because
      >>the heart is blocked.  Even
      though I have experienced great love, the
      >>Self, consciousness, the
      blue pearl, kundalini, sound, light, the
      >>present moment, the witness,
      transcendent formlessness,  can
      >>understand advaita.... even
      though I can be fully present,  when the
      >>heart is not clear, I
      am not satisfied. All of that other crap is
      >>pure baloney.  To
      fool myself otherwise is ridiculous.
      >>So, the adventure is
      to learn how to be loving all the time... to
      >>follow the
      heart....  whereas we were previously controlled by the
      >>fight or
      flight reactions of the ego, after some realization, we need
      become aware of the God within the heart and find out what pleases
      >>This is my own expression, and
      not aimed at anyone but me.
      >>Nevertheless, I would love to get to know
      others who are also
      >>learning how to come into loving relationship
      with "the Friend, the
      >>Heart, the Guru
      >>How do you listen to your heart?  What
      happens when you obey?  What
      >>happens when you
      makes the heart laugh.
      >I wish you Love. [God is

       JUDI: "OH NO"
      I discovered for myself and by myself that there
      is no self to realize -- that's the realization I am
      talking about. It comes as a shattering blow. It
      hits you like a thunderbolt. You have invested
      everything in one basket, self-realization, and, in
      the end, suddenly you discover that there is no
      self to discover, no self to realize -- and you say to
      yourself "What the hell have I been doing all my
      life?!" That blasts you.

      *** UG Krishnamurti

      It's more like a pyramid than a basket. More like a complex
      spiritual-mental-emotional structure contructed for the purpose of entombing
      subtle mummifications of knowledge, such as the mummy of 'self', of 'nothing
      is happening', of 'all is sameness', and so on.

      Come to think of it, U.G. kinda looks like a mummy!

      rags to riches,


      ******* The "basket" he is talking about is the "lottery ticket" I was
      referring to the other day. You got to put yourself on the line in other words.
      That's what it's all about. How you ever gonna realize yourself if you don't put
      yourself in front of the camera? If you ever expect to hit a home run, you got to
      step up to the plate. Thinking and talking about it alone does not cut the
      mustard.  Like Da used to do, he would slap his leg, and say 'this is the
      teaching, right here'. The teaching must become  "concrete", actual, in real life terms.
      Arm chair philosophizing don't cut it.

      The teaching already *is*.

      It doesn't become anything.
      It doesn't avoid anything.


      JAN B.

      Thanks for the laugh by submitting this quote Judi...
      Apparently UG failed to see why the ancients used a term called "self-realization"...
      But then, one also might wonder whether UG was "realized" or not - because what
      would be the use of relabeling a black wolf to "not a white wolf"?
      Apart from that, it shows that UG had expectations of "self-realization" and
      all his expectations were blown out - not much of a surprise though...

      Why didn't he just say" Whatever label, it's never what you think, expect
      or hope. All thoughts, expectations and hope constitute the seeming separation".


      Yes - it's not what I expect,
                it's what's already here
                with no expectation about it ...

      What needs to be "torn down" here?


      Cordially Free and Yellow.

      Are you still afraid?

      Come and look,

      Nothing will happen.

      waiting for you


      waiting forever.

      take your time.

      TAKE IT!


      NOW NOW NOW!!!

      Yap now is here again :-)

      PS: I'm actually intending to send you to that web page, and to send
      me your feedback, as for myself I think it's a blast, we might be
      moving to dreamworld soon, then again, I got already so much used to
      those popp up windows, they kind of give this page a real unique
      caracter, I think I like them a little by now.



      just two lovers

      (meditation on non-dual love for mira)


      …the greatest sacrifices are the sweetest delights.”

                                                                      -Victor Hugo




      although we are agree and do not agree

      that there is nothing and there is not nothing

      that there is neither time nor space, yin nor yang

      you nor i for we are and are not one


      still, i insist that we start counting these stars

      that do and do not exist


      there is fire and there is ice

      the fire melts the ice

      the ice quenches the fire


      recognizing this we realize that we are and are not one but two


      you are i are here as am i even if we insist we are not

      this union between the fire and ice is not two but one

      this union is not higher love nor lower love

      but love itself

      which is one


      very few woman and even fewer men

      can conceive of love

      realize that love sacred and profane

      is the only true religion

      is life itself


      the lover deifying the beloved

      the beloved deifying the lover

      the golden sun shining for the silver moon

      the silver moon darkly reflecting the sun’s golden light

      together create the lightness that is nothing without the darkness

      the lightness within the mirror mirroring the mirror within the darkness


      without devotion and passion

      without great sacrifice, dark to light, light to dark

      there is only nothing, nothing is nothing without something

      there is neither sweet darkness nor bitter lightness


      i have sought you forever mirabai

      out of the many in the endless throng

      i have heard you call my name


      we are as necessary to each other

      as the sun is to the moon

      both to the infinite stars that lie beyond


      out of the starry starry night

      i come to you

      one from among many

      i am your one

      you are my one


      together we are not two but one

      just two lovers within each other

      one just one




      i come serenading  i come


      mark christopher valentine

      (june 8, 2301)

      ECKHART TOLLE interview excerpt here, see url for rest.
      Some of you may find the issues discussed in this interview to be of interest, or even, dare I say, "helpful"... Some highlighting of possible reasons behind differences in  the approaches of Buddha, Ramana, and Jesus is included near the end. Glo
      AC: In your book The Power of Now you state that "The ultimate purpose of the world lies not within the world but in transcendence of the world." Could you please explain what you mean?

      ET: Transcending the world does not mean to withdraw from the world, to no longer take action, or to stop interacting with people. Transcendence of the world is to act and to interact without any self-seeking. In other words, it means to act without seeking to enhance one's sense of self through one's actions or one's interactions with people. Ultimately, it means not needing the future anymore for one's fulfillment or for one's sense of self or being. There is no seeking through doing, seeking an enhanced, more fulfilled, or greater sense of self in the world. When that seeking isn't there anymore, then you can be in the world but not be of the world. You are no longer seeking for anything to identify with out there.

      AC: Do you mean that one has given up an egotistical, materialistic relationship to the world?

      ET: Yes, it means no longer seeking to gain a sense of self, a deeper or enhanced sense of self. Because in the normal state of consciousness, what people are looking for through their activity is to be more completely themselves. The bank robber is looking for that in some way. The person who is striving for enlightenment is also looking for it because he or she is seeking to attain a state of perfection, a state of completion, a state of fullness at some point in the future. There is a seeking to gain something through one's activities. They are seeking happiness, but ultimately they are seeking themselves or you could say God; it comes down to the same thing. They are seeking themselves, and they are seeking where it can never be found, in the normal, unenlightened state of consciousness, because the unenlightened state of consciousness is always in the seeking mode. That means they are of the world—in the world and of the world.

      AC: You mean that they are looking forward in time?

      ET: Yes, the world and time are intrinsically connected. When all self-seeking in time ceases, then you can be in the world without being of the world.
      AC: What exactly do you mean when you say that the purpose of the world lies in the transcendence of it?

      from Norvene Vest's "No Moment Too Small"--

      "We are called to be loving, to be whole, to be so filled with God that
      God's glory pours through us. Yet we cannot make ourselves into this
      living flame.  Silence as discipline brings us to the monk/seeker's discovery:
      transformation does not happen because we do more, but because we allow
      God to work in us.  Nothing in our power enables us to make the dramatic
      shift from elimination of a few faults to the life of abundance to which we are
      called and for which we long. This awareness of personal incapacity is
      one of the essential gifts of silence."

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