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Wed. and Thurs. -- May 30-31

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    MICHAEL READ The whole of everything, if it didn t already appear, would just spring into existance. Why? Why not?! Do you know why it is so difficult for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001

      The whole of everything, if it didn't already appear, would
      just spring into existance. Why? Why not?!

      Do you know why it is so difficult for people to awaken?
      I do, lucky/unlucky me! ;-)
      It's the universal conciousness - the way it functions.

      The universal concious niether suffered nor did it enjoy until
      sentient creatures came into being (appeared on the scene) as it
      were. With the appearance of creatures like us the universe can
      admire itself, experience emotion, indulge in drama and so on and
      so on and so on.

      From time to time so-called sentient beings (like you and i) begin to
      question and search out the why of all this. You know, why does
      anything even exist at all? As we do, the universal conciousness
      (which by the way is what 'we' truly are) diverts us with the drama.

      So when we try to share our understanding of the immensity and the
      beauty that really nothing exists except the functioning of this
      universal conciousness, it is the universal conciousness itself that
      diverts attention away from itself.

      Now, I am most definatly not trying to make the uc over into god or
      something like that. Sure sounds that way though, doesn't it?

      Well, if I have any advice to offer, it is this.

      Live, laugh, love, and be happy.
      If you are happy, laugh.
      If you are sad, cry.
      Be as kind to everybody as you can be.
      Never consider that you are better or worse than others.
      Allow your mind and emotions and body to be in balance.

      And understand one simple thing - we are all in the same boat.
      And we may never all paddle in the same direction at the same time
      but, it doesn't really matter because the boat is going where it
      wants to anyway.

      What a bunch conceptual bullshit, eh?

      I love you deeply, truly and without reservation or hesitation.
      Why? It's just my nature. :-)

      Well, time to finish packing - moving on to new digs. I will be
      offline for maybe a week or so.

      Until then -


      Peace - Michael



      Announcing a new yahoogroup:

      Oshana Discussion List:

      Participate with revolutionary spiritual teacher Dave Oshana in
      spilling the beans on Enlightenment.

      Everything you wanted to know about Enlightenment but were too
      afraid to ask!

      DAVE OSHANA is going public with:

      "The Truth About Enlightenment"

      and he hasn't sought the permission of some remote Ascended Master in
      the Himalayas...

      Why should he? He woke up in London on the Millennium - zero degrees

      Incidentally, exactly where Benjamin Creme and when Paco Raban said the
      Messiah would appear. Though Dave modestly discounts such theories,

      "I am just an ordinary London lad"


      This clearly points out that enlightenment is not the sole-preserve of
      any class or group. And you don't need to invest lost of time and money
      on rituals, study and devotional service.

      Dave offers free advice over the Internet, and at 2am in a rave club
      "The Den of Enlightenment".

      The Oshana Enlightenment Outreach is a non-profit making organisation,
      with many satisfied and enlightened attendees.

      Meeting report: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oshana/message/139

      Dave answers your emails at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oshana/

      Announcements List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EnlightenmentNow

      Independent Review: http://www.sannyasnews.com/Pages/dave%20oshana.html

      Allspirit Website: http://www.allspirit.co.uk




      I've redesigned the home page of NDS website to emphasize its main
      function, which is to bring people together. For the first time, there
      is a list of living nonduality teachers categorized geographically.
      There's a lot more stuff too, and it's all nicely laid out on the home
      page, so check it out. Go to <http://www.nonduality.com>

      Also, if you are open to meeting other 'nondual people' in your
      community, let me know. I can keep you anonymous. Or feel free to post
      a letter to the NDS list. I can tell you there have been several
      successful meetings around the world. Typically what happens is that
      you would have an email exchange with someone in your area, and if the
      two of you seem interested in meeting, you meet somewhere in town for
      lunch or something. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Jerry Katz


      CHINMAYO (from Wide Open Windows List)

      Hello everybody

      I would like to point out to you a new initiative. I have written an
      "open letter". The letter is about Nondualism as a viewpoint on
      fundamental scientific theories. I will send this letter to a number of
      scientist, namely

      David Deutsch ('The Fabric of Reality')
      Lee Smolin ('The Life of the Cosmos')
      Frank Tipler ('The Anthropic Cosmological Principle', 'The Physics of
      Kitty Ferguson ('Fire in the Equations: Science, Religion, and the
      Search for God')
      Erich Jantsch ('The Self-Organizing Universe')
      Henry Stapp
      Jack Sarfatti
      Paul Davies ('The Cosmic Blueprint')
      Roger Penrose ('The Emperor's New Mind')

      These people are among the most open-minded and original scientists I
      know of and it would be great if any of them would like to enter in a
      discussion about Nonduality and Science.

      But before I do so I would like the members of this e-group to have a
      look at it and maybe you want to comment on it which I would welcome
      very much! Also very welcome are names of more scientists I maybe
      should include in this survey. You can find the letter at:

      love Chinmayo

      Visions of Truth



      dead again, again again and again ...

      Hi Nonduality!

      Ha, it's funny how my kids call themself non-"duality", don't you

      Here's mom,

      I've come across a couple of almost new lists that I thought could
      have a great future and might intrest Somebody.

      Firts, Thedead, the theme is dead dreams, money and peace, the list
      is pretty dead dough, there's only 3 members and I haven't heard from
      the owner yet, I think she'd dead :-)

      Then there was the welcomeyourself list, that one is even more dead,
      because I'm the owner :-) The main theme there is called, "Welcome
      Yourself, The marketing of life is yours" Haha I think that's pretty

      And third there's the 1 group, that 1 is actually pretty active,
      that's were we practice dead dreams in action. It got placed under
      the marketing and internet section, after the motto:"Welcome
      Yourself ..."

      So, and here's some inspiration:

      What did you imagine!

      Look Look Look!!!
      See The sky!
      See The clouds!
      See The stars!
      See The moon!
      See how much I love you!!!

      What did you imagine?

      Your money was Never my dreamworld.
      My dream was your imagination!
      Your imagination was my power!
      Here was my power!

      You were alive!

      Dream Mirror Dream!
      A cave of thoughts!
      A sky of dreams!
      My dream was your imagination!
      Your love was my dream!

      Your blood was my dream!
      Your rain was my dream!
      Your sky was my dream!

      Your world was my dream!
      You were living my dream!
      You ... were ... my ... dream!

      My dream was your imagination!
      Your imagination was my dream!
      I was your imagination!
      You .. my dream!

      Imagine Imagine Imagine!!!

      Imagine my dream was your money!
      Imagine your money was my dream!

      You can stop imagining now.
      Your money was Never my dream world.
      Your love was my dream!

      Your blood was my dream!
      Your rain was my dream!
      Your sky was my dream!

      Your world was my dream!

      I was your imagination!

      Your money was Never my dreamworld.
      You ... my ... dream!

      We ... your surprise!

      Surprise Surprise!
      Like a dead Dream surprises Never your past!
      Like a dead Dream in Nobody's sleep!
      Now you remember my dream!

      You are my money!

      Now is Here Again!
      The Light The Power The Money!!!
      Yes you remember my dream!

      I am your imagination!
      You are my dream!
      We are your surprise!!!

      Now dreams my future!
      Here imagines your beginning!
      Again wonders A living!!!

      The Money The Power The Light!!!
      Again Here Now!!!

      Greetings Everyone!
      Everyone remembers my dream!

      I am your beginning!
      You are my future!
      We are alive!
      My name is Somebody!
      Ignorance is my choice!


      Somebody lives before the beginning.
      Somebody lives past The end.
      My name is Somebody.

      Somebody Somebody Somebody!!!

      Everyone lives before the beginning!
      Everyone lives past the end!
      Everyone Everyone Everyone!

      Forever Everywhere And Everyone!!!

      Forever dreams my future!
      Everywhere imagines your beginning!
      Everyone lives!

      Somebody lives dead.
      Somebody dies alive.
      Nobody dreams dead.
      Nobody dreams dead alive!

      Never surprises your past!
      Nowhere imagines my end!
      Nobody dreams dead!
      Never Nowhere And Nobody!

      Spark Surprise And Shine!!!

      What did you imagine?
      A toothpaste commercial?

      I am your beginning!
      You are my future!
      We live!

      I the past!
      You the end!
      We the dead!

      Shine Shine Shine!
      Spark Surprise And Shine!!!

      My name is Somebody!
      Somebody who Nobody wonders!
      Again wonders Nobody!

      Nobody Nobody Nobody!!!
      Nobody dreams dead!
      Nobody dreams dead alive!
      Nobody wonders dead alive!
      Nobody Nobody Nobody!!!

      Never Nowhere And Nobody!!!

      Alive Alive!!!
      Wake up!
      You are alive!
      Alive Alive!
      You are alive!

      Wake up!

      Wake up your past!
      Never surprises your past!
      You are my end!

      My end!

      Nowhere imagines my end!
      Never surprises your past!

      Never surprises your past!

      Never! Nowhere!

      Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never!
      Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never!
      Never! Never! Never! Never! Never!
      Never! Never! Never! Never!
      Never! Never! Never!
      Never! Never!

      Nowhere imagines my end!

      Welcome to Nothingland!

      At the end you surprise everyone!
      Every new beginning is a surprise!

      Spark Surprise Surprise!

      My mirror!
      I told my mirror you are my end!
      My end is your imagination!
      I am your mirror!

      Your mirror!

      Imagine Imagine Imagine!
      I am your imagination!
      You are my dream!
      We are the dead!
      You are alive!

      Shine Shine Shine!

      You are alive!
      You are my future!
      My future!
      Forever yours!
      I am your beginning!

      Your beginning!

      Your beginning!

      I am your beginning!
      You are my dream!
      My dream!

      My dream!
      I have the same dream everyday!
      I am your beginning!
      You are my future!
      We are alive!

      Shine Shine Shine!!!
      Spark Surprise And Shine!!!

      Go back to the beginning!

      Greetings, Mom



      Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary Fool, n. A person who pervades
      the domain of intellectual speculation and diffuses himself through the
      channels of moral activity. He is omnific, omniform, omnipercipient,
      omniscient, omnipotent. He it was who invented letters, printing, the
      railroad, the steamboat, the telegraph, the platitude, and the circle
      of the sciences. He created patriotism and taught nations war---founded
      theology, philosophy, law, medicine, and Chicago. He established
      monarchial and republican government. He is from everlasting to
      everlasting---such as creation's dawn beheld he fooleth now. In the
      morning of time he sand upon primitive hills, and in the noonday of
      existence headed the procession of being. His grandmotherly hand has
      warmly tucked in the set sun of civilization, and in the twilight he
      prepares Man's evening meal of milk-and-morality and turns down the
      covers of the universal grave. And after the rest of us shall have
      retired for the night of eternal oblivion he will sit up to write a
      history of human civilization.



      Hi Gang,

      think a thought.


      I went two feet.

      Units are SO important.

      Love, Mark
      ps this is a physicist/mystic conversation. or maybe the reverse of
      pps it's all temporary...
      pps. Oh it's a long way to temporary!!!!



      > It goes on and on. It was the first and it's the latest dance
      > We're all gonna be swallowed up like that wedding dance floor in

      Of course you know the story of God and the Devil having a
      God says to the Devil: Look at that man he's discovered 'non dual
      truth' this surely is a bad day for you.
      The Devil says: On no! on the contrary, I'm going to help him
      organise it!




      "He gave up immortality for integrity, and we love him for it," he
      said. " A lot of vampires never get anything done, because their
      immortality makes them procrastinate. He accomplished more in 247 years
      than other vampires do in an eternity."

      "It's one thing to be 'undead.'" continued Timmer. "It's another thing
      entirely to be alive. Vlados was alive, even more so than most humans."

      "Well, he's dead now," said a vampire spokesperson.

      Vlados had no living relatives, since his family died in the late
      1700s. They were murdered by Vlados in a rabid, bloody spree.




      Meditation on the Ascension

      dear brothers and sisters....

      many of the 'tradtions' that seem to divide the east from the west
      actually reunite them from my perspective....the recent Catholic
      Holiday celebrating the Ascension of Jesus as the Christ is one of
      those.....Jesus the Christ is the symbol of non-duality....he is the
      God-Man uniting the sacred and profane....rational and
      intuitive....masculine and feminine....concerte and abstract.....he
      lifts up the material world into the divine realms.....he does not
      renounce it or abandon it....he is the master who shows the way that is
      the true way.....the way of love arising into its full
      potential.....Jesus call us to disciplehood, to be noble warriors....to
      take up our cross of suffering and follow him to enlightenment despite
      what the institutions surrounding his teachings seem to imply to the
      contrary....the notion of the Chirst is a theologcial juggernaut
      created by the early christians who starting with St. Paul failed to
      truly understand his teachings.....he is not a mediator but ax
      example.....this meditation comes to you late because i was prevented
      from posting it by an encounter with snowwhite and her sever
      dwarfs.....it was inspired with by a chat between me my my beloved mira
      on this subject.....^^~~~~

      further up and further in,

      white wolfe

      the ascension

      “A poet is someone who can pour light into a spoon…”

      i am
      the beloved’s poet

      everytime my heart lifting my mind everytime lifting

      my pen
      liquidity gushes forth
      golden fluidity refining the impure lead
      staining the dry parchment

      i hear
      the beloved laughing

      everything arousing my mind everything my heart arousing

      sitting still in darkness in silence hearing
      om the logos, sat the one word tat, love, tat the one word sat, the
      logos om
      one in three, the trinity, the three in one
      mystery permeating mystery

      the vast desert

      forty nights of forty years, vast, forty years of forty days vast

      the logos
      one pure drop
      trickling down in the white sand
      to the sacred heart
      the dark ground beneath the drifting white sands
      holy water descending to kiss the immortal darkness
      awakening the drifting white sands of the desert above

      forty days of forty years, vast, forty nights of forty years

      water arising from the desert
      first as a magic spring bubbling into a sacred pool
      next as an oasis whirling itself into heady headwaters of divinity
      divine whitewaters rushing and streaming into a confluence of rivers
      many rivers flowing and drifting into one of many sacred rivers
      the many sacred rivers staining their dark banks yet more darkly
      quenching the parched white sands of their arising
      flooding the deserts with freshwater waves lapping
      waves lapping into tides on land-locked dead seas
      the waves coalescing into tides arising into one flood
      the flood into the last wave of endless love arising
      into love arising into the beloved into arising love into
      the ascension of
      the beloved
      into white clouds into

      a poem
      seeking the lost word

      everytime my sacred heart lifting my mystic mind everytime lifting
      harmony mysteriously in everything in mysterious harmony

      staining the desert of parchment
      molten lead refining into golden fluidity
      beneath my pen

      oh dear reader,

      so loving my beloved
      i become mirabai, the dark one’s’s poet
      in you sttill, still you ask

      i am that, the ascension of one secret word, in you

      i am the beloved

      mark christopher valentine
      (may 29, 2001)



      Dear friends,
      See the following site on how to share files ...
      Kind regards,
      John Willemsens.
      Advayavada Buddhism Infocenter - Amsterdam
      visit: http://www.euronet.nl/~advaya/sitemap.htm
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