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Monday May 14th

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  • andrew macnab
    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey Jer, Yeah,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2001

      Hey Jer,

      Yeah, the church idea sounds really good.

      If you are planning to have a 'holy hierarchy, can I apply for a
      high-ranking position? Like, 'sub-pope' of nonduality, maybe?

      I hope you are planning to suggest and/or command tithing. We could
      certainly use the money! And have you considered, buying the
      Devil-Dog factory? You could rename the product 'Jerry's NonDual
      Devil Dog Enlightenment Cakes', and have your picture on the wrapper!
      Kind of like, a bigger, better tasting communion wafer!

      Hey, given the success of 'Ben and Jerry's Ice cream', how about
      'Gene and Jerry's Nondual Devil Dog Enlightenment Cakes'? That could
      really be a major winner!

      Eventually, we could go public and be listed in the stock market. Not
      the church, of course, just the many successful spinoffs...

      _ Gene and Jerry's Nondual Enlightenment Chewing Gum

      "No you to chew!"

      _ Gene and Jerry's NonSelfHelp Books

      "Enlightenment while you sleep", "Multi-level awareness path to
      multi-level marketing success",
      "The NonDual Diet and Exercise Plan: Unwrapping and eating
      Devil-Dogs"... the list could go on literally forever!

      I think we should work the UFO angle in, don't you? The masses are
      probably ready for 'The TRVTH', so let's give it to 'em! Packaged in
      each Devil-Dog, what an angle! Like a series! On the little cardboard
      thing! So they have to lick it off to read it! Woah, am I brilliant
      or what?

      Count me in, Jerry. The church needs me!

      ==Gene Poole==

      Sub-Pope of Nonduality


      "If we consider material progress, we see that research started by one person can
      always be continued by another. But this in not
      possible with spiritual progress.
      The realization we talk about in the Buddha-dharma is something that has to be
      accomplished by the individual. No one else can
      do it for us."
      -The Dalai Lama

      This statement is and is not true. Each individual must recapitulate the journey of
      his spiritual ancestors before progress can be
      made. A careful consideration of the history of humanity reveals that the collective
      unconscious is arising. This arising is a subtle
      one involving the union of the mystic mind and the sacred heart. At present we still
      lack the proper to tools calibrate and measure
      this shift. Yet, all we have to do to confirm that progress is being made, however
      incrementally, is look at the marvel of this forum
      wherein we gather from the corners of the world to share what is common to us all.
      Interfaith discussions abound everywhere. My
      daughter told me the other day, "They just don't get it, Buddha and Christ....these
      are the same!" She is sixteen years old. I did
      not come to realize this until I was almost thirty something. She is a vegetarian by
      deliberate and personal conscientious
      choice. More importantly, she shares these values with her social peers almost all of
      whom come from families wherein religion is
      still an instrument of oppression and conspicuous consumption is considered a right
      conferred by a blind belief in 'manifest destiny.'
      Now this is true spiritual progess on an exponential scale unprecedented in our
      cultural past!
      -white wolfe

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