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Highlights for Saturday, May 12, 2001

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  • Beth352006@aol.com
    Tim: Haiku: http://jfg.girlscouts.org/Space/Poetry/WriteHaiku.htm http://www.scifaiku.com/haiku/ http://handel.pacific.net.sg/~loudon/poetry.htm Hope you enjoy
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2001


                                                Hope you enjoy these

      Found on a good search engine
      Haiku is easy.

      English Haiku - 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables in three lines

      when life is all dead
      something wondrous will reveal
      death is all dead too

      Knowing snake from rope
      Not always an easy thing
      Be careful, my friends

      British Author Douglas Adams Dies
      By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) -

      Douglas Adams, whose cult science fiction comedy
      ``The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'' drew millions
      of fans and spawned a mini-industry, has died at age
      49. The British-born Adams died Friday of a heart attack
      in Santa Barbara, Calif., his London spokeswoman,
      Sophie Astin, said Saturday.


      Nisargadatta Maharaj
      What is it that you really want? Are you clear about it?
      Are you looking for God? What exactly are you looking for?

      Somehow, I have always known and felt deeply that
      nothing that life in this world could offer would satisfy me because it was

      (Shaking with silent laughter)  If you could only realise how
      funny that is - "I want to reach reality." Who is this 'I' who
      wants to reach reality? Is it this body-complex, this
      psychosomatic apparatus that wants to reach reality?
      And is he sure that 'reality' is agreeable to accept him?
      Also, how will this 'I' reach reality? By taking a high jump
      or a long jump? Or, perhaps by a rocket? Or, is it through
      a mental leap that this reality is to be reached? And, finally,
      what exactly do you mean by the 'reality' that you want to reach?

      Visitor (laughing)
      Now that you put it this way, it does seem funny, or,
      should I perhaps say tragic.

      Who is that listens to these words, whether funny or tragic?

      Me, I, the one who is sitting here; I am listening to these
      words and also speaking to you.

      The respective senses, with the aid of the Prana, the life-force,
      do the actual work. But is there not something - call it your
      sense of presence - without which none of your senses would
      be able to cognize anything? What is it that gives sentience
      to a sentient being?

      Yes. If I were not conscious, my senses would not work.

      Understand then, that it is this conscious presence that you
      are, so long as the body is there. Once your body is gone,
      along with the vital breath, consciousness will also leave.
      Only that which was prior to the appearance of this body-cum-
      consciousness, the Absolute, the ever-present is your true
      identity. That is what we all really are. That is reality. It is
      here and now. Where is the question of anyone reaching for it?

       Source: www.consciousnessstrikes.org
      That depends on the definition of personality - and my
      dictionary doesn't come up with anything useful. So
      instead, what I call 'personality' is the structure, able to
      properly respond, to learn from its experiences
      and to adapt responsiveness accordingly. This would
      require a some 'basics' like sincerity, openness, accepting
      and rationality, to mention but a few.   It will be clear that
      such a personality is far from static, unless one knows the
      'core'. But those personalities appearing to be static, could
      be said to learn nothing from experience - "stuck" or "blocked".
      When so, extreme situations would  almost be begging for a
      different personality to handle them properly...
      But Dan is the therapist in the club  - he has to know 'best' :)  

      Hi Jan,I don't know how "personality" is usually defined either,
      but clearly it's something based on memory (the past) and
      thus it isn't real.  As an analogy, a piece of paper is made of
      wood, and so is a pencil --both of these can be related to trees...
      but the writing on the paper is conditioned memory, and has
      nothing to do with trees -- it can only be something 'written'
      there in memory based on 'conscious experience' and it will
      go when the body dies (or as 'deconditioning' while the body
      lives).What the "I" is, seems clear:  When there are no "buttons
      to push" in conversation (no matter what is said) and no
      automatic reactions, and nobody to fear anything, that seems
      indication the "I" isn't there.  Otherwise, there's nobody to
      determine it... it has to be seen from 'reflections' elsewhere:
      for example, "someone put a 'personal attack' but there wasn't
      the usual automatic reaction."

      Dear Lists,

      The Monthly Musical Selection has been updated on The Core.
       To access the page directly, please click the link below or
      paste it into your browser. This month is a diversion from the
      usual kind of music presented, andincludes a downloadable
      version in Windows Media (.wma) format, so (almost) everyone
      should be able to play it.  


      The Core: http://coresite.cjb.net

      Song Lyrics:

      (Stevie Wonder)

      Seize upon that moment long ago
      One breath away and there you will be
      So young and carefree
      Again you will see
      That place in time...so gold
      Steal away into that way back when
      You thought that all would last forever
      But like the weather
      Nothing can ever...and be in time
      Stay gold
      But can it be When we can see
      So vividly A memory
      And yes you say
      So must the day
      Too, fade away
      And leave a ray of sun
      So gold Life is but a twinkling of an eye
      Yet filled with sorrow and compassion
      Though not imagined
      All things that happen
      Will age to old
      Though gold

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