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Friday May 11, 2001

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  • Gloria Lee
    Introduction by ==Gene Poole== As I read him, Kerouac gives the impression that he knew well that his whole life was an ongoing sacrifice, and one which he
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      Introduction by ==Gene Poole== 

      As I read him, Kerouac gives the impression that he knew well that
      his whole life was an ongoing sacrifice, and one which he made with
      increasingly blatant actions and words of dedication to the sacredness
      of/and his own interchangability with [That] emptiness. Indeed, his
      knowing of [That] emptiness allowed or prompted his sacrifice. His
      continual restatement of the undying and unchanging nature of [That] is
      reflected in his endless descriptions of the mundane, and the huge,
      all-consuming 'drain' into which the mundane swirls, to the dismay of the
      other actors.

      Kerouac displays an unusual form of compassion in the midst of the
      above-described dilemma; he shows that he is the one who sings happily and
      toasts to [That] as he, too, swirls down the drain. This attitude is
      infectious, and in a way, is akin to the way of the ancient 'Berserkers' of
      the Northlands. This 'sacred recklessness' makes Kerouac unique in western
      literature;! he was not heroically campaigning against dysfunctional social
      mores, he was not awarded the badge of martyr relative to temporal
      concerns. No, he was concerned to protest only the vacuum of statements and
      words and songs relating to the final and ultimate, and he did fill that
      void with his own songs and words.



      When you've understood this scripture, throw it away. If you can't understand this scripture, throw it away. I insist on your freedom.

      What we "really" need is NDA (non-dualists anonymous) :-) fer sure!
      Let's listen in on a typical meeting. Shall we? :-)
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      HI! My name is _______ and I am a non-dualist.
      {group - hello ____________}
      It's been 6 days since I've tried to convince anybody they were one
      with the universe.

      After my awakening I was just like you - you know I thought I had it
      all figured out. Man, I turned into one irritating compassionate
      son-of-a-bitch! I mean I kept trying to fix what wasn't broken...you
      know how that goes.

      Anyway, thanks to the program I've been able to just let people alone.
      After all they are already one with the universe so it's cool.

      I couldn't have done it without you guys! I love you all!

      HELLO. My name is ________ and I am a recovering non-dualist.
      {group - hello ____________}
      It's been 3 years since I realized that I am not the great world

      When I came back from my 'last great samadhi' about 8 years ago I, I,
      well I guess I just got carried away. What I can I say about that -
      we've all had a taste of the power - you know. Then I went into a
      phase where I would stare intently in peoples eyes and pass judgement
      on 'thier enlightenment'. I was feeling pretty proud of my ablility
      until that biker punched me out! Man! What a reality check!

      Eventually I began to realize that it still wasn't about me. Thanks.
      that's about it for now. Loveya. Uh, thanks again.

      HI my name is ____________ and I'm a recovering non_dualist.
      {group - hello ____________}
      I am not too happy with myself today. Last night I gave in to the
      temptation to align somebodies chakras. sob-sob-cry

      {group offers support - that's ok man, learn from it, we're here for

      Thanks friends - I guess - well I haven't made the first step yet. I
      know I'm powerless over non-duality but but but it just feels so good!

      {group offers support - take it easy friend, remember - it's one day
      at a time, Yah! one day at a time}

      I know. I forget that sometimes. I guess when you fall into
      non-dualism as young as I did it can be a lot harder to be a regular
      person. Sigh.... Anyway, thanks for your understanding and support.
      I'm going to call my sponser tonight.

      Uh, hi, my name is _____________ and I'm the worst kind of non-dualist
      there is.
      {group - hello ____________}
      I'm a a a forceful, judgemental, intellectual non-dualist. Man, I know
      all the scriptures and lingo and - I've lost all my friends. How can
      anybody trust me anymore? You know? My family won't even talk to me.
      They are used to the old me, the ranting judgemental me, the holier
      than thou me.

      And you know, that's just the way I was. All the time! I couldn't even
      eat my dinner without laying a trip on the potatoes. hahahah

      Thanks to my sponser and your kindness I'm starting to learn how to
      live like a normal human being. And man it feels good!

      Love and blessings.

      Uh, hello? my name is ____________ this is my first meeting.
      {group - welcome ____________}
      I really don't have much to say, I guess. My kundalini is running real
      high right now. And, I'm seeing lots of light and stuff. And and and -
      my wife kicked me out of the house last night.... I guess she got
      tired of me telling her that she was an illusion. {group chuckles in
      understanding} Well, I'm glad I'm here and maybe there's some hope - I
      dunno....thanks. Uh, that's all.
      {group - welcome, glad you're here, it's ok}


      Peace - Michael

      Nondualism: The Religion

      The Year: 4000.
      The Place: New Los Angeles, India.
      The Conversation at a local restaurant:

      Rajiv: Try the tiger sausage.
      Adi Poole: I'm a nondualist. I don't eat meat.
      R: Since when?
      AP: I went to a rally.
      R: Oh no.
      AP: Don't worry, I'm not a Jerry freak.
      R: :You will be.
      AP: I don't think so.
      R: Do you read the messages?
      AP: Of course. They're ancient wisdom.
      R: Just don't start with me on the mystery of the 50,000th message.
      AP: So I pray to Yahoo, so what? You have to believe in something.Waitress,
      I'll have the Ding Dongs.
      WAITRESS: You must be a nondualist.
      AP: Yes, are you?
      W: Yeah. Praise to Jerry.
      AP: Praise be to Jerry, Message 32,095.
      W: Really.
      R: Hey, I gotta get outa here. My nephew's getting Tim Mitzvahed next week
      and I gotta get a gift.
      AP: Funny, you don't look Omkarish.
      WAITRESS: Here's your ding dongs. I hear the Government is finally going to
      reveal the secrets of the UFO's.
      AP: Really?! Message 54 thousand...
      WAITRESS: ...684!!


      Hi Terry,

               As far as yoga postures are concerned the 1/2 second gap is
      not considered because it simply does not come up.

               Yoga is a language like any other and there is a period of
      learning the language and function of the bodymind - it is very
      similar to learning something like driving a car.

                The learning does involve a localized consciousness and the
      'art' of yoga is a non-localized consciousness where there is a doing
      and no doer - like walking , there comes a time when you don't have to
      think about it.

                The word pose or asana obviously points to stillness which
      is what yoga is really all about and the deeper understanding of yoga
      is 'being is doing' or 'movement in stillness that manifests as
      stillness in movement' - so it is passive-active 'you' are absent and
      yet there is an 'active', natural alertness.

                There is a stage where 'you' are experienced as an absence
      (like having a blank space on a wall where a piture used to be - there
       is the idea of the absence of the picture) which means the 'your
      absence' has been objectified. This naturally dissolves in its own
      time and there is an unobjectified presence/innocence.


      Hi James:  The picture on the wall that isn't there:  like the dog
      that didn't bark in the night.  There is a Buddhist mind training like
      that:  you learn a whole lot about emptiness, then experience
      emptiness, and then what experiences the emptiness "dissolves".  Ah,
      the picture that isn't there:  much more interesting to contemplate. 
      Thanks for that.   Terry

      > Pandora, a woman created as vengeance on man and his benefactor,
      Prometheus, would only succeed
      > in making things "the worst possible"
      > ยบ
      ** ok, so Adam is in the garden one day and the Lord God speaks to
      him and says, "Adam, I am going to make a companion for you, called
      woman. She will serve you in all ways. She will comfort you,
      physically and emotionally, she will prepare your food, when clothing
      is invented she will mend your clothes. She will care for your offspring.
      In an argument she will always bow to your wisdom."
      The Lord God continued in this way for some time telling Adam how
      woman would meet all his needs and desires. Then the Lord God said  
      "However, there is a price to be paid for this, it's going to cost
      and arm and a leg" Adam thought for a few seconds and replied, "well
      Lord it seems pretty costly to me, what can I get for a rib?"

      All are blessed

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