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Thursday May 10th

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  • andrew macnab
    ________________________________________________________________________ WHITE WOLFE dear friends.....the dalai lama is one of my favorites.....his simple,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2001


      dear friends.....the dalai lama is one of my favorites.....his simple, clear thoughts
      inspired the following words....^^~~~~~

      further up and further in,

      white wolfe

      the arms of god

      “It is often said that you should make a thorough examination of your potential guru,
      even if it takes twelve years.”

      -His Holiness the Dalai Lama

      i have sat in darkness at the feet of my gangani,

      the sound of her voice is sweeter than the singing of eternity itself

      her song is the wind beneath god’s favorite black swan’s beating wings

      i have stood in the rippling golden gaze of my mentor

      the holy fire in her blazing gaze is deeper than immortality itself

      her dancing eyes are god’s favorite dark dervish whirling and leaping

      i have been touched by the hands of my teacher

      the transmission of her divine love is more soothing than liquid gold

      her lost innocence found is god’s secret treasure hidden within gentle

      i have received the kiss of holy fire of my mistress

      the breath of life on her timeless lips comes from beyond infinity itself

      her love is god’s love as it is never itself as it is always arising
      higher and higher

      i have slept in the darkness with my beloved

      her true dream within the beautiful dreaming comes from the godhead itself

      her vision is god’s vision of ancient creation ever lurching into a new

      my gangani, my mentor, my teacher, my mistress, my beloved, she is the one

      hovering beyond what lies beneath hovering within what lies beyond.

      I sit, I stand, I touch, I receive, I awake

      I am in my Beloved and my Beloved is in me

      I rest within the arms of God and the arms of God encircle Me

      mark christopher valentine

      (may 10, 2001)



      > Hello,
      > This email message is a notification to let you know that
      > a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the NondualitySalon
      > group.

      What a silly standard message....
      for those of you who want to see some images of two people who made
      each others acquaintance through the NDS one year ago, fell in love,
      and finally met and got married.... there is a new folder named
      WhiteWolfe&Mirror for you to see some images of the imageless...
      I mean...
      well ok,
      I admit...
      just Mark and Mira ;-)





      99.9999% of everything that happens isn't about you...or me
      The remaining .0001% doesn't matter either.

      dern fools!
      where ya going to be when the projector gets turn off?


      there's a deer in the headlights! get 'im!

      you're such a brat!
      spank the inner child!
      mommy will put a band-aid on it and kiss it for you!

      life does not care what you belive in, who you are, where you think
      you are going, who your gods are, what turns you on - or off, how
      tall you are, how pretty you are, how smart you are, how many books
      you have read, how many times - or how long - you go into samadhi,
      etc. etc. etc.

      life is the 'Energizer Bunny' it just keeps going an going and going
      and giving and giving and giving.

      one fine day your batteries will be removed and given to somebody

      god, invisible, in heaven is watching everything you do...
      god, all powerful, has rules that you must obey...
      break, just one rule, and god will sent you to a place of suffering
      for all of forever - man! this sucks!
      BUT - it's ok - because, god, all merciful, LOVES you! (sheesh)

      what do you mean i'm not enlightened?!
      can't you see all of the angels and cherubs and gods and goddesses
      circling around my head?!
      can't you see all of the demons and wild monkeys flying out of my

      dern fools! there is only so much enlightenment available in the
      universe. first come first served! so get the fuck outta my way!


      Peace - Michael

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