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Wednesday, May 9

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    JAN BARENDRECHT The Self doesn t have to realize itself The mind-body can t realize its transience But it can change from self to futility And yet
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2001

      The Self doesn't have to realize itself
      The mind-body can't realize its transience
      But it can change from self to futility <laugh>
      And yet seemingly remain vividly alive.


      Perceived reality is not real at all, is a hypothesis of belief, based
      on the past -- being confirmed as reality in a hypnotised state, in
      which confirmation that this is reality maintains the hypnosis, and the
      hypnosis maintains the reality to be confirmed ....


      Utterly alone is greatest fear
      One that even 'bites' while 'here'
      In 'nothingness' the only fish
      'Escape' will be the only wish



      The Perfect Way knows no difficulties
      Except that it refuses to make preferences;
      Only when freed from hate and love,
      It reveals itself fully and without disguise;
      A tenth of an inch's difference,
      And heaven and earth are set apart;
      If you wish to see it before your own eyes,
      Have no fixed thoughts either for or against it.
      -- Sosan Ganchi Zenji (d. 606 C.E.)


      When I first read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it really struck me as
      remarkable for the insight into mental projection, way ahead in time of
      western psychology. As the source of all that was "seen to appear" in
      the bardo was said to be one's own mental projection of "unconscious
      contents" - it was unreal, and such would trap one back into
      reincarnating - thus both the fearful demons and the pleasant heavenly
      realms were to be gotten past. Going on to the clear light was urged

      I think most of us get by now that our perceptions color reality and
      are just our interpretations of what is happening. The book suggests we
      are the ones making it all happen tho..as we are seen to be the source,
      as in "being able to face one's stuff and know it as oneself"

      .. so how does all this fit in with there is nodoer? When seeing "all
      this" ends separation..how can there be any distinction, seeing this
      arising in consciousness is "my stuff"...


      Nothing has ever separated, really.
      Separation isn't the result of action
      by something separate.
      It's perception, and the perception
      isn't of something separate.
      So, the separation is the perception,
      and the perception isn't separate
      from what is perceived.

      No doer is involved in any of this
      seeming to occur, nor has anything
      that seemed to occur separated.

      There is, in fact, nothing from which
      to separate.

      This is the "clear light".

      The images that appear in the clear light
      aren't separate from that light, nor
      are they viewed by someone separate.

      It's just that perception gives the impression
      of a viewer apart from what is viewed.

      As what is viewed is seen as "me",
      distance dissolves between viewer/experiencer and

      The more that what is viewed is seen as
      "consciousness", the less there can
      be claimed a consciousness apart,
      as "viewer/experiencer" ...

      Finally (now) clear light is all,
      as consciousness dissolves
      in clarity, clarity with no objects,
      hence no "consciousness"
      or "unconsciousness" involved ...

      Just "clear light" ...

      You ask how, then, can there be distinctions,
      meaning, as I take it, the formation of images?

      The distinctions clearly <s> are
      the clear light itself -- distinctions
      don't obscure anything, when it is "seen"
      or "apprehended" that it is the clear light
      distinguishing itself from itself. As for
      how does it do this and why ...
      it does it spontaneously, because it
      is its nature to ...
      Circular reasoning perhaps -- but
      all reasoning has a beginning and
      end, and the beginningless and
      endless ends all things that begin ...

      So, the end of reincarnation is now, here.

      Reincarnation being a metaphor for
      the repetition compulsion, the
      sticking with the familiar, the
      identification with separation ...

      As no-thing is happening, all happenings
      are no-thing -- all that is happening
      is clear, is clarity, is light within light, and
      light beyond light -- no-thing-ness ...

      When the book is read, it is only the clear light reading to itself
      an image (the book) given to elucidate that
      its images are itself giving itself form by
      conceiving of form ...

      And that itself is not an it, and not having
      of a self ...

      And of course, this is the message of the book given as
      "B'reysheet" or "Genesis" -- and the Gospels
      of Jesus, as well.

      In a sense, it is the message given in every moment
      of perception -- the clear light is within and without
      this moment of perception, its forms disclosing its true
      nature to itself instantly, formlessly ...



      Utterly alone, truly a joy,
      Remembered even as a little boy...
      Nothing or something, no such thing,
      Alone, the bells of Heaven ring.

      Understanding shines alone and free,
      Nobody here, not even 'me'...
      The glory of Aloneness sings,
      The gong of Joy forever rings.

      In 'That' the world is but a blink,
      No time to look, no reason to think...
      Shining Alone the unspeakable only;
      Forever Alone... not a second lonely.
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