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Tuesday, May 8

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    CEE relinquish the whole idea of being a person and don t even get into that enlightened person idea who you are (i is) cannot be defined at all
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2001

      relinquish the whole idea of being a person
      and don't even get into that 'enlightened person' idea

      who you are (i is) cannot be defined at all




      This email is to advise you of the OLDEST and MOST HARMFUL VIRUS.

      The virus is *Mistaken Identity* - the I-entity.

      This virus is inherited from one's parents (like other traits - you
      inherit a human brain that has programming pre-installed). The virus
      remains dormant until one starts to identify with *name and form*.

      This identification is the birth of suffering/struggle, which means
      that the ' terminate and stay' aspect of the I-entity/virus now has
      complete control of the bodymind/CPU. From this point all activities
      are based on *fear and insecurity* - you will only be able to access
      files that are approved by the I-entity/virus and it will never allow
      you to see the Truth.

      The action of companion programs/virus-variations that govern families,
      institutions and society support and perpetuate this virus. In this way
      the I-entity/virus creates an illusion of reality that is very very

      For example:

      It can allow you to explore the spiritual dimension and cause you to
      believe that you are making progress - it can even make you think that
      you are enlightened!

      The Truth is that one is not this virus and people know this
      intuitively. But...the fear based programming of the I-entity/virus
      will not allow them to say what they already know. So, infected people
      are programmed to go along with this charade/virus and its actions. The
      programming to vehemently deny that one is infected is still another
      example of its subtle intricacies and power. For this reason the
      I-entity/virus is also called 'The Honor System Virus'.

      What makes it so powerful? What makes it so powerful is that once it
      gains control of the bodymind/CPU, ALL the resources of the organism
      are at its disposal - Everything! - including all the resources that
      the organism can access - once it has control of the vehicle the virus
      can do whatever it wants.

      The I-entity/virus utilizes these resources to maintain itself! It
      functions are purely 'me' based - even when it is pretending to be
      interested in the whole.

      *** The I-entity/virus is the source of all evil. ***


      Fortunately there is an antidote/patch - Know Thyself

      To facilitate this one has to cause the virus to * erase itself * by
      asking the question, 'Who am I?'.

      *** The only thing that can go wrong with this antidote/patch is that
      'you' answer the question ***

      If 'you' answer the question 'you' will be deceived because it is the
      I-entity/virus that is answering by cloaking itself in this new
      identity (the answer). If 'you' answer the question 'you' will still be
      infected and the I-entity/virus will be even more subtle and powerful
      than before!

      So, the antidote/patch is: Ask, "Who am I?" and 'live' the 'not
      knowing' which is Innocence (no program).

      Innocence is the portal to Freedom where the Intelligence of Life is
      available - It is called Love.

      Love, James

      ps. please share with others as you see fit


      Being Yoga http://www.beingyoga.com



      Give All To Love
      by Ralph Waldo Emerson

      Give all to love;
      Obey thy heart;
      Friends, kindred, days,
      Estate, good-fame,
      Plans, credit, and the Muse,--
      Nothing refuse.

      'Tis a brave master;
      Let it have scope:
      Follow it utterly,
      Hope beyond hope:
      High and more high
      It dives into noon,
      With wing unspent,
      Untold intent;
      But it is a god,
      Knows its own path,
      And the outlets of the sky.

      It was not for the mean;
      It requireth courage stout,
      Souls above doubt,
      Valour unbending;
      Such 'twill reward, --
      They shall return
      More than they were,
      And ever ascending

      Leave all for love;
      Yet, hear me, yet,
      One word more thy heart behoved,
      One pulse more of firm endeavour,--
      Keep thee to-day,
      To-morrow, forever,
      Free as an Arab
      Of thy beloved.

      Cling with life to the maid;
      But when the surprise,
      First vague shadow of surmise
      Flits across her bosom young
      Of a joy apart from thee,
      Free be she, fancy-free;
      Nor thou detain her vesture's hem,
      Nor the palest rose she flung

      >From her summer diadem.

      Though thou loved her as thyself,
      As a self of purer clay,
      Though her parting dims the day,
      Stealing grace from all alive;
      Heartily know,
      When half-gods go,
      The gods arrive.

      Allspirit Website: http://www.allspirit.co.uk



      "As you (and all of us) inevitably are lying on our deathbeds, will you
      still be concerned with UFO's and government conspiracies, or will the
      view of the clouds outside your hospital window seem infinitely more
      precious... hmmmmm?" --Omkara

      They'll have to kill me first to get me in a hospital to die! But if
      they do manage to get me there, I'll probably be looking out the window
      trying to figure out how many sheets I need to tie together to escape.
      Screw the clouds.

      I think we should allow ourselves to think about any damn thing we want
      to, no limits whatsoever, while at the same time remembering that we
      are not our thoughts, that they are merely appearances in
      Consciousness. I get the impression from many of your posts that you
      are our resident Goody Two Shoes, lecturing us when we stray into
      forbidden topics. Are you one of those Fundamentalist Nondualists? The
      kind that could use a really BIG enema? When you are lying in your
      hospital bed looking out the window will you be viewing the "precious
      clouds" or will you be secretly wishing the nurse would come for your
      bedpan? Is your real name A. Null?

      Sorry you weren't impressed with that "hick" New Hampshire news link. I
      imagine Ted Koppel would have been more impressive, but I read
      something he said a while back that may explain a few things. It was to
      the effect that even if they had good solid evidence that something
      like this (UFOs, paranormal stuff, etc.) were real, they probably still
      wouldn't cover it, because if the public turned against them, they
      would be a laughingstock, and huge companies like theirs just can't
      take that kind of risk. So they would wait until other smaller media
      outlets covered the story when it became safer for them to cover. So I
      don't expect to see anything on the 6 o'clock news anytime soon. (But I
      keep hoping.)



      yama's chill works fast
      any path costs lives of play
      shakti burns one day



      1. The unsafest boat?
      2. A sage knowing this?
      3. A meditating space traveler?
      4. The safest boat?
      5. Manned by smart monkeys?
      6. A smart dying monkey?
      7. Name of the next boat for the dying smarties?
      8. Goto 1.!!


      palms remind of sun
      sun reminds of universe
      and that reminds of?


      Keep the UFO stuff coming Mark, caring for and sharing of your
      interests is the "default" way of deconditioning <laugh> Whether those
      interests are in giving satsangh, writing articles and poems, or having
      a family, the "mechanism" is the same: A human could be called the
      "sporting lapdog of Love" whether that is liked or not <laugh>.
      Resistance is futile and suppression only leads to disease...



            UFO's are UFO's.

      This means that there are things that are not understood. What is wrong
      with saying, 'I don't know.'

      Have you noticed all the fear based dualistic language surrounding
      UFO's. There is an 'us' and 'them' mentality and the 'us' are afraid.

      These cover ups and disclosures are/will be presented by dualisticly
      minded people - what does that mean? - will there be any bias?

      There are many things that can't be fully explained and ...it is best
      not to mistake the 'rope for the snake'.

      Its the things we don't know that make life so interesting.



      Only mindfulness, produces Enlightenment

      More excerpts from "Mindfulness in Plain English"

      "The purpose of meditation is not to concentrate on the breath, without
      interruption, forever. That by itself would be a useless goal. The
      purpose of meditation is not to achieve a perfectly still and serene
      mind. Although a lovely state, it doesn't lead to liberation by itself.
      The purpose of meditation is to achieve uninterrupted mindfulness.
      Mindfulness, and only mindfulness, produces Enlightenment."

      "Mindfulness is the most important aspect of meditation. It is the
      primary thing that you are trying to cultivate. So there is really no
      need at all to struggle against distractions. The crucial thing is to
      be mindful of what is occurring, not to control what is occurring.
      Remember, concentration is a tool. It is secondary to bare attention.
      From the point of view of mindfulness, there is really no such thing as
      a distraction. Whatever arises in the mind is viewed as just one more
      opportunity to cultivate mindfulness. Breath, remember, is an arbitrary
      focus, and it is used as our primary object of attention. Distractions
      are used as secondary objects of attention. They are certainly as much
      a part of reality as breath. It actually makes rather little difference
      what the object of mindfulness is. You can be mindful of the breath, or
      you can be mindful of the distraction. You can be mindful of the fact
      that you mind is still, and your concentration is strong, or you can be
      mindful of the fact that your concentration is in ribbons and your mind
      is in an absolute shambles. It's all mindfulness. Just maintain that
      mindfulness and concentration eventually will follow."

      "Don't strain or struggle. It's a waste. Every bit of energy that you
      apply to that resistance goes into the thought complex and makes it all
      the stronger. So don't try to force such thoughts out of your mind.
      It's a battle you can never win. Just observe the distraction mindfully
      and, it will eventually go away. It's very strange, but the more bare
      attention you pay to such disturbances, the weaker they get. Observe
      them long enough, and often enough, with bare attention, and they fade
      away forever. Fight with them and they gain in strength. Watch them
      with detachment and they wither."

      [Mindfulness in Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana.] is
      downloadable free here: http://www.realization.org/home.htm




      I've been keeping my role as an interdementedial scout under wraps but
      last night in my quarterly meeting with Zolton of the 5th demention
      (not his real name but he has this flair for the camp), Zolton said
      that it was now time for me to speak fourth. I don't speak fourth and
      have no interest in that language so the rest of this xmission will be
      in a language approximating English.

      I had only one burning question for Zolton.

      MR: Zolton, many of us here have been itching to get to the bottom of a
      most sensitive issue concerning interdementedial visitations. It is an
      issue that has struck most uncomfortablely at the very base of human
      existance. May I, dare I, put this question to you?

      Z5: Depends, on which end you are speaking with. :-)

      MR: That's it exactly!

      Z5: What's it?

      MR: Well, rectal probing, what's up with that?!

      Z5: (unrestrained laughter for about 15 minutes)

      MR: No, seriously, what is all this probing for, anyway?

      Z5: Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

      MR: Not a problem. Do you have an answer for us?

      Z5: Gullibility.

      MR: Gullibility? I am afraid that I don't understand.

      Z5: It all goes way back to first contact with your species. Our
      scouts, after observing you for some time, came to the conclusion that
      you were probably the most gullible species ever encountered. This was
      based on the incredible things you would tell each other and how quick
      you believed them to be true.

      When we performed some routine medical scans we were somewhat
      perplexed. Your species has, for all appearances, what appears to be a
      highly developed brain. However, we could detect very little activity
      in this organ.

      MR: Yes, we know that about ourselves already. But what does that have
      to do with - you know - our rectums?

      Z5: (chuckle) It really started out as a kind joke...

      MR: A joke! You're shitting me! Really?!

      Z5: Yes, I am shitting you - Really! Look, here's what happened. The
      entity in charge of the first contact team wasn't too bright. He only
      got his position through family contacts - you know - politics.

      Anyway, he thought it would be really funny if your species actually
      used some other organ for cognitive thinking and rationization. So he
      began modifiying standard reports and adding a subsection entitled -
      something like - Rectal Inteligent Factors of Species #3405798 - and
      sending them to his cousin in Records just for a laugh. He actually
      never did more than the standard number of rectal probes. The probes
      were small and painless sample gathering to check for possible
      biological hazards in your species. Nothing more.

      MR: Well that doesn't sound too bad. How is it that we have all of
      these reports of huge probes being used?

      Z5: It was an accident.

      MR: An accident! Do you have any idea of how many people were
      traumatized by those probes! Shit! I fail to see what is so funny!

      Z5: Yes, sorry for laughing a minute ago. But, well, it's just so
      funny! Especially when you know the whole story.

      You see, what happened was that a newly admitted species was assigned
      some minor communications job. A member of that species who was working
      a late shift sent a copy of the joke to his cousin back on his
      homeworld, accidentally misrouted the transmission and a species even
      more gullible than yours picked up the message.

      They thought it was real. They became so fascinated with the idea that
      there could actually be a species with its brain up its ass that they
      felt compelled to investigate.

      MR: Let me guess. They were just technically advanced enough for
      interdementedial travel but not sophisticated enough to join the
      commonwealth? And they were the unwitting dupes of a minor joke.

      Z5: Basically.

      MR: So, you're saying that the whole affair with rectal probing...

      Z5: Doesn't mean shit! (more laughter)

      MR: Damn! So what became of the whole affair.

      Z5: Unfortunatly we were unaware of the problem for quite some time.
      When we did find out what was happening we put a stop to it.

      After a lengthy review of the 'data' collected by that species we did
      arrive at one conclusion.

      MR: What is that?

      Z5: As far as rectal probing and your species is concerned - about one
      out of ten doesn't really seem to mind it!

      Well, at that point I broke xmission with Zoltar. His laughing can get
      to be quite insufferable!



      It seems inevitable that the idea of "Awakened Beings" or "Enlightened
      Persons" should arise. It's a sort of tradition in India, and it seems
      to have started there.

      It's simple enough to ask one question though: "What gets
      enlightened... the body? the mind? the body/mind?" :-). Of course,
      there is no answer, since nothing gets enlightened.

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