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Monday April 30th

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  • andrew macnab
    ________________________________________________________________________ Seriousness is a disease , being a serious and therefore diseased statement, not to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001

      "Seriousness is a disease", being a serious and therefore diseased
      statement, not to be taken seriously, does not imply or require
      that seriousness, serious, and taking something seriously, equate
      with each other. Its absurdity stands on its inherent logic. :-)



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      Tim: (snip) And the priests and pundits
      will take it all away.

      Dan: And there is that which they can never take away,
      because neither they nor their structures have
      anything whatsoever to do with it --


      What is the distinction
      between "one" and

      The "new age" movement
      teaches that we are all "one".
      From "A Course In Miracles"
      to "A Conversation With God."

      Along with this are the concepts
      of unconditional love and
      conditional love.

      Can there be unconditional love
      as long as there is a conditioned
      human being?




      show me one conditioned human being. pointing, you know duality.
      dropping the question and embracing all, you know oneness. unable to
      point (or even hear the question) the meaning of 'not two'is known.

      not fifty-two (yet),

      Hi Jerry:

      Isn't asking questions
      a part of the "all",
      just as much as
      answering is,
      and just as much
      as not asking is?

      If a question arises in
      consciousness then it
      arises. Answers come
      or they don't, as each
      is absolutely appropriate.

      not fifty-two either, barely.....:-)),



      yes, that's why some people appear to contradict themselves from
      moment to moment.



      So you want to become an enlightened ascended master who can take
      his/her body off into the next plane of existance!

      And once there they'll throw a big party for you because for a while
      it was not certain that you would make it. But you hung in and dug in
      and did the work. Way to go! Good job! Baby, you're one in a billion.

      Sounds like a wonderful future is in store for you in god's playhouse!

      Maybe someday you'll hear a gigantic popping noise.
      That'll be the day your cranium flys out of your rectum!

      Know something? The universe does not now nor has it ever cared what
      you believe you are, who you are devoted to, what color your skin is,
      how you are oriented sexually, whether you meditate or pray, how kind
      you are, how mean you are, and whether or not you are a divine soul.

      No, sisters and brothers, the universe just does not play fair.
      Oh, but it does play!
      And it is full of love and beauty and wonder and joy
      and all manner of good things to eat!

      No, friends and neighbors, life ain't fair.
      But, it is life!
      And it is full of suffering and fear and worry and disapointment
      and all manner of harmful things!

      Where is the cause of suffering? Inside you!
      Where is the end of suffering? Inside you!

      Hey and even if you feel like a total screwup who will never figure it
      out, you are right now, without a doubt, one with the whole, entire,
      completely fantastic, beautiful and frightening beyond belief -

      So cheer up friend, it ain't as bad as you might think. Just stop
      trying to gild the lily and be.

      Loveya - Michael

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