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Sunday, April 22

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    JOHN METZGER Interesting Wilber Chapter: http://www.well.com/user/phils/essays/kwilber.htm It was also installed at http://www.nonduality.com/whatis5.htm,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2001

      Interesting Wilber Chapter:

      It was also installed at http://www.nonduality.com/whatis5.htm, where
      it might be easier to read.



      Fear being the "default" - no questions required.
      Responsiveness will "speak out".
      Apart from that, who cares?



      Thanks for the link Jerry... The term "empty body" certainly rings a
      bell - the equivalent of "transformation/transfiguration". Regarding
      this one, without "empty body" part I (transformation), mere "empty
      mind" would be considered "worthless" - because mind and body are one
      and without "empty body", the "trash can" will fill up again -
      something to be observed easily.


      All the world's a stage and men and women merely players.


      What a pity so few are playing salsa, merengue, coladeira and funana :)



      any idea why always the phrase is coined: "Silence in the midst of
      intense activity" instead of "intense activity 'in' Silence" ?:)


      Some just love roots so much that they grow them from one seed :)
      Roots like
      etc. etc. etc.

      But who cares?:)



      When a stone falls out of the sky
      Right on the head
      And it is painful...
      Who could be blamed for it?

      1. God
      2. karma
      3. aliens
      4. myself
      5. my parents
      6. goblins
      7. nobody
      (pick what is appropriate)

      But when seeing a man throwing that stone
      That makes all the difference ;-)

      Joy, laughter and humor,



      Hello EveryOne,

      The one who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is a wise
      person. Such a person is a yogi and has accomplished everything.

      Bhagavad Gita 4.18


      Being Stillness- welcome all movement, the solution unfolds from the
      situation itself.

      Love to All, James




      i was on tony parson's website right before reading your post. Small
      world! Here's a quote from an interview with him in the current
      Noumenon Journal:

      "Trying to change your way of life is another barrier. Liberation is
      simply sitting in what is, without any idea of becoming anyone or
      changing anything. It is just what is. Isn't that amazing? And
      somewhere we know this, somewhere inside we recognize this: this is It!
      Liberation is not something to be found somewhere, or something to be
      obtained in some imagined future."



      as the sun dances lightly across the face of mother earth, he kisses
      the restful repose from the eyes of all who await His presence. The
      flower lifts up her face to accept the promise of life, the animals
      feel the warmth of the sun on their bodies and accept His gentle
      carress. and the form that was me, is me, and yet is not is also pulled
      softly from slumber to see the magnificence of His canvas as the sun
      paints the sky with morning color, dancing gently across my eyes,
      leaving both awe and wonder that again "I" have been allowed to witness
      such beauty.


      Thank you Gracie, for this beautiful reminder of how simple it is to
      witness beauty, and appreciate it too.



      According to Mahatma Gandhi, the sannyasa of The Gita will not tolerate
      complete cessation of all activity. Gandhi strongly believed in the
      doctrine of renunciation, but also held that it should be sought "in
      and through action." For him, action is the sine qua non of life in the
      body.(5) The Gita says that no one can abstain from action even for a
      moment (3:5, 33). It is neither possible nor desirable for living
      beings to renounce all actions. Therefore acts of sacrifice, gifts,
      austerity, and other duties must be performed in all circumstances
      (18:5-6). Such works are essential for purifying even a wise person and
      for maintaining him or her in a state of purity.


      So what about free will?"

      "There's no question of there being free will simply because there's
      no-one there in the first place who can have a will or make a choice.
      Ask yourself where do thoughts come from and if you watch for some time
      you'll see that they're not yours. They emerge, seemingly from nowhere,
      and rise up, have their time, and then recede to nothing. Their origin
      is not of your making."

      "So I might as well sit here and do nothing."

      "But in a way that's another apparent choice. You can't help breathing,
      and you won't be able to do anything about getting up and walking out
      of this room. Everything is simply happening through you. There's
      tremendous relief when this realisation is embraced ... all guilt falls
      away, there're no longer any regrets and it is seen that you have been
      brought to sit here and hear this. All struggle can drop away, and the
      effort to make one's life work suddenly loses its attraction. To relax
      and let life flow through is the opening to another possibility."

      "But how do I pay the mortgage?"

      "It need not be a problem. The way in which the body mind functions
      simply continues. Nothing apparently changes but everything is
      transformed. In spontaneous creativity without fear can come a deep
      harmony with what's happening. But this always has to be a secondary
      consideration and is never guaranteed."



      The world, as we know it, would not exist
      without the dualities of good and bad,
      happy and sad, love and anger, etc.
      As long I think I am real,
      I will continue to spin
      on the karmic wheel.


      Where does "passion" fit in with the
      idea of nonduality?

      When I first started reading about
      nonduality I pictured sitting around
      like a blob, looking at my non-existent
      belly button or some such nonsense.

      Boy was I way off base!

      Just the opposite has been my experience.

      I have felt devasting fear and exuberant joy.

      And during and after all of these feelings,
      I realized that they were all just thoughts,
      pure imagination, no less than the feelings
      I get when watching a movie or reading a book.

      What has been your experience?



      The perceiver arises with
      the perception, the reader
      with the reading.

      The meaning of the words,
      and the reader, are the same.

      No meaning cherished,
      and where did the reader go?

      What kind of experience is
      this now?



      As seen here, if mind and body are one, then 'transformation' of
      mind 'is' transformation of body -- the key is 'transformation',
      whether looked at from 'mind perspective', 'body perspective'
      or 'both' (or neither, not even noticed).

      It seems all a matter of perspective. Such transformation could
      appear as 'Kundalini' or it could appear as 'radical outlook change' -
      - with no doer, who says how transformation will "appear?"

      Thus the differing outlooks, and endless arguments between the
      sages... it can be observed some seem to come to understanding
      through 'Kundalini' (U.G. Krishnamurti), whether in the other cases
      (various Zen Roshis, Maharshi, Nisargadatta, Shankara, et al.)
      Kundalini happened 'in the background' and was not noticed is
      speculation only.

      In 'my case' there is no more duality about it, and no more
      argument. Kundalini or 'radical outlook change' is the same thing,
      even the idea of deconditioning "taking time" is appearance only and
      is illusory. Body/mind as unit (and neither really
      existing 'substantially' at all), what's the difference?


      Nisargadatta Maharaj puts it this way --

      "In that state you will be beyond any needs and wants; you will have no
      use for anything. No desires will be left, because they are all

      'As seen here', this is freedom. It doesn't mean activity doesn't take
      place, but there is no momentum of seeking, striving and always wanting
      more and more. The "momentum of desire" is over... individual desires
      for things don't arise, because the 'emptiness' you mention is also



      Dear Jerry & List,

      Enough people mention (or have mentioned) breaking wind, passing gas,
      farting and such in messages related to nonduality, that it may be time
      to add a new "context" to the collection -- "Nonduality and farting."
      What do you think Jerry? This seems to becoming a common paradigm --
      add it to "snake and rope," "the movie theater," "the salt doll and
      ocean," and all those ones ;-).




      "There is only but one"...

      Reminds me of a story which I cannot now recall clearly, of a famous
      Zen master, who cut a major big one during group Zazen. This event
      ramified for months, in the Zendo. Apparently, it actually
      accelerated the path of several of the resident students. (The 'stink
      of Zen'?)

      For your special interest...

      Even great scientists do it:


      Lierature abounds:


      Zen Haiku:


      Not to mention, that it is known that several primitive tribes
      prohibited farting, on the basis that it was the very soul itself,
      which was being vented to the atmosphere, thus to be lost or worse,
      to be inhaled by demonic entities.

      In passing,

      Gene Poole



      What is consciousness?

      Who wrote this?


      The world is no longer a stage if all its citizens would stop acting
      like they 'give a shit' and take one 'for a change'?

      Then choose... but know this... I am already 'theWay'.


      ...sneaky.... but lacks the necessary stealth...


      BI BI.
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