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Sunday, April 15

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    TIM GERCHMEZ Good Morning to all the Christs and Buddhas on the list, the one Christ, The One Buddha, the empty Buddha, the full Buddha, the Christ Here.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2001

      Good Morning to all the Christs and
      Buddhas on the list, the one Christ,
      The One Buddha, the empty Buddha,
      the full Buddha, the Christ Here.

      Here's to the fire that burns away
      even the idea that there could have
      ever been "ignorance" or "illusion."

      The 'Holy Fire' that burns bright and
      hot without a trace of smoke, leaving
      behind only clear sky, silent clarity;

      It burned in ancient times before the
      universe came into being, and so there
      is only This Understanding:

      Prajna Paramita -------> Gate Gate
      Para Gate Parasam Gate Bodhi Svaha.

      Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond, Gone
      Beyond having never left!

      Everpresent and Silent is
      Understanding... there is
      absolutely nothing else.
      Nothing else is possible
      except this Understanding.

      A peace beyond all possible
      understanding, Joy Eternal.

      All Hail, there never was ignorance,
      Never was there a trace of illusion.

      There could never be a trace of
      bondage anywhere, there never was!
      Know this and Rejoice!  Clarity!
      Absolute Clarity!  There is only
      this Clarity!  Only the Peace!

      The Holy Fire burned away the universe
      before it ever came into existence, so
      rejoice in and as the clarity, silence
      and peace that is this Understanding!

      Celebrate the flickering vision that
      is the universe, knowing itself as
      vision, celebration, rejoicing!!!

      Dancing, Dancing in the flames, the
      flames that burned away "you" and
      "me" before time had a chance to
      tick, before anything ever became.

      There is only Buddha-Nature.
      Only Christ to be found anywhere.
      Only this Understanding, it is
      Everywhere, it is the Only Thing
      But even still, it is given here
      and now: ---------> go, be free!




      If you are interested in reading mystical experiences of others.
      Here is the link.


      The book How To Know God by Deepak Chopra is also very
      insightful. [I am in the process of reading it, I hope the rest
      of the chapters are as good as the ones I have read]



      It doesn't look like I'll get to the west coast this year. Last
      year in R.I. was unforgettable. I would highly recommend going
      to anyone who can. --Andew

      "Wish you could make it"... I'm probably going, if you're
      curious where it's gonna be held, here's the website:




      Hi Tim, Andrew and List Members,

      There is a gathering upcoming, yet official announcement is
      pending the actual date. Consider this the official unofficial
      announcement. The gathering will be at Pema Osel Ling at the
      link above. It could be Labor Day weekend, although the end of
      September is when it may actually happen.

      Planning to attend are Cee (who has visited and reserved the
      site), the list member known as Waterlift (who has also visited
      the site), Tim, myself, Gene Poole and magical lady friend.
      There are many in California, Oregon, Washington, as well as
      Michael and Judi in Las Vegas. I'll do my best to bring the rest
      of the nova scotia contingent, Dustin, James and Andrew. How
      about the southern California - Seattle - Portland - Vancouver

      It would be good if people could write me or the list if they
      leaning toward attending, so that we could get a feel for how
      many will be present. Costs run from $20-50 per day, plus
      $27/day for three full prepared and served meals. Camping
      available at $25/day.

      This will be an unstructured gathering, as was the Rhode Island
      get-together. What we found is that things happened. Someone
      would 'take the floor' for a little while. However nothing was
      planned, and no one was obligated to be part of spontaneously
      arising happenings. There were always a couple of people who
      wandered off or went out for pizza or something. Write me or the
      list if anyone has questions or if you think you are interested
      in going.

      Jerry http://www.nonduality.com

      I can only hope you meet "our" Judi at the retreat - calling a
      woman "dakini" is an honor :) I know her to be passionate,
      loving and caring...


      ********* Oh god, I wish you could come! I love you so much..


      Living on a tiny budget means budget-travel and that's limited
      to Europe... The times of $100 for a return ticket to the US are
      definitely over - unless in a box :)


      Hi Jan,

      Also on a small budget here, but some money is stored in a
      Certificate of Deposit.

      If US$200 more would bring you any closer to coming, consider it
      done. Otherwise, paths will cross 'as the fates allow'.



      Much appreciated Tim - that certainly brings closer - when it
      will be known when the retreat is held and from which airport to
      go there, it will be possible to start looking for
      transportation :)

      Love, Jan
      EDITOR'S NOTE: Tim is taking contributions.Tim Gerchmez <coresite@...>



      ºHi Jan,
      ºyou wrote, in part:
      º"Path" will eventually change the course of life.
      ºWhen there is sense to change it, it either denotes "doership" or
      ºindicates "no surrender" which is
      ºthe same. I didn't even chose "spiritual life" - it was the other way
      ºAnd what "normally"takes an entire lifetime was compressed into just 8
      ºThat could not possibly have happened in any kind of relationship.
      ºFinding a job was difficult -
      ºwhen there is no more sense to compete, no more urge to "perform".
      º There are no rules regarding "Path" -
      ºbecause it can't be chosen - what can happen, is 'missing' an
      ºopportunity - but it will represent itself again, much
      ºlater, when the resistance to take such opportunity has been broken
      º"gradually" - which is a result of
      ºaging too :)
      ºWhat you say here really strikes a chord.
      ºThese last couple of days I've been looking
      ºat many of the ways "the sense to change it"
      ºarises for me -
      ºprimarily around no longer having the
      º"urge to perform".

      And probably the question arises "how to function without
      any incentive?"
      ºOne example: I have always been known
      ºas one with a creative talent when it comes
      ºto home decorating.   I had a real talent for
      ºtaking 'nothing' and making it look quite
      ºgood.   My sister came to my house the
      ºother day and was rather shocked to see
      ºthat my  living room wall is still only half
      ºway painted, months after the project
      ºwas begun........and an occassional chair
      ºsits in that same room only half upholstered.

      And how did you feel, seeing her state of mind?
      ºThis body-mind continues to experience
      ºthe stress of 'having no urge' to complete
      ºor even begin most 'home improvement' projects
      º....and is continually bumping up against
      ºvarious and sundry other "I shoulds"-
      ºwhether heard from within, or from family/society.
      ºThe apparent choice continually pops
      ºup:  to follow 'the flow', or do what is 'right'
      ºor 'necessary'.

      Man isn't designed to live a solitary life like a tiger.
      Just look at the life of Ramana - he was taken care of
      early, after it was discovered he was a realized one.
      And he had more company than for instance Tim.
      When in a network of caring, action will take place
      without the questions you are putting.

      ºThe point has come, however,
      ºwhere without the 'fuel' to accomplish
      ºsuch projects......without the 'fuel'
      ºto do so much of  everyday 'homemaking'

      That is the 'masking activity' of 'illusory self'.
      It is powerful as to turn love into hate, like into
      dislike and 'dilute' love to 'less than skin deep'.
      Ignore it - the dishes have to be washed, the wall
      has to be painted, the house has to be cleaned.
      ºall that's left to do is notice and
      ºwatch these many voices of 'doership'...
      º....just watch these thoughts dance upon
      ºthe stage, and then fade away.
      ºThus "deconditioning" proceeds....
      ºnot out of choice, or intention,
      ºbut as the natural outcome of
      ºa kind of 'energy paralysis'
      ºto 'do' otherwise.

      Perhaps you are interested to know why St John of the Cross
      had his "dark night of the soul". He was quite alone, outside
      what I call a 'network of caring and sharing'. And it made the deconditioning
      to something that could have been interpreted very differently.
      Deconditioning is a process - it doesn't dictate how to function.
      In other words, the 'background music' will determine 'mood'
      and 'incentive'.
      º'K' is quite the sly One,
      ºand no doubt 'works'
      º...energetically... on
      ºeach individual differently.

      The sequence of deconditioning can greatly differ among
      individuals - but one thing is clear: it concerns the same
      "layer of the onion". When it is 'cleared', all so called
      "human properties" that were thought to be absent or
      "transcended" will be "back" :) but without the former
      potential for attachment and clinging. That explains
      in a certain extent the "abusive" behavior of some teachers
      who went to the USA. So the advice would be,
      just keep functioning 'as usual' :)




      i do agree with you guys that "That" must be the first priority,
      however i disagree that the form of ones life must change. In my own
      case i life a full, active life, with many good friends, a family,
      children, and a more than 9-5 job. And this has been this way for my
      adult life. This has not interfered at all with "That" being "top
      priority". I have found that the "doing nothing" you speak of is not
      necessarily related to the "external". I'm not saying anything
      negative about your "path", I'm just saying it can be different than

      All are blessed

      Oh - things work "the other way around": "Path" will eventually
      change the course of life. When there is sense to change it, it
      either denotes "doership" or indicates "no surrender" which is
      the same. I didn't even chose "spiritual life" - it was the
      other way around. And what "normally"takes an entire lifetime
      was compressed into just 8 months. That could not possibly have
      happened in any kind of relationship. Finding a job was
      difficult - when there is no more sense to compete, no more urge
      to "perform".

      There are no rules regarding "Path" - because it can't be chosen
      - what can happen, is 'missing' an opportunity - but it will
      represent itself again, much later, when the resistance to take
      such opportunity has been broken "gradually" - which is a result
      of aging too :) But then, life-energy can be insufficient....
      But don't worry, such 'missing' can only be seen in retrospect,
      when thoughts "crystallize" into "results" rather fast... Which
      means, hardly anyone will notice that...







       you could say that
         the "seeker" is the concept
         that conceptualization uses
         to give itself an ongoing
         meaning and intentionality.

      Without the seeker, concept
         simply appears, dissolves.


      To seek "not" while
         *is* is, is likened
          to searching for
          food by locking
          oneself in an
          empty refrigerator.

      Beating your head on rocks
         is likened to making a bloody
         mess where everything is
         originally clear ;-)





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