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Highlights for Saturday April 14, 2001

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  • Beth352006@aol.com
    Memento David: I saw a great movie last night - Memento. Like The Matrix, it calls into question all the viewer s notions about reality. The hero is trying to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2001

      I saw a great movie last night - Memento. Like
      The Matrix, it calls into question all the viewer's
      notions about reality. The hero is trying to solve
      and revenge the murder of his wife. The only
      problem is, he has a memory disorder where
      his short-term memory only lasts about 15
      minutes. So he has an elaborate system of notes
      and reminders to keep himself informed about what
      is going on.

      And there's another catch: the story is presented
      backwards, from the end to the beginning. So we,
      the audience, know only as much as the hero knows.
      We, like him, don't have the benefit of the memory of
      what has gone before.

      It is extremely well done - and highly entertaining to
      boot - and leaves you guessing as to what is really
      going on right until the final scene. Even then, I walked
      out of the theater with questions, but, thanks to the
      Internet, found a good discussion of the movie on
      rec.arts.movies.current-films that clarified a lot for me.

      The movie is a meditation on memory, identity, and
      trust. The question of "who can you trust" receives a
      very surprising answer at the end, as does the question
      of "How do you construct your own personal reality".
      I think the answer to this latter question is more subtle
      than in the Matrix, and equally disturbing. Like most
      Philip K. Dick novels, this movie keeps surprising you
      with the way the basic reality of the story keeps shifting
      under your feet.

      I think people on this list who enjoy such movies
      would like this one. And if anyone has seen it I'd love
      to discuss it with you.

      There is only Understanding

      The word "you" here relating to the human race at large,
      or the 'spiritual community' at large, or just as a pointer.

      **There is only Understanding**.

      But what do 'you' do?  You create something other
      than Understanding, which you label "Understanding,"
      and then go off looking for it.

      Does that make sense?

      There is nothing but Understanding, timeless,
      located nowhere.  But you create an idea called
      "the body," and seek to get id of it, or 'transcend'
      it.  You create the idea of "time," and then seek to
      find the timeless. You create the idea of 'thought' and
      seek to still it.

      The 'food body' (an idea you created) is troublesome
      to you.  The idea of death, which you invented out of
      thin air, is displeasing.

      Constantly creating 'meaningful things' and
      then chasing after them (or 'meaningless' things
      which to avoid), you  ignore Understanding.

      You *ignore* Understanding, in search of *everything but*!

      There is nothing else.  Literally **NOTHING** else.  
      Still, you continue to create 'other things', and go chasing.

      You create the idea of 'The Supreme' and then seek to
      find it, as though Understanding could be an object or a
      subject, 'located somewhere'.

      You go 'inward', first creating the concepts of 'inward'
      and 'outward' and then chasing 'inward' -- while avoiding

      Constantly paying attention to *EVERYTHING BUT*
      Understanding, Understanding is missed.  And that's
      the most incredulous thing, because there is nothing
      BUT Understanding.  How do you manage to miss it?

      How are these various dreams (like "Understanding")
      so much more interesting than the Everpresent,
      never-lost, never-gained Understanding?

      Easter offering


      All of the genius and glory that the universe
      holds has to go somewhere.

      Your choices are clearly laid out before you, and you can
      choose all or one of the cosmic blessings available.

      The only way to stay humble may be to notice the humor
      of your position.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Everything is god.
      Understanding this is the whole of awakening.
      Really, it is that simple and wonderful.

      Those with intricate concepts of god - yes even the
      totally deluded - are god.

      Mean folks, kind folks, winos, wizards and wierdos
      all are god.

      Simpletons, fools, and  slack-jawed dolts are created
      from the same god stuff. Faggots, maggots and mewling
      pukes they too are god stuff.

      Let's not ignore the noble, generous of heart, and sweet of
      disposition. They too are god stuff.

      Sweet irony is all I can offer to those god stuffs who
      whine about not being able to find god anywhere.
      Poor babies!


      This easter permission is granted to take Jesus
      off of the cross and invite him to a party!

      Peace - no charge - Michael
      Jan Kersschot


      Shelly Borg sent this link to me. It looks good:


      Thanks, Shelly!


      Definitions of Samadhi

      For those wanting a definition of Samadhi, or just curious,
      here's ahelpful link:


      Different traditions define "Samadhi" differently,
      especially by 'different types', but one definition is
      "ecstatic absorption."  It can involve an
      intense bliss, and/or an 'absorption' in nothing, which
      could be noted by an outside observer as "complete
      absent-mindedness" as though "nobody is

      Sometimes Samadhi in the context of (formal) meditation
      involves envisioning something, and 'identifying' with it...
      in my case, it happened once after seeing something in
      the film "The Matrix" -- while meditating, envisioning 'floating'
      disembodied in a vast (undefined) space of pure
      whiteness, then 'becoming' the space of whiteness.  
      It's possible to 'get lost' in something like this for hours
      or even days, all 'body consciousness' gone.

      The poor mind (continuing)

      --- In NondualitySalon@y..., "jb" <janb@a...> wrote:
      Thank you Tim - more or less, I responded to Sarlo's
      post with an excerpt from my "history" and a few
      observations... In "my case", no 'spiritual' knowledge,
      no understanding, only giving up "the will to live and enjoy"
      - no desires were left... Acceptance of whatever was
      happening, neither like nor dislike. At first, there
      was that subtle fear, relatives would notice that - but only an
      absent no-mind was noticed sometimes.

      "My history" as well, although certainly much different in specific
      details... 'in my case', reducing activities to a bare minimum
      (certainly not an option for everyone) until doing almost nothing...
      not working, not seeing friends, just letting go of activities and
      desires down to a bare minimum (zero)... and for the first year or
      so, some "formal meditation" (now given up... I just fall asleep ;-).

      In many ways, what Nisargadatta recommends, "just be" as often as can
      be spared (in my case, almost 24/7).  But much of my life has been
      like that anyway as discussed before... few friends, "trouble leading
      a normal life" (laughing at this... so-called trouble holds
      some 'blessings in disguise').

      For a while my life was similar, now it's rather full of work and people.
      It makes no
      difference. It's no problem to "just be"
      in the midst of activity.

      It would be a problem, when almost continuously in samadhi...
      My job was  a solitary research one, little or no talking. The job
      went OK despite the samadhis but no person to talk to was left,
      unless regarding the work - and that can't go unnoticed.
      But it didn't make a difference, whether walking, at home
      or at work :)

      I had to "play the spiritual game" for a while... and of
      course, "no doer" (whether perceived or not), this is \
      what "should have happened" and continues as 'what is'.

      In many ways there's no choice... people "seeking
      enlightenment" are shit out of luck.  Either the 'life path'
      turns in a certain direction or it doesn't.  There isn't much
      anyone can do to aid in it, because there isn't anybody
      choosing <laugh>...

      There are no particular requirements,
      except trusting the heart.

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