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for Sunday, 8/1/99

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Hello. The Nondual Digest is a sampling of the best posts appearing on the Nonduality Salon mailing list each day. It is sent out once a day and there is no
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      Hello. The Nondual Digest is
      a sampling of the "best" posts
      appearing on the Nonduality
      Salon mailing list each day. It
      is sent out once a day and
      there is no discussion on this
      list. It was created as an
      alternative to negotiating the
      often heavy flow of email
      traffic on Nonduality Salon.

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      Nondual Digest please click


      Judi describes a satsangh
      incident with her friend and
      the formidable Wayne Liquorman
      (Ram Tzu):

      Gyan asked Wayne about his
      present struggle with getting
      enlightened and whether he was
      ever gonna get it? And Wayne
      correctly answered him by
      telling him that he may or he
      may not. And seeing how Gyan
      was not taking this news very
      well at all, I said to him,
      Gyan, this should come as good
      news to you. A relief. Oh, and
      something else - on the way
      home home when Gyan was
      telling me how he was thinking
      about "switiching" teachers, I
      said Gyan, why don't you just
      forget the whole business and
      fall in love with me instead?
      He said no". :-)

      A postscript from Judi on the
      same satsangh:

      Someone asked Wayne if anything
      was different since his
      enlightenment and he said no. And
      then they guy asked him how he
      saw himself now and Wayne paused
      for a moment and said sort of
      tongue in cheek like, "as a
      prince." Everyone laughed and
      then with a straight face he says,
      "well, I can say that because my
      wife's not here". :-)

      Responding to Glo, Gene Poole
      held forth on the perennial
      subject of ego:

      Not to worry. A new ego is
      spawned (generated) every time
      conditions change.

      When going swimming, a 'water-
      testing' ego is spawned, which
      is calibrated to the task of
      testing water vis human
      tolerance. Is it too cold,
      deep,hot, fast, dirty, etc.

      When dealing with animals, an
      animal-testing ego is spawned.
      And so forth. It is an
      unstoppable process, it seems.

      When dealing with humans, a
      human-testing ego is spawned.
      Most of us are oblivious to the
      nature of the testing we do to
      each-other. But it asks if 'you
      are real', and eventually, 'are
      you as real as me'.

      Here in this email forum, we
      have only words, so ego must do
      a difficult job. This requires
      the spawning of a very rare type
      of ego, the 'meaning-ego'. This
      is a filter or grammar which
      imposes itself between what is
      read and what is understood, to
      protect the sensitivites of the
      reader from the assault of the
      words of other.

      The 'meaning-ego' is an ever-
      growing lexicon of very subtle
      distinctions. Constant
      participation here is good for
      the meaning-ego; yet, it will go
      into a latent state if it is not
      required, as will any ego.

      A new ego, spawned for every
      situation, and then sliding into
      latency when unused. This is how
      I see it. So I do not agree with
      those who advocate 'killing' the
      ego. Rather, I advocate abiding.
      An 'abiding ego' is thus spawned,
      which then is taught, by intention,
      to filter in such a way that both
      desire and aversion-reactions do
      not occur to the degree which
      disturbs equalibrium. One learns to
      watch the pendulum swing, rather
      than riding on it. Eventually, even
      the abiding-ego will recede into
      latency, as Being learns to abide
      without precaution. This event
      marks the end of the imaginary
      drama of the world-dream.

      The operative concept here is
      'spawned'. Spawning of ego is a
      natural event, as long as there are
      'preferences' or tastes, residing
      in the unconsious as a result of
      conditioning (experience). The ego
      spawned in a particual situation
      (as in the water ego) is educable,
      and will appear with all of the
      previously gathered data 'about'
      the situation.

      One may ask, "What is it that
      spawns ego?" The answer is, that as
      long as Being is unaware of the
      larger system in which it is
      embedded, that it will continue to
      resort to exploration, rather than
      to knowing (gnosis). Ego is
      essentially a testing mechanism, which
      is designed to insure survival; as
      long as Being assumes mortality (death)
      as a criteria for life, ego will be
      spawned. If Being has communion with the
      larger system, it understands its place,
      and no ego need be spawned in reaction
      to mere bodily existence. But let a
      suprise situation occur, and sure
      enough, an ego will be spawned.

      It is ego which asks, but ego cannot
      give an accurate answer; ego is the
      tester, not the master. Being is master,
      but ego works to keep Being alive. A
      wise Being, loves and supports ego. By
      doing so, the only answer which the ego
      will need, after much practice, is love.

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