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Saturday, March 25

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    This is a supplement to the regular Highlights and features excerpts from the Ribhu Gita which appeared on the main list. ... I have in front of me a copy of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2001
      This is a supplement to the regular Highlights and features excerpts from the Ribhu Gita which appeared on the main list.


      I have in front of me a copy of The Song of Ribhu: The English
      Translation of the Tamil Ribhu Gita. Translation by Dr. H.
      Ramamoorthy and Nome. It was published by SAT, Society for
      Abidance in Truth in 2000. The book is 760 pages, with a 67 page

      Unless a person is involved with SAT, I don't know how anyone
      would know about this book. I thought I'd help spread the word.

      The book is only $39 and can be ordered at
      http://www.booksbeyondwords.com/sat5.html. Along with a few
      other nondual scriptures, it is a must for any library.

      In this first post, I'll quote from the introductory material.

      "The text of the versified Tamil Ribhu Gita is a relentless
       reiteration of uncompromising Advaita (Nonduality) -- that the
       Supreme Brahman, 'That', is all that exists and does not exist,
       that nothing else exists, the the Self is Brahman and Brahman
       is the Self. The consistent message is that I am That, I am
       all, and That is myself." ...

      "The Ribhu Gita was one of the first books read by Sri Ramana
       Maharshi after his Self-Realization, one whose message clearly
       accorded with what he had realized within himself. It could be
       said that it influenced the way in which he revealed
       Self-Knowledge to those who sought his instruction, and most
       certainly he frequently referenced it and recommended it to
       others...as can be seen in the books that record his
       teachings." ...

      "As Maharshi indicated, one can use this text in the pursuit of
       the inquiry, 'Who am I?' The text serves to inspire or verify
       the removal of misidentifications and false definitions
       attributed to the Self through delusion.

      "One can us this text in gaining a firm conviction regarding the
       Self. This conviction is an experiential, firm understanding of
       one's real identity." ...

      "One can use this text to liberate oneself from all kinds of
       concepts. In Ribhu Gita, one finds the elimination, or
       negation, of the concept of everything, be it worldly or
       spiritual, pertaining to the real or the unreal." ...

      "In meditating and practicing with this text, the aspirant will
       find that the experience or progress is devoid of any time
       factor. Each verse can be an ongoing meditation or a sudden
       revelation, and the Knowledge itself concerns That which is
       neither a gradual occurrence nor a rapid one, but rather which
       is ever present." ...

      "In Truth, there is no creation and no destruction, there is no
       instructed and no instructor, there is no bondage and no
       liberation, there is no duality or unreality and no destruction
       of unreality. Truth alone is; the Self alone exists."

      In this second post I've selected a few definitions from the
      glossary. These selections will give you an idea of the depth of
      this 67 page glossary. It's a book unto itself:

      from VEDANTA: "Advaita Vedanta, or the Teaching of Nonduality,
      is that which is expounded by Ribhu, Sri Dattatreya (the
      Avadhuta), Sri Ashtavakra, Sri Sankara, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and
      many other great sages. It reveals the utter absence of any
      differentiation between Atman (the Self) and Brahman. It is the
      revelation of Reality without even a trace of notional
      superimpositions. The entire Ribhu Gita gives an exposition -- a
      veritable scripture -- of Advaita Vedanta."

      "ATMAN. The Self. The Self is one and universal, different from
       the body, sensory organs, senses, mind, intelligence, inner
       senses, and such others, remaining only as a witness to the
       activities of these and unsullied by them. The Self is of the
       nature of Being-Consciousness-Bliss, self-luminous, of the
       nature of Knowledge, needing no other knowledge to know it. The
       Self is without desire or hatred, fear or sorrow, quality or
       activity, form, change or blemish. It is immaculate,
       indivisible, all-pervasive, and infinite. The Self and Brahman
       are one."

      "BRAHMAN. A Sanskrit word formed from the root brmh, which means
       growth, and the suffix man, which signifies an absence of
       limitation (in space or time). Thus, Brahman means that which
       is absolutely the greatest. Brahman, according to the Masters
       of Advaita, is said to be known through Vedic texts, primarily
       the Upanishads, which are considered a valid means of
       knowledge, as a direct perception.

      "Brahman is the only Reality; it is beyond definition in words,
       the range of sensory perceptions, and the human mind. It is
       conceived to be boundless Being, ever existent, limitless in
       space and time, immutable, immaculate, devoid of qualities,
       attributes, name, or form. It is not subject to birth,
       continuation, growth, maturity, decay and dissolution, and has
       nothing similar to it and nothing different from it. It is also
       described as pure Knowledge.

      "It is also regarded as both the efficient and material cause of
       the visible universe, the all-pervading spirit of the universe,
       the essence from which all beings are produced and into which
       they are absorbed. The entire phenomenal world of beings,
       qualities, actions, all manifestations, and so on, is said to
       be an illusory superimposition on the imperishable substratum,
       which is Brahman.

      "The Upanishad-s also identify Brahman with the Universal Self.
       What Brahman, the only Reality, is and, more importantly, what
       Brahman, the only Reality, is not is discussed in the entire
       text of the Song of Ribhu."

      Chapter One: History of the Treatise -- Definition of the Self
      -- One's Own Experience (Svanubhava)

      As the Supreme Siva,
      Of the very nature of Grace,
      Is established as the support of all endless power,
      There is nothing equal or superior to the Lord (Isvara),
      The cause of all the world.
      So, He is proclaimed as the instrumental and material cause.
      There is no other cause greater
      Than that Lord (Isvara) at any time anywhere.

      Just as the one expanse of space,
      Being conditioned by the pot and by the outside,
      Is considered by the world as two spaces --
      Pot-space and outside-space --
      The one Reality, which is of the nature of one Knowledge,
      Because of conditioning by unreal ignorance and others,
      Appears in a dual aspect
      As Self and Brahman.

      Just as the pot-space and the outside-space are one, indeed,
      When conditionings like the pot are negated,
      So also, if the conditionings like nescience and others are negated,
      The pure Self and the Supreme Brahman are one.
      All aspirants for Liberation should unimpededly realize
      The great identity of the Self and the Supreme
      By Vedantic inquiry, eliminating, through a process of negation,
      All conditionings that produce a sense of duality.


      Chapter Two: You Are Of The Nature of Brahman

      Your true nature is always the undivided, nondual Brahman,
      Which is a mass of Being-Consciousness-Bliss,
      Motionless, ancient, still,
      Eternal, without attributes,
      Without confusion, without sheaths,
      Without parts, without impurity,
      Completely free from any illusion of duality,
      Full, peerless, and the One.

      You, yourself, are that which is indicated by 'That.'
      You, yourself, are that which is indicated by 'You.'
      You, yourself, are that which is indicated by 'are'.
      You, yourself, are the Supreme, which is the undivided meaning of these.
      You, yourself, are that which is established and is fearless.
      You, yourself, are the Supreme which is unsurpassed Bliss.
      You, yourself, are that which is indicated by the word 'Reality' and such others.
      You, yourself, are the meaning of all manifestations of sound.

      I have told you, in the manner
      In which it was expounded by the immaculate Siva,
      The definition of the pure, indivisible Absolute,
      Which is the Reality that remains
      After negating all the superimpositions due to maya
      On the eternal Supreme Brahman.
      Those who even once listen to and clearly understand the meaning of this
      Will become the Supreme themselves.

      Chapter 3

      Pure soul! the various appearances that are seen
      Do not really exist at all.
      Understand that any appearance arising out of the maya (delusion)
      Is benumbing illusion.
      Further, I shall give you the secret definition
      As told by the Supreme Siva, in the way you can understand.
      All the world, individuals (jiva-s), and the Supreme (Para) are ever only
      The Supreme Brahman, of the nature of pure Knowledge.

      Chapter 4: Giving the Definition of the One Undivided Essence and the
      Undivided Experience

      I shall further dwell
      On the unchanging experience,
      Which is the good fortune that I had,
      Rare to attain in this world or anywhere,
      The most secret, the great, and the wondrous.
      Listen with attentive mind.
      I, indeed, am the undivided Supreme Space of Consciousness,
      The Supreme Brahman, without any divisive differences.

      I am ever the substance of Absolute Truth.
      I am ever Absolute Consciousness.
      I am ever a mass of Bliss.
      I am ever the one undivided essence.
      I manifest as all ever,
      And I do not have anything, even so much as an atom.
      I am all pervasive and undifferentiated.
      I ever remain the Supreme Brahman.

      I, myself, am of the nature that has no interactions.
      I, myself, am of the nature that has nowhere to go.
      I, myself, am of the nature that has nothing like the waking and other states.
      I, myself, am of the nature that is ever peaceful.
      I, myself. am of the nature that is all pervasive.
      I, myself, am of the nature that is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.
      I, myself, am of the nature that is the Supreme Brahman,
      Beyond the reach of mind and words.

      For the benefit of all, I have explained
      The direct experience I have had
      By the compassion of the Supreme Siva.
      One who has lovingly heard this pure meaning,
      Even once, and is steadfast
      In his heart's understanding of it,
      Will, eschewing all ignorance,
      Become ever the Supreme Brahman

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