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NDhighlights for Sunday 18-Mar-01

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  • Beth352006@aol.com
    Christiana/Grateful for the grace of your heart breathe Greg: Welcome back Christiana-ji, I m glad you re here, having ridden the waves. Glad to meet you for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2001
      Christiana/Grateful for the grace of your heart breathe

      Welcome back Christiana-ji,

      I'm glad you're here, having ridden the waves. Glad to
      meet you for a moment on this particular beach.
      I have asthma from childhood. My grandfather died
      partly from emphysema, having smoked from age 6 to his
      death at age 78. I've also known what it is to not be able
      to breathe, to forcefully guide every breath with "will-power"
      lest it not happen. In these last weeks, my heart was
      breathing for you, with you.

      Thanks for the kirtan. How was La Jolla? Jerry gave
      a quick mini-capsule, but I haven't heard any more.
      Last year they quoted you on the Inner
      Directions PR material!

      Hope to hear more from you as the time is right...
      Essay on Ego - not seeking destruction

      Chuck H:
      > In the spirit of self-actualization, I do not readily accept the
      >destruction of our ego, but rather an *expansion of our identity in
      >oneness*. I personally do not accept the traditional dictums from
      >eastern religions or western authorities on the destruction of the

      Definitely.. nor here either! Given there is nothing there to
      destroy, it makes the whole idea rather difficult... something like
      attempting to stop your (the body's) shadow from following you by
      meditating, shooting at it with a gun, striking at it, doing various
      penances and so forth <g>.

      Really, what it boils down to is that the whole subject of ego is
      mainly of interest to "an ego" intent on maintaining itself in the
      face of other ideas (usually "spiritual" ones) it perceives as a
      threat of some kind or another. 'Remove' the threats, 'remove'
      seeking and striving and this imaginary thing just kinda fades.

      Why even bother to discuss "ego?" Why not discuss "djfdsfjdslkfjd"

      > I also do not accept (as do many eastern religions) that the only
      > reality is the mind. That is just another form of reductionism.

      I would go so far to say that the only *unreality* is the mind.
      There is no such thing as "the mind," which simply means "all
      thoughts/emotions past, present and future"

      There appears a stream of thought... discontinuous and disparate.
      From memory is constructed a 'contraction' within this stream of
      thought that (and this is a truly miraculous and incredible 'power')
      somehow thinks itself a *center* of sentience and takes on 'a life of
      its own'. Absolutely incredulous (even awe inspiring) how this could
      even APPEAR TO occur.

      Mark O:
      In memory of Dr. Seuss (with apologies to the dear man):

      I am not djfdsfjdslkfjd
      I am not dsfjdslkfjd
      I am not dslkfjd at all.

      I am not kfjd
      And I will not be

      I am not fjd
      And I cannot see

      I am not jd
      Nor j or d

      In fact I am not me.

      Inevitable identity and original sin

      Gene Poole:

      For as long
      as there is memory
      There is material
      from which to
      construct identity;

      Identity is maintained
      moment to moment
      like the movie projected
      in a theater;

      One brief outage
      of power proves
      that the screen
      is really blank,

      If the observer
      is paying attention;

      When identity
      is re-initiated,
      it is known
      for what it is,
      If the observer
      is paying attention.

      Next, attention shifts
      to the machine
      the mechanism
      which creates identity;

      The observer turns from the screen
      which had occupied so much
      of attentive life,
      now known to be

      and turns
      and looks at the source
      of the movie
      and then wonders:
      "Who wrote the script
      of this story?"

      Projected story,
      and the content
      of the movie itself;

      The question arises:
      Is the story made
      from whole cloth,
      or are fragments
      at least,
      Reflection of reality?

      Upon deeper reflection
      It is seen that events
      in themselves
      carry no explicit meaning,

      That meaning
      is created
      and pasted upon events
      and thus, the plot
      of the story;

      And how
      is this meaning created
      and why
      is it pasted upon events?

      What is the source
      of meaning?

      Every meaning
      is meaningful
      only to one
      who carries
      the keys to interpret
      that meaning;

      Using the same keys
      the only keys known
      all the time
      with every event
      makes every event
      mean the same thing;

      And what every event means,
      is 'me'.

      Yes, that is correct;
      every event affirms
      that I exist,
      and that is the meaning
      of every event,

      Every event is personalized,
      I dare not leave one event
      nude, naked, bereft
      of my personal stamp
      of approval,

      And I will approve it
      only if it affirms me,
      only if it is 'life-affirming'
      'positive', 'loving',
      'progressive', 'liberating',
      as my preferred values

      As my guiding idealism

      And yes of course
      I know one thing
      from another,

      In my seeking
      I know, of course,
      what I am looking for,

      Have it all planned out,
      plenty of external schedules
      recipes formulas algorithms

      Every right-thinking person
      already knows,
      It is common sense,
      and it is to be obeyed,
      honored, worshipped,
      even feared;

      For if I betray it
      denude it of meaning
      strip it of values
      reveal the emptiness
      which it is
      and see it as
      the unknown,

      I also give the lie
      to identity!

      And we can't have that, can we?

      Is it true
      that one
      who is able to see
      the emptiness
      of a thing,
      is also able
      to see the emptiness
      which is that one?

      Is it possible
      to look and see

      Is space
      evidence of absence?

      If I look in a mirror
      I am looking through emptiness
      to see a reflection
      of emptiness,

      Yet I persist in looking;
      how marvelous is emptiness!
      egoless non-state

      from Here Lies The Heart

      Bhagavan (Ramana) was asked many times about
      his egoless state. He said:

      The Gnani (the Enlightened) continually enjoys
      uninterrupted, transcendental experience, keeping
      his inner attention always on the Source, in spite of the
      apparent existence of the ego, which the ignorant imagine
      to be real.

      This apparent ego is harmless; it is like the skeleton
      of a burnt rope --though it has form, it is of no use
      to tie anything with.
      death and Consciousness

      Hi Terry!

      Interesting perspective on
      consciousness and awareness
      you present. I enjoyed
      what you had to say - thanks
      for presenting the position found
      in earlier Buddhist texts that
      awareness is an aspect of phenomenality,
      not something in which phenomenality
      appears - nor the nature of phenomenality.
      I value this position.

      There is no final way to say what reality is.
      We can only be a creature presenting a limited
      point of view. An ant might describe reality
      a different way, yet the ant's view is true from
      the ant's perspective.
      Certainly, there is not one Buddhist perspective
      on the nature of "mind" or "awareness" --
      one of the reasons for "competing" Buddhist

      Sometimes, I've thought of reality as a mathematical
      set of relations demanded by the nature of infinity.
      But that's not the "truth" either -- the "truth"
      always eludes the mind -- which is intriguing
      and wonderful.

      Thinking in terms of
      a "something" "in which" things
      appear is a limiting view, regardless
      of whether such "something" is
      described as "awareness", "consciousness",
      "God", or "nothingness", or indeed
      "the universe". As there
      is nothing which can act as a "which"
      in which things can appear (for in what
      would that "which" appear) -- nothing
      can be said to be appearing
      in something, hence can't be appearing
      to something or for something. So, nothing
      is a thing at all, for anything to be a thing,
      it must be constituted, must have a something
      in which to appear, and elements which can
      constitute it as it.

      Dzogchen View of Everyday Life

      Being Present in the moment may initially be fearful.
      But by welcoming the sensation of fear with Complete
      Openness you cut through the barriers created by habitual
      emotional reaction patterns.

      When you engage in the practice of Discovering
      Space, you develop the feeling of Opening yourselves
      out completely to the Entire Universe. You
      Open yourself with Absolute Simplicity and Nakedness
      of Mind. This is the powerful and ordinary practice of
      dropping the mask of self-protection.
      Oh come beloved

      White Wolfe
      "I will send you the Comforter.the Spirit of Truth."

      -Jesus the

      as sweet rainwater shimmering on spring wildflowers

      as cool smoke arising from misty cedar bows dawning

      i will gently gentle you as you gently gentle me, my beloved

      as bitter ashes descending to pollute virgin snow melting

      as white coals decaying into earth's black and fecund womb

      my beloved, i will gently gentle you as you gently gentle me

      as basalmic vinegar kissing the sweet of ripe purple berries

      as golden curry caressing the softness of fresh velvet cream

      as you gently gentle me, my beloved, i will gently gentle you

      as clouds dancing in the windy blue canopy of heaven

      as shooting stars flaming across a glowing indigo sunset

      if you will gently come to me, my beloved, i will gently come to you
      as i gently come to you, come my beloved, you will gently come to me
      together we will gently gentle, come, gentle gently we will come

      i will say, counselor, comforter, almighty lady,

      princess of peace, you will say

      prince of peace, almighty lord, comforter, counselor

      the first field of snow lilies will bud in the ice blue north

      a hybrid imagined in true dream, the blue rose, will blossom

      the stars will dim to celebrate the glare of a new light beginning

      an infant born with the moon in his mind and the sun in her heart

      a love child transfigured and reborn into liquid white platinum

      as we look down upon our creation, an innocent rocking in our arms,

      we will hear a symphony choir too tender, too sweet, too gently gentle

      a music composed for only those who have immortal ears to hear

      i will hear you, you will hear me, we will hear the Beloved laughing

      oh come, come gently with me as i with you gently come, oh come


      Oh come, oh come Immanuel, and ransom captive Israel..

      mark christopher valentine
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