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NDhighlights for Sunday, 11-Mar-01

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  • Beth352006@aol.com
    It Doesn t Matter Michael: It does not matter what you may have done or left undone. Are you the cruelest, stupidest thing that ever walked on two legs? It
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2001
      It Doesn't Matter

      It does not matter what you may have done or left

      Are you the cruelest, stupidest thing that ever
      walked on two legs?

      It doesn't matter!

      You are the pure and perfect self.

      Trust me, trust me not.
      It does not matter!
      Right Now

      Right now there is no separation between you and
      the totality of being.

      Throw away your logic. Throw away your feelings.
      Throw away even your hopes.
      What good have they done so far?

      Just toss back your head and laugh!

      Thoughts on Self-Realization

      James, what you say here lies under what I'm trying to
      I see all the world at this play, all except us adult
      humans, or most of us,
      most of the
      who seem stuck and full of unrealized potential, afraid
      to try, afraid of


      Working definition of "Jnani"

      This point is so tiny,
      that no jnani, person,
      or camel can enter.

      That is its beauty,
      and its totality --
      beyond even

      -- Jiann
      Unfinal realizing

      >T: (snip) What ever is, now... is "true nature."
      > Including whatever can be  maintained, repeated or
      > anchored.  It is not discovery of true
      >nature, but it is true nature.
      >There is nothing apart.  Smoke does not stain the sky.

      Hey, Tim!

      It's true and well-said that smoke does not stain
      the sky.
      And true that there is nothing other than true nature.

      It is the idea that there is a continuing
      maintainer who needs to be maintained,
      that leads to the
      intent and project to maintain something
      (a religion, a thought-process, a being,
      a becoming, a having, a smoke-free
      piece of pie-sky for me).

      In that intent is friction, as if there could
      be something to be maintained, something
      that could lead to its demise, and some
      meaning in keeping it going.

      And, as you say, none of that interferes
      with the frictionless.  The difficulty is
      that while there persists the notion of
      a being that maintains being, there is
      clouding of "knowing" by the very intent
      to perpetuate that process which is mistaken
      as a being.

      Where there is the intent to find
      an anchor, there is the perception
      that there exists or could exist
      something in which to anchor,
      thus, the "friction"
      in which reality (openness)
      and unreality (a being trying to anchor)
      try to coexist but can't.

      "You can't serve God and Mammon
      at the same time" ... You can't
      live with/as "no object perceived"
      while perceiving as real "an object in a world of objects"

      Although it is true that it is a cloudless sky,
      and no object ever came to be -- there is
      the knowing of self as a process in which an
      object contends with objects that seems to
      be clouding, and so is a clouding as long
      at the attempt to exist by persisting, persists ...

      Extricating reality from unreality,
      it is clear that nothing was extricated,
      and nothing was ever bound.

      Yet, this isn't known until/as "extrication"...

      Although there is only sky,
      the attempt to keep a space
      for oneself clear of smoke,
      leads to missing that smoke
      never stains ...

      -- Unknowingly,
      Mirrors of the Mind


      Namaste, Jan.

      Your catscan
      was food for my brainpan,
      eaten as an offering
      in the ashram
      of cyberspaciousness.

      A cool cat with a direct path
      leaving no footprints
      when running forward
      through the backdoor.

      Inspired, untired,
      a caterwauling
      catcophony everfired ..
      a symphony without end
      blending colorful sounds
      from a friend!
      Burn up the night of self-existence

      It is the senses and their sense-objects,
      the body constructed as an object of
      sense, the thinker inferred by thought
      thinking about sense-objects.

      This is how "I", "we", and "it" came
      about ...

      There is nothing to get rid of here ...

      Just stop cognizing objects, the subject
      dissappears, and there is only
      "knowing" ...

      Cyber Dervish:
      "  What does it mean to learn the knowledge of
      God's Unity?  To consume yourself in the
      presence of the One.  If you wish to shine like
      day, burn up the night of self-existence.
      Dissolve in the Being who is everything.
      You grabbed hold of "I" and "we,"
      and this dualism is your ruin.

      - Rumi"  

      [Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
      "Rumi: Daylight"
      Threshold Books, 1994]
      Satsang Regulation Imminent

      >I woke up this morning thinking that satsang in the
      western world needs to be upset a little. I recommend
      reverse satsang. That's where the satsang guy is required
      to ask the devotee\student questions. A
      little reverse Satsang might be a good thing.

      ~ This does happen.... especially in one-to-one satsang.
      Take my word for it.

      But I am wondering, Jer.... Is there some universal yet
      secret Satsang Overseeing Board that requires anything
      of anyone? Are you recommending such an authority,
      perhaps to take the place of the infinite wisdom and
      timing of Grace?

      >A good man who handles all the Satsang schedules
      for a large city, asked me what I do when someone asks
      to be on my website and they're not quite nondual. I said
      I make room for them. Apparently he has
      been refusing to place certain teachers on his
      Satsang schedule for reasons which do have validity.
      He's not in an easy position. But I
      hope he can find room for them. Every attempt
      should be made to be

      ~ Does this mean the SOB is going to issue an edict
      that anybody who has anything to say on any subject
      from any level of awareness should and must be allowed
      to speak in anyone's schedule?  And what are valid
      reasons, according to the SOB, or according to you?

      Whatever happened to your philosophy that whatever
      happens happens?

      with love
      Susan Dane Speaking Updates and More

      A special note to NDS friends:

      I wanted to share the update (below) with you all because
      I think you will  find Dr. Peter Gilboy a fascinating
      speaker, if you can tune in tomorrow
      morning on WBAI 99.5 FM radio, (or via one of the
      internet leads that Jerry  has posted in the past when
      I was also interviewed  by Marjorie Moore on WBAI.)  
      Peter's dissertation was on non-dual mysticism
      (From Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley)--and he is
      not only well-versed in East West religious and mystical
      traditions, he is an incredible and genuine human
      being.  But to hear someone of this background be
      able to discuss politcs and
      national security--well, dare I say--there is something
      especially "non-dual"
      about it.

      Hoping this finds you all well.  And that you are able to
      tune in.  If not,  visit his website at www.petergilboy.com.
      And if you like political
      thrillers, you can order his book from Amazon.com.


      Dear Friends, Family, Site Visitors, NDS friends and
      WBAI Listeners:

      Below are some important updates and news items:

      *   March 24th New York Seminar postponed until April 7th
      *   Marjorie Moore to host her own new radio program
      *   Dr. Peter Gilboy to be Marjorie's first guest!
      *   My Book to be available by mail after April 5th:  Order Now!

      WBAI sponsored March 24th Seminar:  

      We've decided to move the date back to April 7th
      for many reasons.  It will still be an all-day Saturday
      seminar / workshop  10:00-5:00, in Manhattan.  It
      will also include a Special Galley Proof Preview Edition
      of my book: When All  Systems Fail: Spiritual Answers
      Beyond Self-Help.  
      All of you who have been  writing me with questions,
      this will be the ideal opportunity to hear them
      discussed and answered.   It will also be a chance to
      meet other people who are asking a lot of the same
      questions.  It's not too late to sign up.  
      Contact me directly via email.

      Marjorie Moore to host her own new radio program

      This is very exciting news!  Starting tomorrow,
      Marjorie is going back on the  air, to host her new program,
      "Sunrise with Marjorie Moore."  WBAI 99.5 FM.  
      Weekday mornings bright and early at 6:00 a.m.   For
      those of you who don't  know Marjorie, you are in for a
      treat.  She is a wonderful talk show host who
      brings together thinkers, writers, poets, and social
      reformers to explore  thought-provoking ideas and difficult
      social issues in the light of genuine spirituality.  
      Her program will bring much needed insight and genuine
      healing not just to WBAI but to the entire metropolitan
      New York community.  And her  first guest
      (tomorrow morning!) will be my life-long and best friend (this is
      an understatement) former DIA Intelligence agent,
      Dr. Peter Gilboy, author of
      Operation Fantasy Plan (William Morrow).  

      Dr. Peter Gilboy to be Marjorie's first guest!

      Hummm...What does Peter Gilboy do when he is not
      editing my web site, book, and other writings?  
      He writes political spy thrillers, and gives nation-wide
      radio interviews on a wide variety of subjects.  
      During the Vietnam war, Peter trained at the Defense
      Language Institute in Monterey, became fluent in
      Vietnamese and then served as a spy handler for
      the Defense Intelligence Agency.  After Vietnam,
      he went on to become a specialist in Southeast Asian
      studies, and then earned a Ph.D. in cross-cultural
      East-West mysticism and religious traditions.  He brings
      to the subject of national security and
      intelligence, the ability to explore that thin line
      we are always walking--where  human necessity
      (in this case national security) meets moral
      and ethical dilemmas.  Tomorrow morning, he and
      Marjorie will be asking "How far does a nation go to
      protect its principles, if in order to do so, it has
      to break those principles?"  You can buy Peter's book
      Operation Fantasy Plan from Amazon.com, and visit his
      web site at www.petergilboy.com

      My BOOK to be available by mail after April 5th:  Order Now!

      Thank you everyone for your interest in obtaining
      copies of When All Systems Fail: Spiritual Answers
      Beyond Self-Help.  I have had requests from England,
      Africa, Canada, France, Switzerland, Mexico, and
      all over the States.  This with no real advertising, to
      speak of.   To me this shows that what I am
      talking about is the universal desire we all share
      to break free of the human mind's limiting perspective
      and come into the space of genuine healing, where
      Spirit lives its life as us.  

      As you know, I was originally offering a "Galley Proof Special Preview
      Edition" to WBAI listeners as part of the upcoming all-day seminar.  However,
      everyone who visits the website seems to want a copy.  Even if we found a
      publisher tomorrow, (we are just beginning to look) the book wouldn't hit the
      bookstore shelves for another year.  So, I will be printing up some advanced
      copies and will make this "Special Preview Edition" available through the

      The edition is a 250 page (photocopied on quality paper) spiral bound
      edition.  The cost is $30 plus $4.00 priority mail within the States.  If you
      would like a copy, please email me your request, and then send a check or
      Money Order to my mailing address at:       Susan Dane Seminars
      2124 Broadway  suite 221
      New York, NY 10023

      The advance ordering will greatly help with edition
      estimates and printing costs.

      This pretty much wraps things up from my corner.
      As you can see there is lots going on, and I want to
      deeply thank you for your ongoing and passionate

      Spirituality Free From All Systems

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