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Friday March 2, 2001

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  • Gloria Lee
    Paul Misiunas I Am, Said The Duck Said the duck to the shore, I shall swim and swim and be upon you before you know it. Shore responds to duck, Swim with
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2001
      Paul Misiunas
      I Am, Said The Duck

      Said the duck to the shore,
      "I shall swim and swim
      and be upon you before
      you know it."

      Shore responds to duck,
      "Swim with all thy might
      and the banks of love
      will surely embrace
      thy presence."

      So the duck swam.
      All day and all night.
      Still, the shore seemed
      so very far away.

      "Shore," said the duck,
      "for all my might
      I cannot reach you.
      Please help me."

      The shore remained
      quiet and serene.

      So the duck decided to
      float and in this, too,
      did he fail to reach
      his destination.

      Exhausted, from the efforts,
      duck fell fast asleep and dreamed,
      and in the dream
      shore says to duck,
      "Silly duck, have you not
      felt the touch of my love.
      Do not my banks surely
      uphold thee?"

      Startled, duck woke up
      and found beneath the webbed feet
      the bank of love so surely desired.

      Seeing the duck, shore says,
      "Shall we go for a swim today?"

      Pure Love???

      About two or three weeks after the experience I had talked about I was
      paying my workers and then I felt pure love towards one worker. I felt the
      same with the next worker. Luckily they were the last two.
      This has puzzled me a lot. This love was spontaneous. It was not brought
      about by anything. I do not even remember who the two workers were.
      This love had no attachments at all. I mean I did not want anything from
      them nor did I want to give them anything. It wasn't compassion. I did not
      feel like hugging them.
      When I felt that 'love' I did not see their faces or bodies, just some sort
      of aura surrounding them. I mean I felt this love for their 'auras'.
      But it was a total kind of love. No reservations, no holding back.

      Any explanations? [This happened before I had read anything about non-duality]

      Cyber Dervish
      At that point ego/mind/judgement was not there to interfere.
      This is natural state of being.

      Loveya - Michael
      beloved dervish...

      ...the dance of higher love begins once again in you.....you have discovered
      the beloved in all directions..you have discovered true love...you have
      recovered your true Self...you have recovered love itself...the journey is
      not at an end...it is a new beginning...you are becoming a bodhisattva...a
      divine martyr for love...a Christ...a saint...the beginning of pure love is
      the beginning of suffering the pangs of holy fire...you are not
      alone...there are many in the sacred pack...i run with you...^^~~~~~

      further up and further in,

      white wolfe
      Beloved White Wolfe,

      Hey! Wait a minute. This does not mean that I have awakened [realized
      myself] does it? Can we have the cart before the horse?
      Where is the fireworks, the bliss? It feels like I am on the back of a
      runaway, speeding tiger. Unable and unwilling to dismount.

      Cyber Dervish

      You must let go of your concept of what awakening is.  Think of waking
      up in the morning.  No fireworks.  And you pretty much stay awake all
      day after that.  Compared to sleep, it's a runaway tiger, and during
      the day, hard to get back to sleep.  So yeah, you might have "woken
      up", but don't get too excited.  You do it every day.  Love, Terry

      Many thanks for your reply.

      Cyber Dervish

      to the tune of "IF I were a rich man" from Fiddler on the Roof)

      If I were Sahajman,
      What a level I would have reached
      No-one else could even talk to me.
      If I were Sahajman,
      All the lists and all the posts
      Would only ever mention me.
      Dung, dung dung dung
      la dee da dee dum dee dee.
      (I would win every spelling bee:
      even my mistakes, everyone
      would have to copy me.)

      (I could only dream of being such a one....Terry)

      Hey Terry, just disconnect your spellchecker and remember that you
      already are!

      Love, Mark

      where?  satisfied like olde men are satisfied with what they remember and
      think that remembering is truth, wisdom, enlightenment and that the oasis is
      paradise...bhah...i take my sandles offs and ru with naked paws across the
      blistering sands and beyond over and upon the burning ice into endless
      love....shall we run together for what lies beyond...why not?...it is boring
      to remain...not to shine in use....^^~~~~

      further up and further in,

      white wolfe

      Dear White Wolfe --

      We run together you and I,
         and so are joined without
         ever having been separated,
         move swiftly without being

      We see clearly, and our
         running is uniform
         and invisible.

      Sniffing the air for the odorless
         scent of clean water,
      Let us drink from this lake:

      It is like nothing remembered
          and bears no likeness to what
          people said about it.

      People couldn't find it, for their
          maps could never point surely enough.
      Let us taste directly, for mouthing
          phrases provides no quench for
          our real thirst ;-)

      Run on, as our paws don't touch the ground,
          and we leave footprints only in the sky.
      Our eyes see no sun, for we are the flames.
      We drink what has no taste, we
           support ourselves where nothing is.

      No boredom here, where even
          "transformation" moves too slowly to
          be applied ...


      DUSTIN & XAN

       >I must be having trouble reconciling this knowing/not knowing, this
      awareness of my own awareness of my non-existence. This world is
      constructed of opposites, but my world is a void. One may be reflected
      in the other somehow, but there is no possible meaning that can be
      derived from either one. I am nothing, yet these words are coming from
      something, aren't they?  What is the relationship between the something
      and the nothing? How is something manifested from nothing?

      ~ These questions reveal your active intellect, which can be
      both treasure and trash.

      > Would knowing that help me to live in peace in the world?

      ~ What you want to know can't be reconciled through the intellect.
      Giving up trying to understand through the mind, that which can
      only be recognized through direct knowing, does lead to a peaceful
      quality in life.

      >Look, what I'm really looking for here is your best shot. I'm totally open
      to any question, any action, any words. Give me your deepest philosophy,
      your most ragged-edged sword to split me open down the middle. Is it a
      practice? Show it to me. Is it a meditation? Take me through it. Is it a
      philosophy? Describe it to me. But help me most with one thing: help me to
      see how to clarify my own existence and integrate myself fully into the
      void. Show me how to burn away my person-sense and yet still live on in this
      world. Impart to me your greatest secrets, even if they blow me apart. I
      know that everything will be fine after it all explodes. After all, the
      explosion is just another experience, too...

      ~ The deepest philosophy is also the simplest.

      Thought and emotion serve as the veil over awareness of the
      absolute, and are the substance of frustration and questions of
      "How can I...?"

      The activity of trying to figure it all out,
      is in the way of your peace and integration.

      This how, in each moment, to clarify existence and surrender
         into the void:
          - Look more closely into your mind habits.
          - Recognize the absolute.
          - Choose to rest in/as absolute silent awareness.


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