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Monday February 26th

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  • andrew macnab
    ^ ^ @ @ 0 * It is just living, which appears as inquiring. It is this living which appears as many things as seeing, hearing, experiencing,
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      It is just living, which appears as inquiring. It is this 'living' which
      appears as many things as seeing, hearing, experiencing, understanding,
      depending on how you twist and turn. We rename some chunks of this 'living'
      as such and such, and some other chunks as something else... Bhadraiah

      When no prerequisites are involved,
      then into what is being inquired,
      by whom, for what -- and what is
      to be asked?

      -- Dan


      One day, I came upon a door marked NDS and a sign, "US Postal service,
      $.05 per thought". Curious, I swung open the door, and there was a
      large room with a hot tub. No-one was in there, but there was a
      murmuring of voices. It was pleasant. A few days later, hoping to
      have another relaxing time, I went back. To my surprise, there was an
      olympic sized swimming pool, and before I could tell anyone I couldn't
      swim, an unseen force threw me into the deep end...I choked down a lot
      of chlorinated water, but somehow reached the edge of the pool. What
      a terrifying experience. Somehow drawn to this place, I came back
      often, sometimes to a steam room, indolent and , well, steamy, and
      once, to a sauna, where I had to jump into the cold waters of a
      glacier fed lake: the sharp contrast of hot and cold jolted me into a
      different kind of thinking. Once, as if I was in a bad James Bond
      film, there were sharks in the water, and no way out. No way out.
      Then one day, there was an oriental man at the door. Funny, non-one
      had ever been at the door before. He shouted, "I know what you are
      thinking. All these different experiences, are they the same or are
      they different. If you say "same", I will hit you 30 times, and if
      you say "different", I will hit you 50 times...." I was confused and
      couldn't think at all, and said, "I don't know", and started to cry,
      and suddenly, found myself in front of a vaguely familiar door,
      pushing it open and in the bubbling waters of a hot tub, saw a few
      relaxed individuals, drinking tea.

      Would you like a cup of tea?


      I'm listening to Susan Dane on WBAI in New York City.....


      I believe you can also listen via http://www.wbai.net/ and selecting the "WBAI Live
      Stream" link.

      Her website is http://www.susandane.com


      Jerry, thanks for the reminder. This was great to hear, mostly the parts where they
      read excerpts from her new book. I
      especially like the way Susan gives an accessible, easily understandable message, it
      really is free from any requirement
      for knowing jargon or standard religious systems. If anyone who missed this wants
      another chance, the interview will later
      be available from her website and there is another one coming up this Wednesday, same

      Wednesday, February 28th -- 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

      Love, Gloria

      There is the peace that passes all understanding. This peace happens
      as an intuitive process. It has also been called understanding.

      This intuitive understanding of our true nature happens. The intellect
      is not capable of grasping this peace. Therefore we cannot think our
      way to enlightenment. Oh sure we can think about it all we want. We
      may think and think and think - we may even think we know what it is!
      And we may never stop thinking until the thinking just stops.

      Thinking in and of itself is not bad. It just is not the right tool
      for the job. In the Hindu tradition thinking and studying and
      meditating is called gnana yoga. Through thinking we can come to an
      intellectual understanding of the oneness of the universe. But that is
      all that we will have - an intellectual understanding.

      Another Hindu approach is bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion to God. It
      is worship of the divine. This is where the devotee maintains a
      separation of subject object. Like the gnani, the bhakta has an
      incomplete understanding.

      Then there is karma yoga. The path of action or service. A karma yogi
      transforms his or her live into love-in-action seeking only to do the
      will of God. Again, this is an incomplete understanding.

      I want to emphasize that none of these yoga paths are bad or are they
      wrong. They are just paths. Many people are content to live out thier
      entire lives following 'thier' path.

      Then there is the so-called pathless path that leads to the gateless
      gate. Very few find this. Why? That's just the way it is! Do not think
      these few are special or superior in anyway. They are just ordinary
      people. They have done nothing to deserve thier awakening. And they
      will tell you that it just happened.

      They do have some things in common. One is an understanding of how
      they continually fooled themselves! :-) Another is a childlike honesty
      and openess and willingness to just be. These folks laugh if they are
      happy, cry if they are sad, they breathe and eat and talk and bleed
      and die just like 'normal'. The only 'real' difference is that the
      attachment to laughing and crying and breathing and eating and talking
      and bleeding and dying - HAH - gone!

      They are just swinging freely through the universe - truly at the end
      of thier rope!


      Peace - Michael

      I suddenly woke from the dream.
      Back in the eternal bliss and void again!

      Loveya - Michael
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