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Non-Dual Highlights for Saturday, 02-10-01

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  • Beth352006@aol.com
    Scott Morrison Jerry: ... Hi Michael, Thanks for mentioning Scott Morrison. I was told of his passing by long time Saloner Tomas Diaz de Villegas, and by Rob
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2001
      Scott Morrison

      Michael Read wrote:
      > Just a note to say thank you for mentioning
      > the late Scott Morrison some time ago.
      > He is most definately in the ranks of realizers
      > and confessors. A truly honest and open non-dual
      > activist.
      > Thank you - Michael

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for mentioning Scott Morrison. I was told of his passing by long
      time Saloner Tomas Diaz de Villegas, and by Rob Rhodes who maintains the

      Tomas had said:

      He was a friend and teacher. He was a tremendous support for
      clarity for me and many others and was the embodiment of
      childlike wonder.


      Nondualists from Jakarta

      Dear Jerry,

      You are free to give my e-mail address to any nondualists in Jakarta and
      anywhere, and even to ET nondualists if you happen to meet them. :-)

      Love/Andy (one of NDs in Jakarta, Indonesia)

      I hope you'll be able to come to the world nonduality
      convention/gathering. There will be speakers, workshops, bands,poetry
      readings, art galleries, created opportunities to meet others from
      around the world, conversation/meditation circles, hot tubs, you name
      it. We're thinking Nova Scotia is at a half-way point in the world. Stay
      tuned for details. There will be booths for display, but no one will be
      allowed to sell anything, so that should keep people honest. Give us a
      year or two for this.

      Oh - sounds like a nondual party and salsa bands among the bands, that would
      be nice... on the other hand, salsa can be heard within a radius, some 40
      light years around earth - and that is quite a distance... But I have to
      admit: when dreaming, better make it a hell of a lucid dream - there won't be
      a second opportunity...

      I still have yet to determine what 'nondualists' are :-).

      People interested in nonduality?  But it isn't something one can get
      interested in, or even think about <grin>...


      Holly Barrett, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned psychologist and well
      known to many of us for several years now. I feel very privileged to call her
      a friend. Holly is truly one of the most brilliant and in-depth
      psychologists in the area of Psychotherapy and Kundalini awakening that I
      have come across. She integrates the eastern and western traditions with the
      ease and grace of a person who knows her true self and that of others and
      knows the common theme of unity that runs across all life. Holly's words are
      always a source of support for others and her compassionate presence has been
      the source of comfort for literally thousands of her patients and all her

      Holly has written a most insightful, thoughtful, and a deeply touching
      article that allows us to have a glimpse at the role the practice of
      psychology and psychotherapy can play in awakening. Holly's article is a
      masterpiece of writing and if you have some interest in psychology and
      Kundalini, you will surely enjoy reading it as much as I did.

      The article can be found on the HarshaSatsangh Website

      in case harsha is gone for the weekend, allow me to offer this url where
      you will find the article


      We CAN HELP the earthquake relief in India. It's very simple and is a great
      opportunity. . . .please pass it on!

      Assistance Earthquake Relief

             If this is not a hot link please go to http://www.causeanaffect.org)/
      This is a great opportunity. . . .please pass it on!

             If you go to this site, there is a map of India in the center of the
      page with Gujarat blinking.  Under it is the slogan "Save A  Life! on a big
       red button.  If you click this button, one packet of food will be donated
       automatically on your behalf by a corporate sponsor.  This will not cost you
       anything. Please take the two minutes to check out this site and click the
      button!  You can do this once a day.

      still earthquake relief, but with a twist....or two.

      Here's another for relief from headaches, straight from the

      1) Take two aspirin.
      2) Keep away from children.


      Apart from a decreased flow of blood, headaches often are caused by digestive
      problems (read diet). But the advice "keep away from children" I don't
      understand: I would forget a feeling like headache immediately, when
      communicating with kids... And after the conversation, the headache would
      have forgotten "me" :)

      I also find it refreshing in the extreme talking with children... but
      I think sometimes adults in the vicinity get a little worried,
      because I don't talk to kids as 'adult-to-child' but rather just as a
      person, and it even seems to confuse the kids.

      I can remember a long greyhound bus ride and sitting next to a boy
      around age 10 or 11 (I was about 28 then), just having a long,
      interesting conversation about a lot of things.  When my stop came
      around he was giving me a strange look... we had become friends, but
      there was no socially acceptable context to remain friends
      afterward... in the paranoid climate of the U.S. I could probably be
      arrested for even giving him contact information or something.

      It's kind of sad such a paranoia exists, based only partially on
      truth, but also overblown media reports making people think any adult
      male who talks with kids 'not his own' is a paedophile...

      Here, it isn't unusual for an adult to enter a children's playing ground...
      And the children will start the conversation themselves, often asking
      to play along - no only is child abuse very unlikely, children are
      nicknamed "little saints" and anyone who would kill a child in traffic
      in a village, still would risk being lynched before the police arrives...

      On small islands like the Canaries or Cape Verde, fortunately, things still
      are very different... It again confirms, people are "designed" to be living
      in small communities - not in a megalopolis where even the neighbors are
      strangers... But with part of the South often becoming referred to as "little
      Miami", "progress" is here to stay too...

      It makes sense... in any case, it was that way through most of human
      history... only in the 20th century, and more in the so
      called 'developed countries', people have gotten so isolated. 

      I live in a suburb of Seattle (in a condominium complex) and I don't
      know my neighbors... except the one apartment next door, and even in
      that case only by accident (the woman next door locked herself out
      and wanted to use my phone to get a locksmith to come by).

      If you think about it, it's downright weird that people "know" others
      on the other side of the world (due to the Internet), yet they don't
      know if anyone lives in the house next to them, or if it's vacant...

      If you ever watch any movies on videotape or DVD, there's a good
      Chinese film (won some film festival awards) named either "Xizao"
      or "Shower" (in English), that gets into the theme of the sense of
      community breaking down.  Very well done movie.  It can be found at
      this URL -





      Dear Jerry,

      You Emailed me about someone who was looking for contacts in the Seattle
      area ('nonduality-CI').

      Don't remember where I found this (could have been on this very list), but
      here is a list of Satsanghs in the Seattle area.  The person you mentioned
      might want to attend and thereby meet others interested in 'the nondual':





      Terry M.
      Dear Ed,

        .......to respond to your questions about participating in
      'stillpoint' communications which involve no words, I'm not into that sort
      of thing, I'm afraid.  I remember when the 'harmonic conversion' thing was in
      vogue maybe 10 years ago in hawaii, and a lot of people had 'visualize world
      peace' bumper stickers.  Now you occasionally still see one of the 'visualize
      whirled peas' joke ones that were more popular than the original.

      The point it, Ed, that at the stillpoint we *are* in perfect communication,
      via the collective unconscious, or ground of being, or whatever you want to
      call it.  These lists are for trying to share that sort of experience in a
      dim reflection with people who haven't gotten there yet. But once you are at
      that 'stillpoint' you speak of, we are all in perfect contact already.

      aloha, terry

      susan dane/pieter samara

      Susan's  website is <http://www.susandane.com>

      It's nice having you on NDS, Susan.

      I'll also be publishing some of Susan's poetry in Nonduality for the
      People, hopefully having several new articles by different people
      published this weekend.

      A new article by Pieter Schoonheim Samara on his experiences with Yogi
      Bhajan was just published at <http://www.nonduality.com/020901ps.htm>. I
      think you'll find it very interesting. Check out the link to Pieter's
      updated web pages while you're there.

      Here is the compilation, which Jerry put together from my 2 messages to him
      and Harsha about Yogi Bhajan at

      This also links to the main website, which I hadn't seen completed today
      that has several other articles and attachments of texts of ancient Sages,
      which are also interesting (at least for myself)

      Anyway, a nice birthday present.


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