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Tuesday, January 30

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    NDS seems to be getting busy again. Are you ready for a lengthy and rich Highlights? love to all, Jerry http://www.nonduality.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2001
      NDS seems to be getting busy again. Are you ready for a lengthy and rich

      love to all,



      Greetings NDS!! I`ve decided to stick it out here and see how
      much I can absorb. My goal is definitely towards a greater
      awareness, and I can honestly say, despite all the hubbub about
      there not being a path, I simply feel lost in a forest. I can
      easily remind myself every second for a determined time period,
      that this ego-self in you and me is merely the product of living
      with a conscious and that it should be taken with a grain of
      salt. That we`re all the same, as the trees and the birds and
      the bees. But after about an hour of this, I only feel as if I
      accomplished nothing. I have heard from a few of us, that at
      first it may only seem like accomplishing nothing, but if given
      time, possibly years and years, a buzzing will occur inside of
      me, ever so faint, and it will act like a gravity, pulling me
      closer and closer everyday toward my much saught after
      transcendence of the ego-self until I`m...well...I can`t know
      now I guess. Is this all correct? I guess I`ve placed security
      in your answer instead of myself, which sucks, but I really feel
      this sense of dying, like I`m running out of time and it`s a
      race to the death of my ego-self, so if I`m to start running in
      the wrong direction, what a waste that would be. Unless, every
      direction has sidewalks with the cracks in between, in which
      case there wouldn`t be a wrong direction as long as I keep
      aware. I realize this group is concerned with more than the
      rambling of someone lost, so I`ll stop there. I have a feeling
      the answers I desired will come so I`m content.

      Moving on, I wish to apologize for the problems I have caused
      through Yahoo. I am now rerouted through yahoo, and I hope when
      I send this letter all will be well. Oh, and Hobbes, I thought
      this was fresh:

      "If you truely say to me that you do not understand, I must ask
      how do you know enough to not understand? You must first know
      enough to not understand then you can freely not understand."

      Happy to become,



      Hi Lilianna, I am having some troubles posting to the list
      through Yahoo. As it turns out Jerry forwarded your message to
      me. (I'm also sending a copy of this to Jerry- maybe he'll post
      it to the list for me.)

      Thanks for the warm welcome.

      I do not know of anyone in Europe that offers Hatha Yoga from a
      global perspective. The inspiration for the approach I take to
      yoga came from Jean Klein. Jean was from Europe and has a
      significant following there, so I suspect that someone is
      teaching in this way but I haven't discovered them as yet. The
      only person I know that does offer nondual yoga is Richard
      Miller who lives in California. He calls it Advaitayana Yoga and
      his web address is: www.nondual.com

      In the Light,

      OM James



      I personally invite and urge any and all to post requests to
      meet other nondual types in their community. Or you can write me
      personally and I'll make an anonymous request for you on the
      list or privately.


      Thank to Sandeep, Harsha, and Larry for supplying the following
      addresses in case people want to donate to helping the people
      suffering the earthquake in India:

      The CRY site (thanks Larry)

      The American Red Cross site:

      These will also be available on my home page:



      There is a risk in someone new posting here regardless of
      age. They might get ambushed and torn apart (cringing as I write
      this). Is this a good thing? Is it a rite of passage?


      It is reality that tears me apart,
      this list is just a start ...

      Who is it that dies in the earthquake?
      Who is it that drowns in the submarine?
      Who is dying of starvation, tuberculosis,
      AIDS, and war?

      Who is it that becomes extinct every day
      that the oceans and skies are polluted?
      Who is tortured every day in laboratories
      designed to further knowledge?

      Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

      And ask not whom is in the Phantom Toll Booth.

      Just put your left foot in and your left foot out,
      Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about.

      You're what it's all about.



      Meditation on the Wild Wolfe
      (For Ken Phelan)

      on a midday slope at the heart of spring
      the earth warming under a thick russet blanket
      a soft brown accumulation of last falls nettles
      a lone white wolfe rests in the slanting sunlight

      he is the alpha male
      golden beams radiate and gleam
      from his dreamy and steady gaze
      what is the light that is in his eyes

      below him is a lush grassy meadow choirs
      the first brave harbingers of another summer

      a delicate spray of new color arises from sleep
      a lone dark wolfe rests amdist all that is fertile

      she is the omega female
      her fragile ears at attention
      dancing with the shifting breeze
      what is the music that
      she hears

      the mystic mind of the male wolfe is still
      resting beyond the far pole of the universe
      where the light is so bright there is no glare
      brilliance penetrating, illuminating all it sees

      white wolfe sits on the summit of the kosmos
      staring into the steady eyes of apollo himself
      black wolfe lies at the center of the kosmos
      listening to the canticle of gaia

      what do we not see that white wolfe sees
      he sees Heaven’s light dancing in the holy fire

      what,do we not hear that dark wolfe hears
      she hears Earth’s music laughing in the holy wind

      Oh my brother and sisters as the wild wolfe does
      we must ascent the white mountain as the alpha male
      we must walk through the dark valley as the omega

      We must still our mystic minds and open your sacred hearts,
      step into the holy fire of our Heavenly Father’s eternal dancing,
      fly in the holy wind of our Earthly Mother’s immortal laughing

      Celebrate the paegeant of Heaven and Earth choiring forth
      Celebrate the moment and sin no more against all of Creation

      Running the dancing and singing the laughing of limitless love itself

      We will see the Father dancing in all directions
      We will hear the Mother laughing in all directions
      As is was yesterday, is today and will
      be tomorrow

      Ascending to our Beginning, Descending to our Ending
      We discover that we and all creatures are kissed by infinite love.

      - -Mark Christopher Valentine



      Nondualism is understood and known by abiding in Being as
      Awareness. Self is not an object to be "known" separately from
      who you already are. As Sri Ramana used to say, it is all an
      open secret. When the mind is purified and ripe, it knows in an
      instant. Sadhana is meant to purify the mind and make it
      peaceful so that it surrenders to the Lord of the Heart without
      the least resistance.

      The Self cannot be Known. The Self Knows It Self, by It Self.
      through It Self as the Self Alone. That the ancients called

      There are many organizations actively helping people involved in
      disasters across the globe and the victims of the earthquake in
      India as well. For those in the U.S. who are not familiar with
      all such organizations and their work and are wondering to whom
      the appropriate donations should be sent, the "American Red
      Cross" is a good choice. They have a special International
      Response Fund geared towards helping people internationally and
      are usually among some of the first organizations to mobilize
      resources and become active in the affected area of the world.
      They also have local chapters across the U.S. to help the local
      communities as well.

      American Red Cross website states the following:

      "The best way to help disaster victims is through a financial
      donation to the American Red Cross. A financial contribution
      allows disaster victims to quickly obtain basic necessities for
      themselves and their families, while stimulating the
      disaster-affected local economy."

      "Contributions to the American Red Cross, a tax-exempt
      organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
      Code, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes."

      I would like to encourage you (especially those in the U.S.) to
      go to American Red Cross website and learn more about this
      organization and to see how you can help.


      Love to all



      Link to latest Ashcroft lies, world-dream politics:

      On topic, is the concept of the workings of identity, and how
      identity strives to perpetuate itself.

      Here is a link:


      To Salon magazine's online edition.

      You will see, how our vast societal conspiracy to allow this
      'machine' of identity to remain unexamined, can lead us all to

      Self-realization has to do with honesty; those who evade honesty
      with themselves, are incapable of honesty with others.

      If wisdom is a quality we desire in our 'leaders', it is sadly
      lacking in J Ashcroft.

      Plumbing the depths of the world-dream, we see so many examples
      of this. This is what it means to 'awaken TO the dream'. To see
      how the dreamers conspire with each-other, to avoid
      understanding what is going on, is to also bust your own

      There is no difference between J Ashcroft and Gene Poole, save
      one; which is, that Gene Poole knows the difference between the
      world-dream and otherwise, and does not pretend otherwise.

      Yes, the world-dream is the environment in which we share our
      communications, but this is to understand that the communication
      goes from one, through a medium (language) to another, who is
      essentially the same as the one. Differences may be seen, and
      felt, and it is in these differences which we find the fuel for
      our own growth.

      We may eventually see just how 'identity' is the placeholder
      which obscures Self.

      Treasuring aspects of identity, of personality, of gender, of
      race, is the behaviour which creates the objects of the
      world-dream, which then necessitate complex navigational skills
      such as language.

      To avoid running afoul of the sacred objects of others, we
      unwittingly build objects of our own, which then must be
      defended. This is the very activity which 'nonduality' is
      prescribed to rememdy.

      One who is nothing, cannot impact or break any object, but such
      a one, may be accused of having 'no allegiances'. One who is
      nobody, has nothing to defend, but can be accused of 'having no

      Those who display and parade their values, are worshipping a
      graven image, a 'false self'. It is no wonder, that 'nonduality'
      in any form (such as the natural state of a newborn baby, or an
      innocent animal) is feared and shunned; by contrast, the newborn
      baby is superior to any identity.

      In this regard, we may see that the further that one goes in the
      process of 'identity-building and maintenance', the further one
      also removes oneself from the emptiness which is the natural
      state of awareness.

      Now, we will see those who oppose one set of values, using
      another set of values as a force, to change or maintain a
      certain world-dream structure. Those who take residence in one
      set of values, create a fortress, a stronghold from which to
      combat other values. In this way is the world-dream turned into
      a battleground, and many people are expected (by the chief
      value-advocates) to sacrifice themselves to maintain a given

      To see that you, as an individual, can bypass the whole mess, is

      If enough people bypass the whole mess, there will not be enough
      combatants to have a war.

      "Aware, or a war", is a possible slogan.

      If the value of emptiness becomes widely known, each person who
      now is the slave of identity, will know self-mastery.

      To accomplish successfully the dissemination of the value of
      emptiness, there can be no resting place for identity, no alter
      for the graven image. But there must be acknowledgement, by
      those desiring to disseminate the value of emptiness, of the
      possible difficulties of letting go of the objects and values of
      the world-dream.

      Those who fear the advent of the dissolution of the objects of
      the world dream, will combat the value of emptiness, always
      seeking to substitute (what is considered to be) a superior
      object or value-set.

      Please disseminate the value of emptiness.

      Gene Poole



      i would like to know of anyone living in the UK.
      I live in Gloucestershire.
      Please make contact with me
      love and happiness be granted to everyone



      Hello one and all:

      I'm just curious as to where people live? I'm from... Atlanta,
      Georgia. Are there sections of the country where more people are
      nondual, more enlightened?..etc...

      Yours truly,



      south Texas...and I am the only one within a maximum radius or
      more who know what the term non-duality means...and I haven't
      reached it (non-duality) yet...my opinion is that it is
      innerself directed outward to bring all into innerself...and if
      this sounds hokey, or romantic, or anyone takes exception to any
      of it...please don't hollar, I cry real easy, but you may
      comment gently to set me straight :o)

      blessings, beth


      Dear Humanitate,

      Seattle, WA. area here.

      Subscribers to this list are scattered around the globe, but
      concentrated on the North American continent.

      There is more 'nondual activity' going on in areas like
      California, some parts of India, Germany, etc. as Jerry pointed

      As for 'enlightenment'? That's only happening in one place...
      where you are.





      Dear Friends,
      At the suggestion of some members of our group I am posting the
      schedule of the Subtle Self Work® workshops and events with
      Judith Blackstone for the upcoming season: Subtle Self Work is a
      contemporary method for realizing nonduality. It provides
      exercises for awakening nondual awareness in the whole body, for
      refining perception and for relating with other people while
      remaining in this dimension. It also shows how to release
      psychological holding patterns from the body, energy and mind.
      This method can be helpful to anyone interested in nonduality as
      it does not interfere with but enhances one's already existing
      practice. Subtle Self Work was developed by Judith Blackstone,
      author of "The Enlightenment Process" and "The Subtle Self".

      All events listed below are with Judith, except Sept. 3-7 with

      April 27-29 at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, "Subtle Self" To
      register callEsalen Institute at (831) 667-3005

      May 9-13 in Amsterdam, Holland. "Introduction to Subtle Self
      Work"To register call (845) 679-7005

      Aug. 3-5 at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA "Oneness and
      Separateness" Focusing on the relationship aspect of Subtle Self
      Work. "The Subtle Self Work exercises are used to help partners
      attune to each other from the source of awareness, love and
      sensation in the subtle core of the body, and to experience
      themselves and each other in the unbounded, non-dual space of
      fundamental consciousness while remaining grounded in their own
      bodies and selves. Partners also learn how to balance and
      increase the exchange of subtle energy between them." To
      register call Esalen Institute at (831) 667-3005

      Sept. 3-7 at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA "Realizing the True
      Self" 5-day meditation retreat, to register call Esalen
      Institute at (831) 667-3005

      Fall 2001 One-year training begins for those interested in
      teaching Subtle Self Work and/or using it in their work with
      clients: "Subtle Self Work and Psychology" Woodstock, New York.
      For more info and to register call (845) 679-7005 * * *

      Ongoing Woodstock, NY and New York City; workshops, classes and
      private sessions in Subtle Self Work with Judith, and in
      Integral Therapy with Zoran; phone sessions available as well
      More info on these and other events can be found at our site
      www.realizationcenter.com Or by calling us at (845) 679-7005

      Regards, Zoran



      Here we are with all these filters that we "see" the world
      through and it is obvious that they aren't going to just
      disappear like magic someday. If the right drugs are taken, one
      won't be aware of them for a while, but they will be right there
      again when the chemical effect wears off, because they haven't
      been dealt with only avoided. If one takes enough of the drug,
      he won't be aware of them permanently, but the functional mind
      will dissolve too. Enough filters can be wiped out with enough
      drugs but then there won't be anything to appreciate what's
      there when there aren't any filters. That's the same as having
      filters. I realize this may not sound terribly nondualistic, but
      consciousness needs to look back upon itself to be conscious,
      otherwise it is simply a mental point to be discussed
      philosophically which is a totally irrelevant and wasteful
      process. It is possible to be perfectly conscious and have no
      filters, but if that consciousness can't be looked back upon,
      there might as well be filters and unconsciousness.
      Consciousness and unconsciousness end up being exactly the same
      thing. This is the perfect paradox; the observer who reallt
      isn't an observer because there is no duality, and nonetheless
      is an observer. Perfect self-remembering has no rememberer and
      nothing to remember. But in terms of communication, we call it
      self- remembering. Not Self with a big "S" or self with a little
      "s", or any of that nonsense that actually distracts and
      confuses what should be tacitly obvious.



      Being...beyond the computer

      (This might not apply to everyone, of course.)

      There is an obvious tendency to be awed by the power of
      technology, to get comfortable with it, and then to take it for
      granted. This has been true of the many technologies and their
      conveniences of the 20th century. This pattern also seems true
      of the computer-network and the ease with which communication
      via the written word occurs in this medium.

      There is a sub-trend that goes along with this tendency notably:
      a preference for the disembodied use of words over communication
      which includes the interchange of mindbody signals. This
      suggests that while the computer- network appears to connect
      people together, in actuality it may be driving them further

      Every technology is like a two edged sword: it can be but an
      extension of the "world dream" from which some think they have
      awakened...or it can be an opportunity to bring one to a full
      realization of self. This is a matter of seeing clearly what the
      computer network *is*, what it does, and what it does not do.

      What I'm suggesting is the possibility of using the computer
      network in a way that restores the inclusion of bodymind signals
      in communication. This requires the understanding that
      emanations from the bodymind are not localized; they extend in
      space-time in a way that makes remote viewing and distant
      healing possible. The ability to transmit and receive those
      signals has been greatly reduced by the misuse of technology
      over the years.

      Restoring sensitivity to bodymind signals may require a deep
      listening to the written words that goes beyond the words. Each
      pattern of words contains a unique tonal signature, not unlike
      sheet music, that becomes discernible with practice, the
      practice of Being with...



      Heaven can wait, visit hell before the tourists get there

      just a snippet from a day-long meditation. {Of course, all this
      is hard to put in words, but hopefully you'll have a similar
      experience and can make a comment or two. I'll blather out some
      feeble words.}

      I was doing a vichara meditation, and was able to hold a sense
      of I-ness without much difficulty.

      I was experiencing a physical ego duality, which is what I call
      it when there is this chattering ego and a very subtle observing
      ego--"physical" because there is a sense of the observing ego
      being behind the chattering one.

      Often in meditation this physical 2-ego game is like one of
      those Necker cubes and the two egos switch places, and the
      result is frustration, getting sucked up into the game.

      But this time the chattering ego whispered "you know this is
      what the ego *does*, if it weren't duality it wouldn't be the
      ego." Then to the observing ego it seemed to say "it's no big
      deal, just step up here and join me." That is a very rare
      occurence as I'm often stuck on this "ego is bad, must be
      annilated" trip, instead of making friends with it, letting it
      have its say.

      So there was this physical sense of the observing ego stepping
      up to the chattering one, and when they joined, then there was
      this fountain of white light and confetti (reds and blues,
      metallic-like confetti) streamed out of my top chakra. The
      openning for the white light & confetti started to drift
      downward and this sense of "well, how nice the ego's going to
      die so that heaven can appear".

      then, pshaw, one of our cats jumped up in my lap. Not nimble of
      foot nor quiet in announcing her presence, she startled me. I'd
      lost the mojo, and so much for heaven.

      So I was in some dark cave with living walls and there was some
      cloaked figure leading me from behind. I knew if I got scared,
      I'd freak and the meditation would be over. So I felt, well,
      let's see what this dark place is about. The walls it turned out
      were made up of physical layers of anger and resentment, the
      layers were like baklava in texture, so they crumbled away....

      Questions? Does this remind anyone of anything they've
      experienced? Any bardo stuff here? {I'll need to look back at
      the tibetian book of the dead}. If anyone likes to interpret
      this stuff, I'd be interested.


      Mere phenomenon, dear Jeff. That's all. Seeking enlightenment
      one builds many expectations. This brings on a certain amount of
      stress. And from this stress visions may result. Do they have
      any value? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

      The question remains - who is having those visions/experiences?
      The answer is simply the mind/body complex is having those

      And what is the mind/body complex? An illusion! You, me,
      everything and everybody is an illusion. Is illusion/maya bad?
      No it is just illusion. Or the play of something that the
      mind/ego/intellect cannot comprehend. Why can't the
      mind/ego/intellect comprehend the truth of who you are? It isn't
      designed to!

      During meditation just allow the mind/ego/intellect to do its
      dance. Watch it without trying to 'control' it or guide it. Just
      watch it. It goes and goes and goes. Then it tires and stops,
      catches its breath and starts up again.

      After some time, allow the question to arise: who is watching
      the mind/ego/intellect do its tricks?

      May all expectations and desire for liberation drop away. There
      you will see your true self. How ordinary and familiar!


      Peace - grace be yours - Michael



      Dear List,

      A Koan is not a word-puzzle (like "Complete the next two in this
      sequence: o,t, t, f, f"), not something to be solved and
      presented as a solution. Nor is it intended to provoke an
      emotional response.

      Rather, a koan something to be puzzled over and pondered --
      traditionally (in Zen), to simply to tire the mind to the point
      of giving up... but it could also be offered as a pointer.

      The "answers" to Koans are traditionally given to Zen roshis
      simply so they can see how deeply you're involved in the koan,
      whether it's being given a great deal of attention... NOT to see
      if you have the "right answer." There is no right or wrong
      answer to a koan.

      Anyway, I was making some tea a while ago, when a possible koan
      spontaneously popped into my head. I thought about giving it to
      the list, but then I realized that it would probably be treated
      as a word-puzzle by some. Still, it might be interesting to give
      it to the list, so I'll do so anyway.

      I don't want to know the answer. It would be nice if the
      question was given consideration for at least a few days before
      anyone posted an interpretation.

      Here is the koan:

      "Why do you give me so much power?"





      Who You Are Before your mother knew you were in her womb, before
      any doctor, politician, family member, religious leader, or
      anyone else on earth even knew you existed, the Highest Power so
      loved you that he gave you life and protected and nourished you.
      Before you had drawn your first breath, the Highest Power had
      already demonstrated love and concern for you and provided all
      you needed for your wellbeing, and this continues to this very
      moment. Your inner Witness, your Real Self, has gone from the
      womb of flesh to the womb of the Cosmos. The Highest has made
      every atom, that makes up every molecule, that makes up every
      cell, that makes up every organ in your body, perfectly
      compatible with everything the Universe provides. The air,
      earth, fire, and water have been created in the precise
      proportions necessary to provide the environment needed for you
      to survive and thrive. The odds against this happening by chance
      are trillions to one and can be appreciated as absolute proof of
      the Highest's loving intervention and intention. Mother Earth is
      in an exquisite rhythm with its sister planets as gravity and
      motion balance their dance around Father Sun, as it travels in
      concert with the billions of other stars and heavenly bodies
      that make up our galaxy. Ultimately, the hundreds of billions of
      galaxies, in harmony, provide the exact perfect conditions that
      allow consciousness to exist and evolve. You are, always were,
      and will always be, the love child of the Highest Power. Every
      atom in the universe is presenting itself to enlighten you. The
      celestial stage has been set. It is for you to decide to be
      conscious of the cosmos and embrace your infinite, eternal
      identity. Royal Divine Child of the Universe, awaken and live
      happily ever after. Who You Are Meditation Technique Position
      yourself in the posture you have found to be the one that
      affords the greatest comfort to you, while letting you maintain
      an alert awareness without falling asleep. Direct your inner
      chatterer to be still and your emotions to remain in a serene
      state. With eyes open, let your gaze fall to any given spot on
      the surface of the floor or ground. If you are sitting on sand,
      pick out one grain to focus on. If you are on a carpet, lock
      your attention on one fiber. And so on. Witness your mind making
      comments, comparisons, and judgements, but remain unreactive.
      Simply let the gazing continue no matter how strongly your
      chatterer tries to discourage you. It will eventually cease and
      desist. As your concentration becomes more intense, with less
      and less effort, you will start to see movement. For instance,
      the grains of sand may start to appear to be giving off light
      that is flowing in a paisley pattern motion. This is the atomic
      and pre-atomic nature of reality presenting itself to you. Soon
      thereafter the air, earth, water, and fire within and without
      you will reveal their atomic unification and join in this dance
      of light.

      This will continue until your mind chatter stops it. By stilling
      the mind, the intensity will grow until the point is reached
      where it is not unusual for the experience to be so astonishing
      and overwhelming that inner comments like "Oh my God!" and
      "Thank you God" occur. Simultaneously, language becomes
      insufficient and only feelings of love and adoration suffice.
      Keep at one with the eternal silence of the inner Witness and
      you will know your limitless and total connection with the
      universe and its creator. The misidentification of your self as
      apart from the rest of the universe as a body, mind, or feeling
      will evaporate like a fog lifting, and there revealed in all
      glory will be the divine Garden of Eden that has always been
      present. And you will live happily ever after. After Thought
      Half a century ago, on one of TV's first variety shows, the Ed
      Sullivan Show, a ventriloquist named Senior Wences used to have
      a running gag with his puppet (which was simply his hand with
      some lipstick on it, to make it look like a face). He would say,
      "That's easy to do!" about various things, and his hand puppet
      would answer "Easy for you, difficult for me!" in a Spanish
      dialect. This always made the audience convulse with laughter.
      But in real life, when things are easy for someone else, but
      difficult for you, you rarely find it humorous. As a matter of
      fact, adjectives like frustrating, annoying, ego deflating, and
      so on, are often much more accurate descriptions of how you
      feel. The Who You Are Meditation Technique has the potential to
      be in this category. It is easy to tell someone "Sit
      comfortably, concentrate, and let the Highest Power fill you
      with all the wonders and wisdom of the universe". But can you
      actually sit comfortably enough, for long enough for your
      attention to remain focused enough? If so, this and every other
      technique will "work". If not, like most things, the more you
      practice, the better you will get. Persevere, because unlike
      most things, the end result of this meditative effort has the
      potential to lead to the end of all effort. And effortlessly,
      you will live happily ever after
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