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Thursday January 25th

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  • andrew macnab
    I would like to announce the new HarshaSatsangh website and the HS Magazine which can be found by clicking on http://www.harshasatsangh.com/ The Website has
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2001
      I would like to announce the new HarshaSatsangh website and the HS Magazine
      which can be found by clicking on http://www.harshasatsangh.com/

      The Website has come about as a result of the efforts and contributions of
      many people. The three people who have actually operationalized the website
      and made it happen are Sri Greg Goode, Sri David Hodges, and Sri Gloria Lee.

      Gloria Lee is the Managing Editor and the Editor in Chief and has done an
      excellent job of coordinating the writers, artists, and poets who have
      generously contributed their talents.

      David Hodges is the Senior Photography Editor and the Chief Technology
      Officer for the site. David's Web building and design skills have been key
      to the timely completion of the first issue of the magazine as well as the

      Greg Goode is the Executive Editor and the Philosophy and Religion Editor.
      Greg has written a beautiful and a brilliant article titled, "Another Kind
      of Self-Inquiry: Chandrakirti's Sevenfold Reasoning on Selflessness" for
      the magazine.

      Other editors who have also made contributions to their areas are.

      Jan Barendrecht - Associate Editor (Raw Foods and Vegetarianisms)
      Linda Callanan - Associate Editor (Astrology and Yoga)
      Amanda Ellingen - Associate Editor (Kundalini and Diet)
      TeeGee - Associate Editor (Interviews and Special Projects)

      We thank you all and you all have our hearfelt gratitude for your efforts.

      The writers of the Magazine are brilliant and distinguished scholars and
      contributors to the internet lists. I will be introducing one person a day
      for the next few weeks. To see who they are please go to the HS URL.

      Sorry for all the cross posting. Just this once, maybe!


      Love to all


      Dear Friends,

      For those of you who live in the New England area, I'd like to make a
      Satsang announceement.

      Satsang with Carlos
      Invitation to meet in Truth

      The Friends Meeting House
      Cambridge, Mass

      Saturday, January 27, 11am

      The public meeting is open to everyone.

      Carlos Lopez is a teacher in the spiritual lineage of Gangaji, Papaji
      and Ramana Maharshi. He's a practicing child psychiatrist
      and researcher at Harvard Medical School and Boston University

      More about Carlos at http://riverganga.org/meetCarlos.htm

      Directions: The Friends Meeting House is located at 5 Longfellow
      Park, off the Brattle Street a few blocks from Harvard Square,
      Cambridge, Mass.

      Unlike California, Satsang is a rare event in this area. Perhaps
      this will be a good chance for the ones who wish to experience a live
      Satsang. If you have any questions, my email is Hur1@...

      Hope to see some of you there. I'm the foreign looking guy with the
      beard :)




      Hi Hur,

      I appreciate your contributions. You touch on a point that I've been
      spending time considering seriously lately. You say that unlike
      California, Satsang is a rare event in New England.

      Worldwide, Satsang is a rare event, period. And what is Satsang? The
      company of Truth. And what is that? It's not the company of one wiser
      than another. It's not the company of one who can even impart anything.
      It's not the company of the wise and wonderful. It's not psychotherapy,
      that's for sure. Satsang is not that organized flower and incense
      ceremony which finds central to it some acknowledged teacher. Satsang is
      the gathering of people who feed each other each other's heart.

      I know there's a hunger for it in the world. The internet isn't enough.
      The internet will be used, and is used, to bring people together in
      physical contact. The physical contact is desired.

      I hope you and others will make announcements here of such meetings.
      Even if a meeting is in Nome, Alaska, let's hear about it. Even if it's
      one guy or gal in a room in remote Iceland announcing his or her
      availability, let's hear it! Let's hear from everyone who wants to meet
      someone. Let's everyone hold Satsang. Many are lonely for your company.
      Remember the man in Hong Kong who could find nobody, and Greg was going
      there on business, and they met three times? I hear that cry for company
      from all corners of the world.



      Nobody has ever been awakened. Eternally and always, 'Awakeness'
      is. Sometimes attention focuses 'elsewhere', that's all.

      When attention (re)turns to itself, then dissipates, often this is
      called 'awakening' when associated with a living body. But this is a
      poor and ignorant description.




      the really surprising thing
      is that
      only one wakes up

      it's not like you wake up and then
      go back and tell the others

      all the others were as unreal
      as who you thought you were

      do you see what i'm saying sweetheart?
      only one wakes up
      make sure it is your self


      Uareloveji recently posted something about ego preservation strategies etc.
      to several lists. Sadaji on the Advaitin list replies and his response is
      worth pondering. Thanks Sadaji.


      >Uareloveji: I spent 25 years reading spiritual books
      >and thinking about them. I would guess an average
      >of two hours per day reading and an average of
      >six hours per day thinking about "spiritual concepts".
      >This endless reading and thinking
      >was an ego notion preservation strategy.
      Sadaji: Blessed self - the fact of the matter is - posting, studying, etc is
      as much of ego notion as not posting, not thinking, or not studying
      etc. Ego comes into play in peculiar ways - karthum shakhyam,
      akarthum shakhyam, anyathaa kartum shakhyam, do it, not do it or do
      it another way - are all plays of ego too. It manifests in very
      subtle forms. Hence Dattatreya says in avadhuuta giita,
      aham dhyaata param dhyeyam akhanDam khanDate katham?
      how can you divide that I am inquirer, I am a meditator, I post, I
      donot post, I stopped studying scriptures, I spent many years
      studying scriptures etc, that which is indivisible. All notions are
      play of the ego.

      My best wishes for you in whatever path you chose - since all paths
      ultimately reach that which is pathless, when ego falls down.
      Remember Ramana's teaching (upadesha saara)

      maanasantukim maargane kR^ite
      naiva maanasam maarga aarjavaat||

      Inquire into what is this mind with all these notions of doer
      and non-doer etc. When one inquires in that path, that very notional
      mind disappears, and that is the straight path.

      But also remember in order to do that inquiry, one should be able to
      look at the mind as on object or observe the mind - and that requires
      a degree of detachment to separate oneself from ones own mind. And
      that is where the yoga helps. Hence Ramana's declaration
      puujanam japaa chintanam kramaat
      The mind has to slowly develop the sense of detachment and in
      that there is krama or slow process involving karma, Bhakti and
      j~naan yoga's.

      Hari Om!
      K. Sadananda
      Code 6323
      Naval Research Laboratory
      Washington D.C. 20375
      Voice (202)767-2117



      when you look into the eyes of the Master
      you can never look
      even though you think you may have
      and between your eyes
      and those of the Master
      is the place where transformation occurs
      it is I AM
      it is between your eyes

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