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thursday january 11th

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  • andrew macnab
    ... Boy does this ring a bell! And you ve nailed it right on the head! You see, you re NOT the doer. It s all just happening. This panic is a confused
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2001

      > Marcia wrote:
      > And last night I was sharing some time with my daughter
      > and I felt this total panic feeling. Like nothing at all was
      > real. I kept acting okay but I realized why someone might
      > commit suicide if they didn't know any techniques for centering
      > themself. But then maybe it is the technique that prohibits the
      > surrender.

      Boy does this ring a bell! And you've nailed it right on the head!

      You see, you're NOT the doer. It's all just happening. This panic
      is a confused unconscious clash between what you've always
      "thought" and the dawning reality. The "centering technique"
      re-buries it! But you ARE going to have to let it go.

      Join WITH it. Disolve like sugar. Look it in the face and say
      "Thank you, take me". The strangest conversion takes place,
      it's where you really get to understand "compassion".

      You'll see.

      Love Dave


      I Have finally screwed up my courage enough to approach you folks andtell you what it
      has meant to me to be a reader of this list. It has meant being challenged and
      delighted by the wisdom and wit ofthis group and enriched by your willingness to share
      the bleak andthe scary as well as the bliss of surrender. I thank you all for that.
      And I love the way you puncture each others' balloons occasionally.Its kind of
      reassuring to know that even the Self is Self evolving. As for me, I have been
      studying the headless way at:http://www.headless.org Its been a revelation to realize
      that everyone and everything is inside of me and me in them...astounding, what a shift
      in consciousness. Metta Zetty has been a clear voice and an awakening presence for me
      these last few weeks, she is at Awakening into Awareness: http://awakening.net I have
      just completed a mentoring intensive with Metta, her energyand passion for sharing the
      Self is just amazing. http://pub5.ezboard.com/fawarenesscenterfrm12 But it was this
      NDS list that moved me so much when I first got on line. I had just about given up on
      the search, preferring a barstool, a bottle of Bud and the bar room mirror to rubbing
      the sleep from my eyes. Oh I still thought about getting it together but it seemed
      like a dream that had passed me by.So where does that leave me; I would say I have
      become a born again, true believer in the church of nothing/somethingness...but I am
      not real sure about that even. I guess I am on the edge of that abyss bouncing back
      and forth from little me to 'big' me, trying to swim through or surf on that hormonal
      slick (thanks C.B.). Thanks again for the wonderful sharing. Ron


      > Subject: Agree or Disagree?
      > From: "K R" <kcr_40@...>
      > For the movie The Matrix, do you agree/disagree and what are your
      > thoughts
      > that The Matrix was intended to be an allegory to the level of control
      > exerted on Americans by the media?

      The only way to know for sure what it was intended to be would be to ask
      the wachowski brothers. That said, it seems a rather narrow view. To
      me it seemed an allegory to the level of control exerted on the minds of
      most of humanity (not just Americans) by a few 'men in suits'. The media,
      governments, business magnates; those who crave what they view as 'control',
      and have a vested interest in keeping that control.

      Paradoxically, it is those people who are most in need of 'freeing their minds',
      those who are chasing ever more after 'power' which they think will bring them
      freedom and happiness, and which is ultimately like digging yourself deeper
      and deeper into a hole, with less and less chance of escape. I found it very
      poignant, and I can't recall anybody mentioning this before, when the
      agent told morpheus he was desperate to escape, that if he could just do this
      one thing he would be free. Sound familiar?



      *State of the World Address*

      The world isn't fucked up, nor is it perfect.
      Things aren't as they should be, nor are
      they some other way.

      I'd love to say what is the case,
      to wrap it up
      in a word-package and hand
      it out like a birthday cake -- but
      that's just not possible.

      Saying that it can't be said in words
      is one of the most overstated things
      of all time.

      With that in mind: the world is as you
      perceive (I'm not saying that the
      world is the picture you make).
      The world *is* as you

      You'll perceive a different picture
      tomorrow. Does that mean the world
      is the same or different? Does that mean
      you are the same or different? Does
      that mean you are the world or the
      world is you? Where is the world
      this instant and where are you?

      This instant, not splitting this instant
      into "now" and "what you recognized
      a nanosecond ago" ...

      Right here, or
      nowhere -- if ignorance is bliss,
      then knowing is just knowing ...
      just being ... just "what is"



      Freedom from freedom

      Freedom is freedom from the desire to be free.
      In truth there is neither freedom, nor bondage.

      There is no liberation, no moksha, no Jivanmukta.
      Only "That" which is not an object nor subject.

      Subjectivity, Beingness, Identity, these things
      are near to the Reality but are not the reality.

      They are not the Reality because there is no Reality.
      Reality is the only Reality -- so Reality is not.

      Those who speak of Reality know it not.
      There is nothing to compare, no yardstick.

      Comparison, this is said to be the false,
      yet there is nothing false -- nor true.

      There is no path, no goal, no movement.
      No progress, no gain and no loss.
      There is no becoming, and no need for Being.

      Being is the default and the Only; so --
      Why speak of It? It becomes conceptual.
      Who thinks of Being?

      Those who speak of "Seeing"
      live through the eyes.
      Why not hearing?

      There is no seeing...
      Nothing to see.

      The "monkey mind" is not a hindrance,
      Neither is it an aid.
      It is not.

      If attachment is not,
      where is "mind?"
      It is not.

      The generator roars on,
      connected to nothing.
      When the fuel runs out
      the movement stops.
      That is all.

      "Life" is simply
      the turning of this generator
      which thought calls thought.

      If there is "hindrance" (to what?)
      it is only "attachment."
      "Sticky Awareness."

      The thought or belief,
      "I have not Realized"
      is like a poison.

      The active ingredient
      is the concept "Realization."

      "I have not realized YET,"
      like a thousand poisons.

      Eternally what is IS,
      *IS* only is.

      Abide as *IS*
      until "the abider"

      *IS* remains.

      It's really that simple.

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