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Tuesday/Wednesday - January 9-10

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    JAN BARENDRECHT Hi guys, The result of some three days tinkering with graphics, HTML and text can be seen at : and I hope the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2001

      Hi guys,

      The result of some three days tinkering with graphics, HTML and text
      can be seen at : <http://singularian.50megs.com/> and I hope the major
      bugs are out - no "dead" links although the "job" remains under
      construction..... Those preferring pictures (sometimes used in poems),
      can visit <http://singularian.50megs.com/Pictures.html> From the
      Canaries, and a maximum connection speed of only 45 kbps (remote rural
      area), the site is rather fast...





      Jan, I am stunned. Having read countless websites (all very good, of
      course), I was stunned to see that these subjects can be treated so
      freshly, so cleanly, so beautifully that one never as yet exposed to
      these ideas before could easily feel at home.

      You are to be congratulated, and thanked. I look forward to reading
      every single word, and delighting in every site and sound.



      I have a question. Almost continually there is pressure in my
      ºcrown area which feels like a pole to my throat. We have
      ºtalked about this before. It also connects with the center
      ºof my forehead. But my question has to do with the fact
      ºthat is seems to go down my left arm and across my left
      ºside. I assumed it had to do with some stuff I was doing
      ºat the gym but I can't seem to 'repair' it. Sometimes
      ºI worry that I may be leading up to a stroke or something.
      ºBut I tend to worry about things so I let that one go as
      ºmy blood pressure is great and so forth.

      One might say that usually, the simplified model of energy, traveling
      along the central canal, is enough. Occasionally it isn't - and then
      the Chinese model with its myriad of meridians gives a much more
      detailed picture. What I have noticed repeatedly, is that a meridian is
      felt, going through the throat center to the physical heart and it can
      lead to sensations, causing one to visit a cardiologist immediately.
      And when injured, even a little, one is likely to feel the meridians
      involved as well. I was reminded of that by the broken foot: the chakra
      in it became painfully active. If anything, it indicates the importance
      of diet and exercise, as to be able to disregard physical
      malfunctioning, when such sensations occur...

      ºAnother thing. This morning I felt a major shift in my
      ºconsciousness where what I felt was that I understood
      ºwhat The Fall was all about. The best way I can say it is
      ºthat I 'realized' that it never was about anybody but me.
      ºI understood this from the inside out. I was looking at
      ºbetrayal and I realized that I betrayed myself. It never was
      ºabout anyone else. And it goes way back prior to anything

      Self-betrayal and deceit are quite common - if I remember well, it is
      why I couldn't see a grown up as a role model: saying "A" but doing
      "B". Thoughts have the power to realize - it cannot be overemphasized
      that when saying A, "do" A, when saying B, "do B"... even when it could
      be called "silly".

      ºAnd last night I was sharing some time with my daughter
      ºand I felt this total panic feeling. Like nothing at all was
      ºreal. I kept acting okay but I realized why someone might
      ºcommit suicide if they didn't know any techniques for centering
      ºthemself. But then maybe it is the technique that prohibits the

      Being a mother with children - this will act as a reality check,
      preventing thoughts to center on suicide... For the "sentient entity",
      there is a limit to everything: when that threshold is exceeded,
      surrender will temporarily break down. Being an active member in a
      social network, no matter how small, is one of the best ways to stay

      ºAnyway I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate
      ºyou and your writings. You have been most helpful.

      You are much appreciated too Marcia - without questions like yours, I
      would merely be gazing into nothingness :)



      I have just reviewed a very interesting collection of articles on
      awakening by Dave Oshana at his email archive site called:


      Dave has said that probably the closest Tradition to the Realisation
      that he teaches from is Advaita.

      I wonder though what qualifications one has to have to be an advaitist.
      Does Realisation make one unavoidably an advaitist or is being an
      advaitist about certain core beliefs?

      Or is Advaita just a tool and not a set philosophy?



      I've been enjoying reading Sanderson Beck's writings...

      http://www.san.beck.org/LIGHT.html http://www.san.beck.org/index.html



      If you discover the strand, you will find the whole rope.

      Sometimes one must rediscover the strand and rediscover the whole rope
      and rediscover and rediscover... until one is not there anymore.

      How do you know? Can you say something authentic? What is your deepest
      knowing that you know to be true to your bones? Can you forget about
      your saints and wisemen for a minute and refrain from repeating the
      endless cliches? What is it that You know Stephen? Sorry to be so
      blunt! What is it that YOU know Stephen?


      in the ecstasy of nonduality
      there is no sense of an individuated separate small self
      that needs to make a point to the "others"

      there is joy
      there is play
      but no attachment to being right
      or being wrong
      blunt or soft
      teacher or student
      lover or loved

      maybe sahajman!!
      (who is oh so familiar)

      feels a need to assert his small self
      so it can be eliminated





      The lady at the checkout counter busily finshed loading my basket and
      showed me the check I had written with the adjusted amount for my
      acknowledgement. But I kept looking at her face, smiling I suppose. She
      brought the check up to my eyes. "No, here", she said, blocking my

      I said, "OK", without even looking at the check.

      She lowered the check and I could see a bright shining smile on her

      "Thank you", I said, smiling back at her.


      A deepening chasm in the politics of separation?

      deeply listening from the still point silence

      unseen, unheard, the earth-people rumble

      a change of tones arise

      uncertainty rises at the bottom

      knowing rises at the midway

      awareness rises above it all

      where are you, my friend?



      I remember a time here in traffic. I had been advancing well in
      my ability to maintain awareness. All of a sudden I saw myself cursing
      someone who had cut me off. I realized that I had been torn from my
      connection, and automatically in the "reconnection", perhaps in 1/4 of
      a second the whole act of fingering someone was evaluated, processed
      and seen for all of the infutility that it represented, not so much as
      a mentally processed and meticulously evaluated phychological event,
      but as a distraction from something infinitely more imprtant. The act
      was so pathetically puny, I had to laugh. And to think that I let it
      tear me away like that!

      Hi Dave,

      My rant........ :-)

      For me, I could say volumes about this particular paragraph you have
      written. For me, to realize that there was nothing I could do about
      this stuff was everything. Nothing that I decided made any difference
      because I was deciding with my head and my head was much slower than
      the instinct which caused the reaction.

      DAVE: Yes, I think it is very important to come to terms with ones
      limitations, the body speaks, and one must listen. Stressing against
      "impossibilities" only compounds the problems, buries the actual
      solution even deeper. Relatively early in life I learned about a
      creative intelligence (my mother would call it) where you identify a
      problem and let it go for the time being, leave it up to this C/I. And
      out of nowhere, bingo comes a solution.

      Forcing conscious awareness consistently is not possible, it's like
      remembering to tell yourself to remember. If you can't remember, you
      can't remember. One the other hand the memory system has a unique
      storage and recovery system, whereby memory events are stored by
      association, that's why certain smells trigger momories that had long
      since disappeared, and why sometimes a long lost memory flashes into
      your mind for no apparent reason at all. Somewhere, a neuron was
      "touched" due to activity in a certain part of the brain and out comes
      this memory.

      This mechanism can be used to "trigger" awareness. There are excersizes
      that can be done at various levels to generated triggered associations,
      automatically reminding you at every turn to redirect your focus.

      As I have said, I feel that awareness to "being" is more important and
      effective in awakening, than digging up all the processes of
      functionality of the individual body/mind complex. This latter work
      must be done, but in awareness, it's more of an automatic process. Of
      course it is another methodology for deepening awareness, but IMO
      highly destractive and quite inifficient. Obviously Marcia, this is my
      opinion, but it would be interesting to open a bit of a discussion over
      this issue.

      This is what I take it is meant when it is said that man cannot
      do. For me to see that I could do nothing about this stuff is
      everything. To see that I can't do (there is no doer???) anything to
      change this is the beginning of being able to change it. I have spent
      years in my head saying things like..."From now on I will do.....and
      everything will be okay." Even to saying that I will maintain
      awareness. Awareness begins with the awareness that I can't stay aware.
      It seems to me that awareness is. I am either in it or not. If I am not
      in it, there is nothing I can do to get there and if I am in it, there
      is nothing to be done. It is beyond my control. If I am trying to
      control, I am asleep. Being awake means knowing that there is no way to
      control. (I can hear someone adding... and nothing to control)

      Yes again. The most important is to know and admit that it is a
      problem for which YOU do not have resources in this moment.

      YOU are the non-doer. Shit happens as they say. The Earth revolves
      around the sun, the sea has pounded the shores since before the
      dinasaurs came. What does any human "do", but decide how she wants to
      see these events. Immediately, we become central, the Earth and the
      Sun, "ours". YOU may not have resources in this moment, to do what?
      Create some OTHER image as to what this all is? All awareness is , is
      seeing THIS naked. As such, any stimulus should be a trigger! Boom,
      stimulus, "something has attracted my attention", trigger, "that which
      attracted my attention, in it's nakedness, is NOT what I perceive it to
      be", "what is it... naked... without my, or anybodies interpretation?"
      Let the "interpretation" dissolve, all personal feelings aside. The
      slowness of the body mind may not catch the event until part way
      through your involuntary reaction, but seeing it "naked" will just
      about take the words out of your mouth or mind, as the case may be.

      We are non-doers. Everything IS, and we go around thinking we can
      change what it IS. Awareness is like karate. Seeing what's coming
      (going on) and moving with its momentum, utilizing its momentum in the
      most efficient way. If we put up a direct block (forcing our desires
      upon any given actuality) we receive the full impact of a somewhat
      unstoppable force. If we "deflect" (move with) a given actuality we can
      use its momentum to get to a place where we are more sychronized.



      the mad love song of white wolfe

      white wolfe
      wants to play a game
      with you

      he wants you
      to sit with him
      in the heart of the midnight forest
      at the center of the nighttime universe
      on a bed of trackless sparkling snow
      and look deeply into
      the flawless mirror
      of his golden eyes

      you will notice
      the silver river of tears
      flowing from the pregnant moon
      upon my cheeks

      you will see
      more stars than the canopy
      of heaven can hold
      dauncing and laughing in our eyes

      we will touch
      the field of immortal diamonds
      brilliant and flawless as first love
      shimmering in our noble and pure mind

      penetrating deeper
      we will know
      the eternal fire that burns
      dark and incandescent as empty space
      in our wild and savage sacred heart

      having arrived
      we will listen and hear
      in stillness and silence

      to white wolfe
      whispering his mad love song
      to our regal soul and holy spirit
      of all that is written in on your lovely face
      in words that can only be spoken by lovers
      who soar with golden wings of eagles
      on the eternal winds of heaven and earth
      beyond the ten thousand things of tomorrow

      white wolfe
      wantS to play a game
      with you

      he wants
      to dance the laughing dance
      to sing the tears of sorrow and joy
      to fly into the pregnant moon of love
      through the center of the nighttime universe
      into the sacred heart of the midnight forest
      and become drunk on the wine of divine love
      with you and only you

      as it was in the beginning
      is now and ever will be
      love in love with love
      without end
      oh my beloved

      Mark Christopher Valentine
      January 10, 2001



      The Art of Shapeshifting:

      The art of shapeshifting is accomplished with diligence and

      Study the power animals both in terms of reading (what others say of
      the animal) and observation (what you see of the animal).

      No animal contains evil or good properties so don't get caught up in
      the uses of animal characters used to tell stories, lore, or myth. It
      must be understood that the essence of understanding needs a 'good and
      a bad' in order to tell the story but do not attribute good and bad
      qualities to the animals.

      All nature works as one, both for and against itself as it struggles
      for the so-called absolute expression of truth. Shaman, in any race, is
      the accomplishment of these integrated spirits into one being.

      When possible capture their eyes.

      Capture and integrate their essences keeping each animal distinct and

      Associate the essence with a word. (I would suggest the name of the
      animal)... then, using the word as a mantra, begin to image the animal.
      Once you get a good mental picture begin changing your 'spirit' into
      its forms.

      Be familiar of 'both' the 'female and male' characteristics of the
      animal (as this is your own spirit and spirit is void of gender) so
      that, as Bear, you are 'protector and provider'. <Note the order I said

      Be aware.

      Watch what you are.

      And become.

      There is no advantage to what you know. Learn it now, learn it later,
      it makes no difference.

      Gentle Peace.

      -- Hobbes

      Fair enough Doc. It's not like I'm the fuzz around here, but this
      doesn't have anything to do with the nondual experience.
      Just trying to help.

      jody, for christ sake man, 90% of the
      nonsense posted to this site has nothing to do with the nondual
      experience. And besides lets not make too big a deal of the NDE because
      it really just isn't that big of a deal. In fact most people have had
      that experience. Lot of fucking good it did them, given that the
      suffering of mankind hasn't changed a lick since the begining (whenever
      that was). And despite all the mystical experiences and presumed(and i
      do mean presumed) enlightenment and being "free" going around, the
      human race is still plunging headlong into oblivion suffering all the
      while. Certainly no one on this site actually believes that the human
      race is becoming more enlightened, or realized or any such malarky.
      Just keep believing those fantasies about everything being just as it
      should be, that it's all perfect already. At least you'll be happy when
      you die.Asleep, unconscious, sufferring, but happy. Ignorance is bliss
      after all. .................god, i love this shit,

      Feel better now Matthew?

      The world is as fucked up as it's always been. It nice to have
      compassion for it, but it's pretty much gonna be the way it is. All one
      can really do is help where they can, and accept what they can't
      change. If you want to knock your head bloody on that wall, by all
      means have at it.

      Shapeshifting is subtle nonsense from the perspective of Advaita. While
      Doc Hobbes might get a kick out of it, it brings no one closer to
      realization. It's another Maya amplifier, like drugs or sex or
      spiritual culture. It might not get in the way of realization, but it's
      not going to help either.

      I'm just sprouting opinions. Equally far from nondual reality, but some
      are more effective than others at pointing.

      The world is fucked up, but the Self can only be perfect.

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