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Monday January 1st

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  • andrew macnab
    Happy New Year _____________________________________________________________________________________ Michael Read extends an invitation: Dear Friends, I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      Happy New Year


      Michael Read extends an invitation:

      Dear Friends,

      I have started yet another elist! It is TheWayStation@egroups.com
      It may be joined at

      Here is the intro:

      The WayStation: a place to pause and rest from the labors of your
      journey. The WayStation is a place where one can come in for a cup of
      tea, a bite to eat, and a friendly smile. If the day seems hot there
      will be cooling fans. Should the day seem cold there will be a warm

      Come in, tell us your story. Let us laugh with you or cry with you;
      whatever it takes to lighten your load.
      The stationkeeper knows that the path you're on will take you to many
      wonderful sights, many terrifying vistas. By turns you may have felt
      that you are among the walking wounded or among the fortunate heroic
      few. Either way you have no doubt accumulated a huge load of baggage
      about who you are. You are invited to drop off much of that baggage
      here. At least as much as you think you can spare.

      If you do come in, please refrain from attacking the other guests.
      They have as much right to a restful moment as you do. Each wayfarer
      has something to offer. It may be poetry, tall tales, tips and tricks,
      gentle jokes, horror stories, painful memories, glorious visions or
      dull doings. We don't care. It may just be the baggage one needs to
      unload. Drop it here. We'll hold a rummage sale each month for what's
      left over. Do try to be careful and not pick up someone else's
      baggage. They probably dropped it for good reason.

      While the stationkeeper respects all persons and paths, he holds no
      beliefs and walks where he will. Life is its own reward. The universe
      is vast and filled with wonders. Each traveler is a miracle within a
      miracle. Come, share your miracle. Or, just sit a spell and sip some
      tea. You are welcome here.


      Love - Peace - Michael


      Jerry, a new web page:

      I'm pleased to announce the web page of Moller de la Rouviere, best
      known to everyone simply as Moller.


      --Jerry Katz

      Moller is the resident meditation teacher and spiritual facilitator at
      ADVAITA-ASHRAM in a remote, but beautiful part of the South African
      countryside. Here's an excerpt:

      "...this intellectual Advaitist movement is beset by the proliferation
      ideas ABOUT non-duality which tend to confirm one another in the
      absence of real practice and experiental verification. In this way the
      lie has become truth.

      "What I am trying to bring into this matter for the intelligent
      consideration by any student of life, is the fact that although the
      final revelation of human potential is indeed the recognition of the
      non-dual nature of existence, this can only be stated as a kind of
      retrospective DESCRIPTION of experience. In other words it is a
      statement of factual experience to those who truly stand in the freedom
      of their own wholeness. And from this natural clarity ALONE it is
      obvious to these completed ones that those who do not share their
      ‘vision' of non-duality are nevertheless already living in the
      wholeness of being.

      "BUT, and this is the great BUT, for those in whom the separate
      self-sense still forms the functional basis of everyday existence, such
      a description of wholeness may be interesting, but rather meaningless.
      It can only become another form of mental projection more or less in
      line with all other forms of mental projections which have been pointed
      out as the basis for fragmentation and illusion..."


      Terry; One Nonduality?

      It may seem trivial to some, but I think it essential to even the most
      conventional sort of understanding of 'nonduality' that there is *not* "one
      nonduality." This is where conventional western philosophers always miss
      the boat with nondual philosophies, such as, in the west, that of spinoza.
      They always refer to it as 'monism.' The word nonduality was coined to
      distinguish it from monism. Sometimes the term 'the one without a second'
      is used.
      The reason why philosophers have traditionally thought of spinozism and
      hinduism et al as monism is because they take some basic assumptions for
      granted, as most people do. Philosophers tend to assume that their minds
      can contain an explanation or understanding of reality. Nondualism
      recognizes that the mind which is trying to contain an understanding of the
      universe is itself a phenomenon of the that universe. Heisenberg, by
      realizing that a particle's velocity and location cannot simultaneously be
      known ('the uncertainty principle') led the philosophy of science to the
      understanding that any experiment has to take into account the actions of
      the experimenter as one of the variables, thus showing that all science has
      an inherent element of uncertainty.
      It has been pointed out by others, when nondualism is brought forth (as
      with the work of Ken Wilber) as a valid explanation of phenomena, that it is
      simply monism by another name ("one nonduality"). As with the uncertainty
      principle, this understanding has practical applications extending beyond
      the realms of science and philosophy. If there were 'one nonduality' we
      could agree on what it is, but in fact, every individual truly conversant
      with nonduality has a unique perspective on it, and must have a unique
      perspective (and this is what I have heard jerry say, not to put words in
      his mouth but because you assume his agreement). Nonduality must be
      realized by individuals touching a Ground which is beyond the ability of
      language to capture.
      Those who have realized it have absolutely no doubt about what they are
      talking about, but they don't sound like papaji or krishnamurti or jerry for
      that matter, each has their own unique realization.
      There is a zen koan in the mumon-kan ('The Gateless Gate') about a
      master whose particular expression of 'Zen' (as 'nonduality' was known in
      those days) was to raise one finger whenever anyone asked him to explain
      zen. One day, the old master heard that there was a young teenage monk who
      had taken to raising one finger as well when asked about zen. The master
      had the boy brought to him. He confronted the lad with the question, 'What
      is the meaning of Zen.' The boy raised one finger. At this the master took
      a sharp knife and cut it off. The boy screamed in pain and was about to run
      off when the master stopped him, and again asked, 'What is the meaning of
      zen?' The boy started to raise his finger, looked at the bloody stump, and
      at that moment was enlightened. When the old master was on his deathbed, he
      said with some satisfaction that for fifty years he had used his 'one finger
      zen,' as he called it, and it had never failed him.
      The story is widely known among zen students to discourage imitation,
      and every master always had his own zen, though few were so pointed as
      Gutei's one finger.

      aloha, terry


      Which work?

      Gene: Better the work of freedom, than the work of staying 'asleep'. One
      leads to joy, the other to pain.

      terry: reminds me of a poem, by hafiz (trans ladinsky):

      *A Cushion for Your Head*

      Just sit there right now
      Don't do a thing
      Just rest.

      For your separation from God,
      From love,

      Is the hardest work
      In this

      Let me bring you trays of food
      And something
      That you like to

      You can use my soft words
      As a cushion
      For your


      New year greetings:

      Jan Koehoon:

      Hi all! Happy newyear from Holland. I haven't been active on this list
      but I have been VERY active in Holland. I started mij own nonduality
      list, in Dutch, and that takes a lot of time (right, Jerry? :-))
      I want you all to know that I'm thinking of you a lot.
      So I have a softwart tip for you, just uploaded a JPG to the files
      section: enjoy!

      greetings & love


      David Hodges:

      Here are some old Japanese Haiku about New Year's (translations by R.H. Blyth):

      The Great Morning
      Winds of long ago
      Blow through the pine-trees.
      -- Onitsura

      (The "Great Morning" wass an ancient Japanese term for the morning of New
      Year's. )

      New Year's Day:
      The beginning of the harmony
      Of Heaven and Earth.
      -- Shiki

      New Year's Day;
      Nothing good or bad,-
      Just human beings.
      -- Shiki

      That is good, this too is good,-
      New Year's Day
      In my old age.

      New Year's Day also
      Has come to its close,
      With the sounding bell.
      -- Hakki

      New Year's Day;
      Whosoever's face we see,
      It is care-free.
      -- Shigyoku

      The First Day of the Year:
      I remember
      A lonely autumn evening.
      -- Basho

      New Year's Day:
      The desk and bits of paper,-
      Just as last year.
      -- Matsuo

      New Year's Day:
      My hovel,
      The same as ever.
      -- Issa

      New Year's Day:
      What luck! What luck!
      A pale blue sky!
      -- Issa

      New Year's Day
      I do not hate
      Those who trample on the snow.
      -- Yayu

      The dawn of New Year's Day;
      How far off!
      -- Ichiku

      The first dream of the year;
      I kept it a secret,
      And smiled to myself.
      -- Sho-u

      The smoke
      Is now making
      The first sky of the year.

      [Blyth's commentary on this last haiku is: "No smoke, no sky; no sky, no
      smoke. But Issa does not think this. He knows, somehow or other, that the
      smoking rising and forming the first sky of the year has a meaning that can
      be expressed only by pointedly saying nothing about it."]

      All quotations are from Haiku Volume 2: Spring by R.H. Blyth. Tokyo: The
      Hokuseido Press, 1981.

      -- David
      P.S. I have some new pictures today in my journal, which is at


      Larry, self and no self, again:

      Hi everyone, happy new year, new day, new moment, new now, non-now. I
      was wondering if anyone knows where I could find some words of wisdom on
      the difference between awareness and emptiness. By emptiness I mean no
      self, a simple negation, nothing there. A lot of time awareness is said
      to be empty because it is ungraspable, but it is also life itself, all
      this, including point of view, which is actually not this. Some
      buddhists call this buddha nature or basic goodness. But what I'm trying
      to ferret out is what is going on with no self itself. Maybe we don't
      really know what we mean when we say I exist. We can understand
      intellectually that we are only an assemblage of elements but I suspect
      there is a hidden belief that there is some unnamable something inside
      here which is me. The one we are doing all this for. Of course there
      isn't; there's nothing there at all, hence no self. Somehow this
      erroneous belief is dissolved and a wonderful feeling of emptiness
      arises. Isn't this different from what people are talking about when
      they are talking about awareness? I think this business of emptiness is
      getting short shrift and should be looked into more thoroughly, mostly
      because, I think, the belief in existence is somehow hidden. But I'm not
      sure. Any thoughts?



      Melody and John Duff, listening:


      M: You said, in part:

      The essence of the question put to me during these experiences was
      "What is
      it that you want?".

      I let that question sit on me awhile.

      The answer that arose, when I sat quietly
      to listen was, "To breathe".

      On the surface this may seem like a silly
      answer, but I can hear it resonate in so
      many 'bodies': physical, emotional, mental,

      J: This is quite enough. Things become quite simple and quite real and
      quite connected.

      M: Today I opened curtains I hadn't opened in
      months at my house. I cleaned closets and
      cleared out stacks of clutter that had been
      stacking up over the months from neglect.

      So much has been tossed away today...or
      loaded to be given away.

      Colors are brighter today, my house is

      When my body 'breathes' I can feel air
      circulate....like a breeze is moving thru the

      It's about 5 degrees outside, and yet
      it feels like springtime.

      J: The relative miracle of 'rebirth', the opening of the 'doors of

      Had written about this earlier and struck the section thinking it would set
      expectations and prejudice the experience. The mundane become New. Life
      embraces one and one begins to truly feel and become able to reciprocate
      that embrace.

      M: And tonight, when I am still again, I
      will invite that 'shadow' to touch me.
      I have no idea if I'll be afraid or not,
      or what my response will be. I do know
      I feel a whole lot readier to 'receive' it
      now today.

      J: My experience is that this will never be far from your side. If not now,
      then soon to become a welcome companion. Ballast on a stormy sea of Life.

      A lens, if you will, that can be employed to bring into focus a previously
      fuzzy image. If things get out of focus one moves [back] towards these
      experiences and things snap into crisp resolution.

      As you sense, eventually, it is subject to will to invoke a revisiting.

      It is good to revisit often, else one is revisted, by Life or otherwise, to
      stir recollection.


      M: It is truly a vacuum of meaning.

      J: Yes. Upon which all meaning is defined. One a larger scale, then, we
      might see the reason for creation. Understanding Being proceeding

      M: (now) Yes. Not only a vacuum of meaning,
      but an absence of EVERYTHING.....as if a veil
      was covering all senses. There was even an
      absence of ME.

      Just nothing. Absolutely nothing.....as if life
      before a single act of creation.

      J: Just as you sensed. The dilemma of God needing something to do.

      M: I wonder if it will terrify me so tonight.

      J: As to last night, "Look, but do not dwell."

      It is a lesson, which many may get, but few make profit on. The profit of
      which you are already beginning to experience in the Newness of everything.


      M: An answer that arises just as I read your
      question again is: I want to not be afraid anymore.

      J: My answer was along these lines. Mine distinctly, it was not to be
      driven by fear anymore, a slave to it. "Kill me now, but I will not be
      moved, I will see this through whatever it takes. I want to know. I would
      rather die than live in this emptiness."

      M: But that really isn't so. <Tears welling up as I 'see' this
      just now.>

      It's okay if I'm afraid.

      J: Yes, it is okay, and fear won't cease to be a part of your life. It will
      just not hold the same fascination and power.

      M: I DO still want to breathe, however -

      and I hadn't done so...not really...
      in a very long time.

      "Breathe deep, the gathering gloom.

      Watch lights fade from every room.

      Bed sitter people look back and lament,
      Another day's useless, and years spent.

      Impassioned lovers,
      wrestle as one.

      Lonely man cries for Love,
      and has none.

      New mother picks up,
      and suckles her son.

      Senior citizens,
      wish they were young.


      Cold hearted orb,
      that rules the night.

      Steals the colors from our sight.

      Red is gray,
      and yellow, white.

      But we decide which is right.

      And which, is an illusion?"

      Moody Blues
      Days of Future Past.

      Warm regards,

      in gratitude,


      andrew, Endgame:

      Its so simple,
      you were too complex to see it.
      You were blinded by the dazzling fortress
      of thought and learning you were sitting in,
      the stained glass images of splendid expectation.
      There was nowhere to turn,
      you were absolutely helpless.
      The siege was under way.
      Quick and easy or slow and painful,
      it made no difference in the end.


      t. goldenpoe, Water and Air:

      Really. Hmmm...

      So 'ice' really does 'expand' when it is 'cooled'.... I wonder how big
      we could get this thing if we all 'chilled' on the 'massives'? 'Solid
      ice' still hurts the 'noggin'(s) no matter how 'airy' it may seem.

      Silent Ice. Holy Ghost.

      If this is hell? Be warned. 'I am but the first' of those that are here
      to conquer you with the silence of knowing and this is done before
      (reverse engineered 'fate'). I wait for my 'brothers' return and they,
      unlike are my 'self' and I am 'he that has the order to be given'.

      Walk wisely.

      If this is heaven? Be warned. 'I am but the last' of those that are
      here to protect you with 'understanding does not mean that I am on your
      team' and this is done before (forward engineered 'destiny'). I wait
      'on guard for thee' for my brothers 'may return' and they, unlike my
      'self' and I am 'he that was the executed order'.

      Stand fast.

      I am he that has conquered death in 'your (all) names'.

      If you can 'see' me. You are dead. Certain.

      If not. You are awaiting judgement.

      Where you find yourself now is 'not the justice' of 'who' you are. It
      'is the justice' of 'how' you have been. I am the justice of 'what' you
      shall be and my door is closed to the likes of you. I know the name of
      my 'target' and upon next contact, I shall engage. I am to Psico s.

      Only a 'saint' can make 'one' feel at home in 'one's' own home.


      I say this.

      If all things are to die and life is suffering and we have the 'bombs'
      to destroy our selves over and over again... and I, 'with the people'
      are destined to be slaves for all eternity for believing a foolish,
      frightened, '1% and above race' of people that require cops and laws
      and regulations and rules and hate to secure there place in this world.

      Where they destroy the 'race of soldiers and warriors' of the 'ancient
      of days is my name' that are fool enough to believe the 'lie' of
      'ownership' but... killed us, as they do, the fighting spirits would
      learn in the bardos of whom the enemy is so that in the 'end of days'
      they may return to protect the 'people' they serve and not the 'laws'
      that 'protect wickedness'. Thus is any religion in my name.

      Let us do this so that we as one people may know with certainty that
      that which is life and of life is living and that which is not life and
      is not of life is just dying on borrowed time.

      To the 'empires of the sky': Put up. Shut up. 'And' get the fuck out of
      my country.

      Canada stands with and before the world and 'we' are 'not' our
      politicians. We are a people of peace and all those that are worthy are
      granted entrance.... to the world of culture, tradition, beauty wonder
      and the people that know these things. Welcome to the global 'herd'.

      What of those that are entered and not worthy? If you are 'out' on
      holidays... stay there. I you are not. Go there. If you will not. It is
      only a matter of time and we 'the Canadiens' are everywhere... even
      hell (62F and I am still).. and 'we bear the justice of the sacrifice'
      of 'OUR NAMES' that were taken by those that now seek our protection.

      For these. You shall be safe in prison (mind). 'The number is way'
      smaller than 'you may think'.

      I was not lost. I was dead. PhhhDuh...

      Grid: 00000000
      1 and 0
      Ascending Decent

      Why are their dinosaur bones on the moon?....

      Christ Jesus I am still.
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