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monday december 18th

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  • andrew macnab
    Giving, accepting, community, who is acceptable? : Dear Tim (Omkara), I would consider you very lucky to have such a caring Country. In the country where I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2000
      Giving, accepting, community, who is acceptable? :

      Dear Tim (Omkara),

      I would consider you very lucky to have such a caring Country. In the country where I
      live (Indonesia), the "non-doing" as you exemplify would be "out of the question". Do
      you know how many fellow citizens of yours live the way you do?

      Indonesia is a long way to go in order to be able to serve its citizens so lavishly!
      Maybe it never will.

      With a great envy, ;>)/Andy


      Hi Andy and Tim,

      I think it's great that people can be supported if they need to be. It's
      very hard for some people to work at a job. I understand that. There are
      people that are incapable of working for whatever reasons. Some of them
      have spouses that support them, some have other family that supports
      them, some have inherited incomes, some have no one to support them so
      they end-up trying to hold down jobs and be in public but suffer
      breakdowns and end up on social assistance or just homeless. These are
      beautiful people. God bless the people who break down. They are telling
      us something is very, very wrong with the way we live. They may be our
      saviors if we don't starve them to death. Having said that, it is true
      that other people enjoy working and they thrive on the game of life. The
      world is one big family and it's good to let everyone be who they are
      and to try to understand everyone.



      Interesting observation Andy - In Cape Verde, there is no provision like pension or
      disability allowance either. Yet no one, jobless or no matter how poor, will starve to
      death. On the island I visited, there was a so called "beggars day" once a week and
      the poor would make their round. Everyone who could miss something would donate that
      and I did not meet one person who didn't give something. Most tragic was a twelve year
      old girl who had recently lost her mother, leaving her behind as the eldest of the
      family - she had to take care of three younger sisters. Grief-stricken, not being able
      to "just" beg, she sold freshly picked wild vegetables.

      Is this or something similar the case in Indonesian rural areas as well? - in the
      West, social security laws replaced "neighborhood" care, almost to the full...



      At one point of the NDS/HS retreat at the Zen Monastery back in July, Nora
      and Gloria surprised the group by giving Jerry and me a bag full of

      The smell of incense from the bag has called me often to open up the gifts
      of friendship. Today, I pulled out my first treat, a small shiny metal
      from the bag. The can has beautiful pictures of red, yellow, and blue
      flowers and green leaves on a white and bright background. There is also a
      butterfly hanging around the flowers. On top of the can, it says -
      Ginseng Tea" followed by the statement, "Known by ancients as the miracle
      tea." on the ingredients it says "Indian tea with 7 years old Korean
      Ginseng." I assume Korean Ginseng gets better with age. Well this is some
      fancy stuff. The aroma, the taste, and the fragrance of fellowship.

      Thank you Gloria and Nora
      Love to all


      White wolfe's meditative poetry:

      Even Before the Christ Child

      (Advent Meditation for Father Patrick Collins)

      Listen to the silence of your mind

      ceaselessly subtle and deep below

      the relentlessly babbling waters

      know the alfa and omega

      hear nothingness in the depths

      I am the Secret Logos

      The language that cannot be spoken

      I will teach you about tranquility

      Touch the stillness of your heart

      endlessly compassionate and deep within

      the everlasting burning passions

      feel the omega and alfa

      grasp nothingness at the center

      I am the Sacred Heart come

      to burn your crazy sufferings to ashes

      I will seal you with the kiss of harmony

      Know the emptiness of your soul

      endlessly receptive and alluringly beyond

      the seamless darkness still deeper within

      understand the alfa and omega

      become nothingness but the center

      I am the Holy Spirit come

      To return you to your beginning

      I will whisper to you the Logos of Peace.

      Be with me and you will be as I am

      eternally seeking without end or beginning

      never to be discovered, suddenly I am revealed

      as neither the alfa nor the omega

      I am immortal nothingness at the center

      I am that I am at your center

      Who I am is even before the Christ Child.

      I am you, you are me, innocent one.

      Mark Christopher Valentine

      (Monday, December 18, 2000)


      > Perhaps imagining that others are out to prove others wrong is all
      > bullshit too. Uncovering untruths is bound to prove no one is
      > exempt, we all got one hell of lot wrong even your precious Papaji.
      > Expose the lot, question every sacred cow, even look into what
      > makes one complain that ones own sacred cows are being questioned.
      > Yep things are gonna get pretty choppy alright.
      > Chaz

      Yes, chaz. There are no exemptions from opportunities to
      recognize one's own untruths, and seemingly no end to folks
      attempting to correct each other in a realm that is chronically

      "...those who show us ourselves..." may be any of us.


      ~ P.S.
      The point is, of course, not who is seen as precious
      by whom, and who is seen as wrong, but this analyzing
      and evaluating mind itself and its mission.


      Christiana's reply to Gene's post seen in yesterday's highlights and Gene's reply to
      Christiana's reply:


      Greetings, Christiana...

      You wrote to me:

      >Dear Gene..
      >Your voice is unique, in breadth and as point. Your recent writings
      >are like Zeus rising up, roaring thunderously, lest the minor
      >characters in our internal circus may not hear. You have my
      >attention. You've shocked some (characters) to death.

      'Let the dead, bury their own dead"...

      >I'd like to engage in an inquiry (sensed as waking to and beyond the
      >dream) with you. Recently you spoke of Rudolf Steiner's views on the
      >"Luciferic" (fire) force. I assume then, that you also know of his
      >views on the Ahrimanic (cold) force (said to be entering human
      >history at this time); as well as his "Christ impulse". It's one
      >language model of many.


      >While I am no longer an active student of his work, some of the
      >lenses he offers seem relevant. I hear the tenor of what you are
      >addressing with this post, as the everpresent, perhaps flourishing
      >human tendency toward this coldness. My understanding of how he
      >describes this is an "indication" of greater tendency towards
      >complacency; narcissism; group thought; self-cultural deception;
      >reductionist, flatlander easement ... issues which you and Terry
      >have pointed to in different directional directives. We see this
      >"dumbing down" everywhere... including within ourselves.

      Yes, you read it correctly... although, I must admit that most of
      what I wrote, was a deliberate attempt to strain the credulity of
      Tim, to and beyond the point of laughter. I have been feeling that
      perhaps he needs a good laugh.

      But, this in no way detracts from my ongoing 'activism', which my
      letter represents, if not directly, then as an example of 'arousing
      soliloquy'. Hurling so many ideas in such a constrained context, is
      bound to slaughter a few of the weaker 'I-structures', even if it
      reaches the 'reductio ad absurdium'.

      >A visionary impulse seems to be arising in Jerry. A call to action.
      >Terry adds another spark. Ed another. You another. I add mine. As
      >Jerry points out. Our sparks *appear* through different matrix
      >constellations, yet beyond the matrices, the same flint.

      Yes. And this is could be a good thing.

      >The challenge, as I see it, is to both see through the competition
      >(heat) for _memory-space_ (within our own design and as position
      >with/against other designs); as well as, to be ever vigilent for
      >when we assume we are a finished design (even an enlightened one)

      Yes, well-reasoned. 'It never stops' is my perception. There is no
      'final solution', as we have seen.

      >Many of us, of the generation who cut our adult teeth on social
      >activism, were moved by an authentic impulse which got either
      >twisted in the crucible of competing criteria or cooled down through
      >cynicism or a sense of impotence.

      Or by 'sellout', sucking up the perks. Central heating, cars, running
      hot water... yeah.

      >So, assuming an everpresent "higher-order" impulse arising; how to
      >get out of our own "moronic" way, seems the question. Before we can
      >"organize" nondually (whatever that dream might mean?) it would seem
      >that an awareness of the forces at play in our mechanism need to be
      >understood and offered up. In all my years of reading, listening,
      >and observing, I've met no one more qualified than you, to point
      >clearly to the operating mechanics, in a full range of metaphoric
      >language models. You could only do so, as one who is a living voice
      >of the impulse... a rarity amongst so many memorex voices. This
      >places you and us, in a unique position.

      Uh... Okay!

      >I don't mean to place a laurel of projected specialness on your
      >head, Gene. I mean more that the echo of your living voice keeps me
      >awake to the duplicity of idealism and apathy. Much as Dan's living
      >voice serves to flatten out my storyline.

      I take your meaning here.

      >As a long time observer of the self-organizing-system of life, I
      >know that I only participate fully with beginner's mind. Clearing
      >through the underbush of dross is endlessly going on. The kernal (of
      >vitality) heard softly and loudly in places such as NDS, clears the
      >organ of perception.

      Hopefully so; be it a beacon, it knows who it will attract; those who
      are nourished, or those who in denial of their own possibilities,
      come to destroy any reminder of their own coldness.

      >Now as we turn our gaze to "organizing", I ask.. Is there an Organ
      >self-organ-izing as organization? Will it's fleshy matter, pulsed as
      >harmonic space, through 900 pipes, become known? Will those who are
      >tasting "abiding" (absent of heat or cold) rise up like a Phoenix
      >from the ashes of identity, through sharing and serving as one. Can
      >this movement occur absent of idealized criteria?

      Well, it could occur, if the vision arises from sufficient depth to
      trigger 'unity' ( I use the word 'unity' here, in the context of
      nuclear physics, not Unity Church or other New-Age things). Some
      people have visualized this as a kind of 'Hundredth Monkey' event. In
      other words, if the possibilities are seen by enough people
      simultaneously, the goal is then 'already accomplished'. Right in
      that instant.

      Consider how this works, exampled by mundane events;
      propaganda-meisters arousing what becomes a trend or fad. This is
      both easier now, due to mass instant communications, and also more
      difficult, due to a rising level of sophistication in the 'target
      audience'. We can depend upon our communication media as a
      technology, but we have yet to learn how to communicate the 'real and
      important issues' effectively, using those media.

      >The recent Presidential stalemate felt metaphoric, to me, as symbol
      >of our need for self-governance. Perhaps, Jerry's call is also of
      >this nature. Somehow.. all these various thoughts seem of a piece. I
      >hope some of the view is communicated.
      >Thanks for listening. Perhaps, this is very different from your
      >view. My inquiry is whether and how any of this touches what you
      >see. Of course, I am also open to what is not being seen ... through
      >shared view.
      >seeing beyond "the sheer hell of it"


      Alright, plainly put and most importantly, we need to be able to
      clearly differentiate between our hard-wired primate 'authoritarian
      tribal impulse' (forceful homogenization of everything), and our
      latent, seldom-used capability of 'sharing'.

      As I have pointed out in (far) past postings here and elsewhere,
      every human (and possibly every creature) 'has' what I term the
      'sharing channel'. It is convenient to visualize this 'organ' as a
      large Nadi, perhaps even the Shushumna Nadi. Like a delicate,
      exquisitely sensitive sea-creature, this channel is lined with (the
      equivalent of) cilia, similar to the human lung. Of course, this is
      to be seen as a vertical pipe or 'chimney', running up from the Urth,
      up through the center of the body, and upward. This may be a useful
      visualization, but such concepts fade when the channel is in use...

      This channel, tube, Nadi... has the ability to contract, and to
      expand. Psychic intrusion (what I have had the audacity to call
      'psychic rape') is a painful and scary event, and in the child,
      triggers contraction of the sharing-channel. This event of the
      closing of the sharing-channel, is the metaphorical equivalent of the
      closing of the 'third eye'. From this point onward, survival is by
      'reasoning', which is conditionable via socialization. The upshot of
      this condition, is essentially not only a species of blindness, but
      also of dependency on the very psychic rapists who triggered the
      shutdown in the first place. And that is an entirely unsatisfactory
      situation, and one that I plainly see and attempt to remedy.

      If this sharing-channel should open, what comes through may burn the
      delicate cilia, triggering contraction. A gradual rate of opening is
      needed, to recondition the sensitive lining. 'Trust' is a factor
      here, as you may perceive; being with one who is not aggressive, who
      will not launch abrasive material into the interior organs of
      another, who understands the need for gradual opening, and who does
      NOT insist upon macho toughness, is what is needed.

      If there is a suddenness of opening of this sharing-channel, heat of
      burning will result; the resultant events are subjectively very
      painful and disruptive. This is what, in some traditions, is referred
      to as 'Kundalini rising' phenomenon. But this burning, occurs only in
      those whose sharing-channel has been 'raped', resulting in
      hypersensitivity and the tendency to contract upon any abrasive
      object passing through. This is directly analogous with the behaviour
      of the digestive tract.

      The subtle-body has a metabolism, as does the physical body. Closure
      or contraction of the central Nadi/Sharing-channel, slows down this
      metabolism, creating cold, which in turn triggers an excessive need
      for physical food, especially of the carbohydrate variety. The heat
      generated by the physical metabolism is, however, of a very coarse
      nature, compared to the subtle-body metabolic heat, sometimes
      visualized as a 'violet flame' (See, Arcturian Flame-Being).

      It is this living flame, which is capable of transmigrating from
      person to person, through the (latent) network of available
      sharing-channels; this is both a subterranean and celestial event,
      and it does occur. It can occur, if a person is open, and abides,
      willing to self-regulate the contractive aspect of the
      sharing-channel, to deliberately compensate for inexperience and
      hypersensitivity. To learn to breath open and to synchronize all
      self-same structures (in this case tubes), to allow the inhabitation
      of the Flame-Being, 'who' will then heal and repair the damaged
      structures, and then issue credentials and marching-orders.

      The feeble awareness available to those whose sharing-channel is
      closed, refers to this Flame-Being indirectly as 'Shakti-Pat' and so
      on. As we discuss here endlessly, if the 'Shakti-Pat' does not
      dislodge the 'dog in the manger' identity, it is for naught. It
      really is this simple, and more a matter of mechanics than morality.
      It is more a matter of practical realization, similar to learning how
      to start a car-engine, than it is 'spiritual' in any way, although
      the spiritual literature is about the only place that semi-accurate
      descriptions can be found.

      Keep in mind, that the 'Flame-Being' has NO sentiment whatsoever.
      Only identity is capable of sentiment; this puts the Flame to the
      identity. If the channel is not closed, identity will burn to ash.

      As to sentience, the Flame-Being is the essential essence of
      sentience; it is the living imperative of us all, and is itself the
      'Living Spirit of the Living Universe'.

      The Flame-Being naturally lives and inhabits the Sharing-Channel; it
      is dweller and abode. Carrying such a one, in oneself, is to say the
      least, very interesting. I am deliberately underplaying this here, as
      more description is redundant. If and when Flame-Being makes itself
      known, identity does not have a chance. It (identity) can return
      later, however, to make possible the doing of 'Urthly tasks' of
      survival and furtherance of the One Imperative.

      Perhaps you will recall, the unusual pictorial graffiti which we saw,
      painted on the low wall on the observation-point in San Francisco. It
      consisted of human-form stick-figures joined in a line, hands
      connected, and heads overlapping. This was a clear signal from the
      aware sharing-community; be aware that 'they are there'. Remember,
      the very worst thing to do, is to assume that there is a 'joyous
      sentiment' in this sharing; the reverse is true. To be abducted,
      cycled through time, educated, equipped, and put back on the spot, in
      NO time, is a rather shocking event, but it happens.

      This has been my exposition on the organ-ization; it is a natural
      thing, it does not need to be invented, it has been here forever, and
      the danger is, that prior blindness to it, will embarrass and thus
      further close; this is why it is good to be able to let go of meaning
      'on the spot'. It is good to realize that 'identities' are available
      like sheets on a roll of toilet-tissue; flush one and another is
      always available if needed, ad infinitum.

      What we can see, through deep abiding, is a 'technology' which is
      beyond the imagined marvels of any 'magic'. It is the same, which
      creates all of this, and it is this, in living fluid form, aware and
      intelligent. It is our brood-mother, and would be our lover, and our

      Still here,

      ==Gene Poole==
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