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Thursday, December 7

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    MARY BIANCO The Alchemist My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer, the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky. Tell
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2000

      The Alchemist

      "My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer," the boy told the
      alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky. "Tell your
      heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
      And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its
      dreams." -Paulo Coelho



      stop. listen. become as subtle as an infant!

      what is the difference between a parent and an infant?

      a parent nourishes to teach,
      teaches to unfold
      unfolds to empower
      empowers to release

      an infant receives to to become a child
      a child receives to become a adolescent
      an adolescent receives to be an adult
      an adult receives to become a parent

      what does a parent receive?
      if they still receive, they become the infant.

      what is your face before you were born?



      The only reason we buy so many popcicles is to stop my wife from eating
      all the cool-aid.

      Imagination is not creation. When we 'imagine' we tend to do so with
      the worst in mind for our enemies. When we are 'creative' however...
      well... it is just not the same if you know what I mean.

      Can you describe for me the number 'two (2)' without the use of
      objects, things, and concepts? Curious however, that you still know
      what 'two is' as you 'search' to 'define it'.

      Thus, nonduality is 'described' as 'not two' and yet, if one 'observes
      self inwardly' it is only in contrast to 'what is out' and visa versa
      (regardless of which end you call self and whether you say this is it
      and this is not it) thus, it can not be 'one' either.

      Therefore, there must be 'three halfs' to spirit. There is 'what it is'
      which is always exactly 'half' of what we 'do not know' and the
      'subsequent two opposite halves that argue over 'what it is' at the
      expense of 'what it is not'.

      -- Hobbes



      Observing the reflection, mirrored through the position/no-position
      dialogue which Terry and Dan are holding; juxtaposed with Jerry and M.
      Christopher's offerings this morning.

      My ongoing inquiry, woven with yours here..

      The matrix calling us forth..
      appearing as, through and not-as us..
      including form and formlessness..
      known as more than our individual blinking cell lights..

      .... how do we serve This?

      I ask.. how can the Whole be served by listening deeply to your four

      Might the "call for coordinated effort" be listened to *effortlessly*,
      and, better danced with as Lover, through partnering with the Beloved
      ... each recognizing their sum as less than the Whole?

      In lieu of "coordinating effort", can we surrender to order arising..
      and know the fire of heart, to act on what appears before us.. mindful
      of the habit of forgetting... honoring the still voice here.

      When I read your voice Terry, I feel your passion as Lover, as well as
      your forgetting. I hear, through Dan, an echo of Beloved re-minder.
      Gentle reminders, we all need, to see through the memes (such as
      idealized terms like "global village"), and how they bind us to
      criteria. These are the cell membranes encasing our free dance. Useful
      in moments so as to contain the fire.. alchemical crucible and
      generator for authentic action. Useful in moments to release back to

      Assuming the possibility that Whole might be playing with a new form
      in-formation... that of individual cells uniting as new galvanized
      parts. How is *effortlessly* co-ordered? Perhaps through no position
      listening, until action position arises. Then stoking the generators
      with spacious,non-idealized fuel.

      I am in-formation,
      I am in-formation-less,




      Political Emptiness

      rested at zero
      is the best place
      from which to act

      without imagination
      or creation

      somebody's got to do it




      'Self-secret' is 'intelligence' itself. You spoke of space-generating
      nanos... well, intelligence is the most fierce of all creative forces;
      it is sheer fire in speed and organization; it never stops; it
      compounds upon every previous action, and with the increase in human
      computational power, is now trying (Oh, HOW it is trying, fiercely,
      unrelentingly! Like the first salmon to spawn RETURNING to the Golden
      Age worlds, to deposit its report; thus to generate the most important
      forward-wave of changes!, from our 'past', for to change our present!)
      to establish true logarithmic rate-of-increase.

      If and when this occurs, notice a dramatic shift upward in 'resolution
      of reality', richness and depth, and self-stating meaning, emanating as
      Display; then to be forced to renegotiate our presence, not alone any
      more; all living inside of a 'giant',


      This is pretty much what I have been talking about. We are the First
      Salmon and this is the First Day; deposit/report/generate! A critical
      mass is reached and a chain reaction started; intelligence increases
      exponentially. And no one needs to take Credit, being enlightened is
      nothing special. Our teachers aren't rich and famous, our students
      aren't future avatars.


      A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
      A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread - and Thou
      Beside me singing in the Wilderness -
      Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

      Some for the Glories of This World; and some
      Sigh for the Prophet's Paradise to come;
      Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go,
      Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!


      There is a time for violence,
      There is a time for peace.

      Only those who remain utterly devoted to their inner feelings--their
      core being anxiety and serenity, first; and contempt and compassion,
      second--know when the time is right for violence or for peace.

      Only those who live in touch, first and last, with their feeling--are
      capable of the subtlety of choice. Only they can transcend numbing
      generalizations and passionate exaggeration. Only they know the truth
      of serenity and compassion. And, thus, of love.


      As some zennists might say, "The passions are enlightenment." Or:
      samsara is nirvana. Serenity follows anxiety, and compassion follows
      contempt. Agesilaus said (in Plutarch's "Lives"): "It is circumstance
      and proper timing that give an action its character and make it either
      good or bad."

      Gene mentioned Charles Luk. In his "Ch'an and Zen Teaching" he
      translates Hsu Yun's discourses, partly as follows:

      "Where do both easiness and difficulty lie for an old hand? By old hand
      is meant one who has called on learned masters for instruction and has
      undergone the training for many years during which his body and mind
      were mature for it and he was clear about the method which he could
      practice comfortably without experiencing any handicap. The difficulty
      met by a monk who is an old hand lies in this feeling of comfort and
      clearness in which he stops and stays. Thus, because of his stay in
      this illusion-city, he does not reach the place of precious things
      (i.e. the perfect Nirvana). He is fit only for stillness but is unfit
      for disturbance and his training is, therefore, not completely
      effective for really full use. In the worst case, the practiser will,
      when coming into contact with his surroundings, give rise to feelings
      of like and dislike and of acceptance and rejection, with the result
      that his false thinking, both coarse and fine, will remain as firm as
      before. His training will be likened to the soaking of a stone in water
      and will become ineffective. As time goes on, weariness and laziness
      will slip into his training which will become fruitless in the end.
      When such a monk is aware of this, he should immediately give rise to
      the hua t'ou again and rouse his spirits to take a step forward from
      the top of a hundred-foot pole (he has reached) until he reaches the
      top of the highest peak on which he will firmly stand or the bottom of
      the deepest ocean where he will walk (in every direction). He will cast
      away (his last link with the unreal) and will walk freely everywhere,
      meeting face to face (lit. substance to substance, or essence to
      essence) with Buddhas and Patriarchs. Where is the difficulty? Is this
      not easy? "Hua t'ou is the One-Mind. This One-Mind of yours and mine is
      neither within nor without nor between the two. It is also within,
      without and between the two and is like Space which is immutable and is
      all-embracing. Therefore, the hua-t'ou should not be pulled up or
      pushed down. If it is pulled up, it will cause disturbance, and if it
      is pushed down, it will cause dullness, and so will be in contradiction
      with the mind-nature and not in line with the 'mean.' Everybody is
      afraid of false thinking which he finds difficult to control, but I
      tell you, dear friends, do not be afraid of false thinking and do not
      make any effort to control it. You have only to be aware of it but
      should not cling to it, follow it or push it away. It will suffice to
      discontinue your thinking and it will leave you alone. Hence, the
      saying: 'The rise of falshood should be immediately cognized, and once
      cognized, it will quit.'"



      Is the Alarm Clock Ringing?

      Humans are "attentional beings". What that means is that the very
      essence of human existence, of being human, is derived from the giving
      and receiving of attention. Even the act of identification with the
      bodymind is an act of attention in which the "me" is inappropriately

      Cultural conditioning has assured that 'attentionality' as the core of
      being would be lost in a myriad of inappropriate identifications. One
      might speculate that the survival of the bodymind is the cosmic
      'reason' behind this arrangement.

      This paradigm has led to an attentional deficiency for many humans,
      since the need, per se, of attentional energy for human sustenance and
      growth is greatly ignored. This energy is supplied in mutual
      face-to-face attention; however, the notion of what is required for
      growth and sustenance is greatly distorted by misidentification.

      One of the more subtle distortions lies in prematurely 'identifying'
      attentionality with "Awareness", with the "not-me", and with "nothing".
      This abstract distortion is abetted in internet dialogue where actual
      face-to-face communing is not the norm. Not recognizing the need to
      exchange this attentional energy, to get beyond the content of dialogue
      and of language, contributes to the deficiency.

      From this perspective, what goes on here in this list might really be a
      symbolic acting out of this need. So perhaps in getting out into the
      world, facing its deficiencies face-to-face, is the real awakening.

      Is the alarm clock ringing?


      DAN BERKOW (from the Lotus-and-Sunflower list):

      Someone asked: Is there anything Existential "Nothingness" has in
      common with Buddhist "No-thing-ness"?

      Existential "nothingness" can open into
      Buddhist "nothingness" if one isn't
      attached to having the existential dilemma
      being continued. Existential nothingness
      opens when deep questions about existence
      and reality lead to uncertainty about
      anything having ongoing reality or meaning.
      If despair and a sense of isolation become
      a "stopping point", then existential nothingness
      has made itself into a somethingness, and there
      is a hidden clinging. Similarly, suicidal
      thinking or nihilistic relativism represent
      hidden clinging.

      If existential "nothingness" is taken
      as a posture, a pose, a way to encounter
      life, it represents an "identity of emotional
      emptiness or numbness, inability to
      commit to life, a substitution of despair
      and negation for life". It is this "nihilism"
      that is specifically regarded as "not Middle-Wayed
      awareness" in Buddhism, along with "eternalism"
      that is similarly spoken of as "not Middle-Wayed".

      The Middle Way is exactly what is neither
      nihilism (the negation of anything and
      everything as having any use or value),
      nor "eternalism" (the affirmation of
      anything as having ongoing, continuing,
      or ultimate existence or identity of its own).

      The Middle Way, because it is neither
      negation nor affirmation, allows
      seeing in which subject and object
      mutually arise and interdepend, and
      in which the "negation of any
      permanently or independently existing
      thing or quality" is simultaneously the affirmation
      of interpenetrating Totality beyond words or thought.

      Thus, self isn't negated, it is simply
      not affirmed as existing, hence neither
      affirmed nor negated.

      When existential nothingness reveals to itself
      that the underlying dilemma of birth and
      death isn't resolved by clinging to nihilism,
      the "true nothingness", the
      "actual void" opens before one's very eyes.

      And this void really isn't Buddhist at all, any
      more than it could be Jewish or Christian.
      And it isn't a void, either. It's an infinity
      of potentiality and Totality. So "nothingness"
      or "void" are just words that say no description is adequate,
      no quality can be attached, no conditions
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