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Thursday November 30th

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  • andrew macnab
    A pretty quiet day. (ed.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Now cee here: *the mind of the mystic* one
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000
      A pretty quiet day. (ed.)

      Now cee here:

      *the mind of the mystic*

      one stops seeking
      one stops seeking

      focused time
      in the cave
      is the tried and true method
      if ever there was one

      love, cee


      *truth about seeing 2*

      to speak of "clear seeing"
      is missing the mark
      where would that one be
      who sees something else?

      if you look outside yourself
      there is no end to multiplicity
      at the heart of who sees
      is the bulls eye



      Dear Cee,

      When there's no where to go,
      the concept of arrival has
      no function.

      People everywhere scurry about,
      supporting this or that view,
      forming pretty pictures,
      striving to get ahead.

      I alone live contentedly in
      With no illusions to call home,
      peace is beginningless and endless.



      *instantaneous awareness*

      Awareness is instantaneous --
      there neither is a preceding moment
      nor a succeeding moment.

      With instantaneous awareness, what is there
      to realize, who is there as a realizer?

      The fact that the body-mind functions
      unimpaired by instantaneous awareness
      needn't be surprising.

      The time that is manufactured by memory and
      perception isn't an obstacle to
      instantaneous being. It is
      like a net in the ocean - the ocean
      flows unimpeded, the net can function
      as the net. Or, it is like a movie screen
      in which the light isn't contained by any
      image, and yet the images appear without
      any impediment.



      Dan Berkow wrote:

      > I realize that I'm a lunatic to try to describe
      > this indescribable reality. But it's fun to try
      > and fail.

      This is what I am describing. :-)



      To me there is a very big difference between talking about something
      and being in the moment. Being is wholeness, undivided, unity.
      Life registers, continual flow, I am not separate. There is a seeing,
      creativity flows through, there is no separate knower from what is
      known. There is no identification with a part. Describing doesn't
      make for identification but identifying with the description.
      and incoherence don't necessarily go hand in hand. Intelligence without
      identification is coherent.


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