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Monday November 20th

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  • andrew macnab
    ... You show how you are the same by suggesting just how different you are than the other fools on this list. LOL. love, Melody No one laughs harder at
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2000
      Bunch of stuff from Michael Read today:

      > The sweetest and most poignant aspect is that you actually believe
      > there is someone who needs attacking by someone who is attacking.
      > Dear Illusory beings - lights out!
      > HAHAHAH and HOHOHO!
      > Peace - yawn - Michael

      You show how you are the same by suggesting
      just how "different" you are than the other 'fools'
      on this list. LOL.


      No one laughs harder at the use of the personal pronoun! :-)

      Shiva, Brahma, God, Jesus, Buddha
      Heart, soul, mind, ego, being, non-being
      What are they to me?

      Forms, formlessness, doing, not-doing
      Awakening, enlightenment, meditation, practices
      What are they to me?

      Demons, angels, gods, godesses
      All attend my every whim
      What are they to me?

      I am everywhere
      Unbounded bliss
      Timeless conciousness
      The power behind the power
      Nothing stirs until I move
      I am ever calm
      A mystery even to myself.

      All things arise in me
      All beings owe thier existance to me
      I am unbounded bliss

      Know this and be free.


      Peace - Michael


      Tis theater in the round.
      Actors and audience interchangable
      The words appear magically
      On the blank pages of the script
      Of the never ending story.

      Who is it for?
      Tis a free for all!

      Why does it continue?
      Magical momentum!

      Where will it end?
      Straight up and to the left...


      Peace - Michael


      Unbounded conciousness, you rascal.
      You who created all the worlds and set them in motion.
      On one little ball you created me.
      And formed me and informed me and set me to seeking.

      That I did.

      Seeking and searching for millions of years
      Until at last I found You.
      You tricked me!
      When I found You, I found only myself.
      How the laughter rang out!


      Peace - Michael


      There is no one to defend or to attack.
      I know that you are unbounded conciousness and bliss.
      You're only pretending that there is something to
      defend or attack.

      You are pretending to be individuals!
      Oh! You rascal!


      Peace - Michael


      Jan Barendrecht:

      Perceptiveness absorbed in itself
      The perceiver of the perceiver of the perceiver of...

      Nonplussed ultra,
      or bewildered by non-phenomena,
      not taking place
      as witnessed by a non-ace.

      Perception "changes" the perceived,
      without quantum physics, not believed.
      The perceiver changing the perceiver by perceiving
      Seeing the play of Shiva-Shakti is quite relieving

      For mystics and scientists alike, perception is the key
      that many a philosopher can't see


      Gloria forwarded this:


      (The following was extrapolated from The Religion Division Quarterly, a
      Newsletter of the American Association of Mental Retardation. I'm sorry I
      cannot give credit to its author.)

      A physician was lecturing to a class of medical students. The topic was "The
      Psychological Aspects of Aging." He began with the following case
      The patient is a female who appears her reported age. She neither speaks nor
      comprehends the spoken word. Sometimes she babbles incoherently for hours on
      end. She is disoriented about person, place and time. She does, however,
      seem to recognize her own name. I have worked with her for the past six
      months, but she still does not recognize me.
      She shows complete disregard for physical appearance and makes no effort
      whatsoever to assist in her own care. She must be fed, bathed and clothed by
      others. Because she is toothless, her food must be pureed, and because she
      is incontinent of both urine and feces, she must be changed and bathed
      often. Her shirt is generally soiled from almost incessant drooling. She
      does not walk. Her sleep pattern is erratic. Often she awakes in the middle
      of the night and her screaming awakens others.
      Most of the time she is friendly and happy, however, several times a day she
      gets quite agitated without apparent cause. Then she screams loudly until
      someone comes to comfort her.
      At this point the doctor asked the students how they would feel about taking
      care of a patient such as the one described. The words used to describe how
      they felt were, "frustrated," "hopeless," "annoyed," "depressed," and "let
      the nurses deal with her."
      The physician then stated that he enjoyed taking care of her and thought
      that they would too. The students looked at him in disbelief. Then he put a
      picture of the patient on the overhead... It was his 6 month old daughter.
      After the laughter subsided, he asked why it was so much more difficult to
      care for a 90 year old than a 6 month old with identical symptoms. The
      infant, he said, represents new life, hope and infinite potential. The
      demented senior citizen represents the end of life with little potential for
      growth. Then he said, "We need to change our perspective. The aged patient
      is just as lovable as the child. Those who are ending their lives in the
      helplessness of old age deserve the same care and attention as those who are
      beginning their lives in the helplessness of infancy."
      Comment: As the sacred journey of life nears its end, we must try to retain
      a certain tenderness and understanding. It's going to end for each of us
      someday. The natural sequence of life is death. Death in its natural
      sequence is a healing. It lets one out of a body that has become weak, tired
      and depressed. It lets the soul get on with its being.

      Don Parkison, MD


      Dear NDS:

      white wolfe has just returned from a weekend of (dare I say it?) contemplative
      practice at the San Francisco Zen
      Monastery….after zazen and worship former Abbot Michael Wenger gave a dharma talk on
      the relationship between
      enlightenment…we can talk of not enlightenment, but we cannot talk of
      enlightenment…white wolfe would like to share with
      you his reflections on his nourishing weekend of emptiness and silence in the
      bone-yard of the meditation hall and the
      wisdom-hall of the palace temple ….

      A Koan on Suffering

      A student after many years of practice humbly approached his teacher for instruction
      on the First Noble Truth….

      Student: Beloved Master, does a master suffer?

      Master: My Beloved Student, a master who has ceased to suffer is Nought.

      Student: Does a master suffer as heaven and earth suffer?

      Master: A master who does not suffer as heaven and earth suffer is still a student.

      Student: Does a master suffer as his students suffer?

      Master: A master who does not suffer as his students suffer is not worthy of being a

      Student: Does a master suffer as the ten thousand things suffer?

      Master: A master who does not suffer as all creatures suffer is nought.

      ^^ ~~~~

      further up and further in,

      white wolfe

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