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Tuesday, November 14

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    Thanks Gloria for the fine interview, and thanks Mark (Wolfe) for telling your story. http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/umbada/1100ww.htm love, andrew
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2000
      Thanks Gloria for the fine interview, and thanks Mark (Wolfe)
      for telling your story.




      Greetings to Chilean Dave,

      You wrote (in part):

      "You know Gene, I am convinced that almost every human being,
      deep down inside actually knows what is going on. The
      evidence of suppression is overwhelming. The knowledge is
      kept, securely, umpteen levels below the surface, well out of
      conscious reach."

      Gene replies:

      Yes. I am reminded of the card-game of poker, at which I was
      once a real whiz.

      In poker, if well-played, the players enter deeper and more
      complex levels of 'consciousness'; each player becomes like a
      fortress unto themselves, from which they scan and assess
      each other player. Although it is known that the stakes are
      'merely money', all of the cognitive powers are used to the
      maximum. And so are all of the powers of manipulation,
      learned early in life.

      The composite effect, is a very intense 'win or lose'
      situation, a microcosm of the world-dream.

      Honor serves winning, and honor requires grace in losing.
      Honor here is seen then, as a means of maintenance of
      identity. It is 'bad form' to lose a few bucks and one's mind
      at the same time. Losing is true loss, only if pride is lost
      along with the money.

      Winning is the point of the game, but every game is
      understood to be a capsule lesson in how to play the game. As
      in other forms of gambling, many have sought for an ironclad
      'system' of always winning, but wise players admit that there
      is no such system. Similarly, so much of what goes on in the
      'community of seekers' is actually the trial (by belief and
      faith and hope) of 'systems' which are reputed to guarantee

      I ask, who is it, that is seeking a system for winning, but
      the (self-defined) loser? Perhaps that is why 'seeking' is
      called 'a loser's game'.

      As in poker, all powers are brought to bear, yet winning or
      losing is essentially unpredictable. I say, that it is only
      upon the event of the seeing of the essentially illusory
      nature of 'personal identity', that losing is eliminated as
      an option. _Without the possibility of losing, winning
      becomes moot_.

      Pride, honor, and identity are what is defended, and
      'spiritual systems' are employed to prevent the loss of those
      qualities. Upon recognition that pride, honor and identity
      are the most tenuous of configurations, and that those
      qualities are not 'what I am', there is suddenly no need to
      defend, for what has never really been 'had' can also never
      be 'lost'.

      This brings me back to the poker game scenario; let us see
      the person with unlimited money, playing merely for the
      social event. There is really no loss; everyone is enriched,
      especially the person for whom money is merely a means to an
      end, with no intrinsic value of its own.

      In this game, the one who 'cannot lose' is the one who freely
      gives the energy, which others tend to withhold. In this way,
      the parsimonious are made willing servants of the generous;
      thus we have 'masters' and 'followers', the followers feeding
      delightedly upon the freely given energy of the masters.

      Grace says that it (Grace) is unlimited, and in this, we are
      all of us, wealthy beyond comprehension.

      It is the parsimonious seeker, who hoards, always seeking a
      more generous master. The way of the seeker, is to deny the
      grace of their own life, to emulate one who seems to have
      unlimited energy, one who can establish a 'Buddha-field', who
      can create waves of bliss, to entrain and entrance everyone.
      The garnering of seekers is guaranteed, for there are many
      many more 'anal retentives' than there are generous givers.
      One (as in the parable of the loaves and fishes) may feed
      many, if that one is in Grace as way of Being. But remember,
      that those who are hungry, may learn to feed themselves, by
      opening to Grace.

      As in poker, if losing (identity, pride) is no longer an
      issue, neither is winning. But the hungry will always be
      attracted to those who have energy; in this, it is assured
      that the hungry will form alliances and allegiances, to
      perpetuate a lifeline for themselves, unaware that Grace is

      This is what it means to be in play with a man who 'cannot


      Dear List,

      This is the only essay I've ever written that I've put a
      copyright symbol on. Please ask permission if you wish to use
      it. Thanks.



      The Projection: An Essay (C) Copyright 2000 by Tim Gerchmez.
      Permission to reprint available upon request. Please send
      requests to core@....


      It could be said that everything perceivable and conceivable
      is some sort of projection, very similar to a movie.
      Everything is equally valuable or equally value-less, because
      everything "exists" within the same unreal context. In a
      movie, a bar of gold and a lump of manure have the same
      value, because they are just pictures. Likewise in this
      projection we call "life." There is *nothing*, absolutely
      *nothing* that exists or takes place outside of the
      projection. The idea of escaping or transcending the
      projection takes place within the projection, as do the
      concepts of realization, enlightenment, awakening, ad

      Touch, taste, smell, hearing and eyesight are all within the
      projection. So is every thought, every concept, every
      emotion, the body, the mind, and everything that takes place
      in the body and the mind. Anything you can think of is within
      the projection, including the idea of the projection itself.
      Lack of thought or "empty mind" is also within the

      There is nothing to do but to see the projection as
      projection. This seeing, of course, also takes place within
      the projection.

      This message is not nihilistic, because the concept of
      nihilism is also part of the projection. Nor is it a
      statement of "extreme nondualism," because the concept of
      extreme nondualism is within the projection. Both dualism and
      nondualism, all opposites, are merely concepts within this
      unreal projection. Birth, death, life, all take place within
      the projection. Past, present and future are all part of the
      projection. Time, space and causation are within the

      These words disappear as they are written, taking with them
      their author, his "personal history," the world, the
      universe, and anything that can be conceived of as beyond the


      I do not mean to suggest that one should not take pleasure in
      this projection we call "life." Just take *equal* pleasure in
      all aspects of it - do not prefer one part to another.

      That means taking equal pleasure or enjoyment in love, hate,
      fear, pain, sex, death, birth, boredom, depression, good,
      bad, pretty, ugly, sleep, waking. Do not go to one apparent
      opposite, as most people do. This is a projection, and all
      pictures are equally pictures. The "picture-ness" of a
      certain aspect is no different than any other.

      Take equal pleasure in diamonds, manure, gold, stones, soil,
      urine, feces. They are all the same thing in the projection.
      Preferences ("I like this and dislike that") are the ground
      of ignorance. Take no preference for riches or poverty. They
      are the same.

      Let come what comes, let go what goes. Do you not do this
      when watching a movie? Do you stop the reel and replay a
      scene over and over and over? (perhaps some do, but that's
      not the point). Let the projection unfold, do not pretend to
      pause or rewind it by abusing memory. In a theater, there is
      no "past" in a movie... it unfolds from beginning to end
      without pause. Likewise, there is no future... you do not
      know what will happen. Stay with the projection, flow with

      Let the movie flow from beginning to end, and when it is
      over, let it fade with equanimity, realizing it for the
      temporary projection it is. Actually, do this on a constant
      basis. Let go... let go... let go... let go... let go... The
      "coming" is automatic, the releasing is up to you. Watch
      and/or participate in the projection, knowing full well it is
      a projection, temporary, and that it will end. To say that it
      will end is not speculation, but rooted in a universal
      principle: All temporary things end.

      Live life precisely as if you were an actor in a film,
      knowing the filmstrip is always unreeling and never ceases.
      At first, "the witness" may watch dispassionately, although
      the witness is actually in the picture as well. The witness
      state is impermanent - it comes and goes.

      Watch, participate and enjoy. But do not prefer some aspects
      of the projection over another. In a movie, is a gold bar
      worth more than a lump of excrement? Both are images,
      pictures. Live life this way, and nothing will ever disturb
      again. There will be absolutely no more problems when you
      stop preferring, choosing.

      Let come what comes, let go what goes.

      If birth, life and death are all the same to you, what
      problem could possibly arise? What fear of death could there
      be, knowing the projection as projection? Do you fear the end
      of a movie while watching?


      There is that which is beyond "knowing as being." When there
      is nobody left to be, and the projection is seen as
      projection, there is the void. "Being-knowing" is a teaching
      for those who think they exist.

      We are constantly negating, negating. Negating is a natural
      function, because there is only the void. Even when we do not
      know we are negating, negation continues. There is only

      This futility may be called "Void." "Void" contains all
      "levels" and states. Nothing is ever lost in negation,
      because nothing was there to begin with. It is simply natural
      to negate that which is illusion.

      Illusion continues, and it does not continue. "Void"
      (futility) is not illusion but contains illusion. The word
      "illusion" carries negative connotations for those who wish
      to *be*. There is no beingness in "Void," but nothing is

      Ramana Maharshi said "It is not a void." He was negating.
      Negation and Futility are of the same ilk; Maharshi was
      negating the Void, which is itself Negation. Thus, the spring
      flows eternally back upon Itself. A moment, a photograph of
      that spring was caught when Maharshi uttered the words "It is
      not a void."

      There are not three states: waking, dreaming and deep sleep.
      These three states are nonexistent; there is only one
      continuous state that is not a state. Waking, dreaming and
      deep sleep seem to take place within them, but they do not
      take place, but are all within the projection. Negation
      continues; Futility continues. Everything is continuous when
      the three states are one.

      There is not this; there is not that. It is natural to
      continue in this vein, because the Void is not anything. The
      Void is like an ocean of negation, a fountain forever
      tumbling back upon Itself. It is the mountain spring of
      futility. Yet, nothing is lost. Because of this there is no
      danger, nothing to fear.

      "I am not this, I am not that" are for entities who believe
      they exist, as is the "I AM." The Void never says "I." It
      knows no "I," or anything like it, and the thought or word
      "I" is foreign to it, as are all words and thoughts. It knows
      only Futility, which in action is negation, at rest is
      realization. These things are eternal. They are not beyond
      time and space, which never existed in the first place.

      Negating time and space appears to be natural, because they
      do not exist, yet to negate the nonexistent is foolish. When
      time and space no longer have anybody to appear to, they are
      no longer a concern, but only more concepts within the

      The Void, the Eternal Spring of Futility, has been called
      "The Absolute." The Void does not "mind" its own negation.
      Therefore, it may be said there is no Void either. Negating
      the Void leaves only Void; Taking away from emptiness leaves
      emptiness. Negating the Void is futile, and futility is the
      Void in action. When this spring of futility is discovered,
      it is seen that nothing was left behind, all remains
      unchanged. Vistas beyond imagination are opened, that is all.

      Negation does not end the projection. The projection
      continues, and there is no saying if or when it will end; it
      can only be said that Void is beyond it. There is nobody for
      the projection to appear to, so Void is uncovered as the
      reality "behind" the projection.

      The "nature" of Void remains void; therefore, nothing can be
      said about it. Nothing is being said here; this message only
      points to further futility.


      Since the projection (everything perceivable and conceivable)
      is itself something that can be both perceived and conceived,
      it appears as something similar to an endless hall of

      The projection is perceived within the projection, which is
      perceived within the projection, which is perceived within
      the projection... seemingly endlessly, but with no beginning,
      no cause. The projection itself appears within the

      Thus, in the end, there is a return to reality for those who
      see the projection clearly and deeply, see through it. In
      clear seeing, there is a transcendence, and thus no more
      projection. The seeing, however, must be complete. There must
      be a real knowing of the projection as only projection. Then,
      and only then, this knowing spontaneously goes, to be
      replaced with nothing. "Realization," if it consists of
      anything, consists of only LOSS - loss of concepts (whether
      dearly held onto or despised), loss of endless,
      uncontrollable mind-monkey thought, loss of everything.
      Nothing (and Everything) is the "replacement."

      Within the projection, it's as if we're seeing reality in a
      set of carnival mirrors. One gives the appearance of being
      short, another of being tall, another of a giant torso but
      tiny head and legs, another of stretched head but a
      miniaturized torso and legs.... None of these reflections are

      Knowing the projection as projection, "remembering" it
      regularly in daily life, is bound to result in the
      dissolution of the projection. Any clear seeing of an
      *object* results in the dissolution of that object. The
      Projection is an object - everything perceivable and
      conceivable taken together as a single object. Remove that
      object, see through its apparent reality, and there is only
      Eternal Subject.

      The Buddhists have a saying: First, there are mountains and
      rivers. Then there are no mountains and rivers. Later, there
      are mountains and rivers again.

      Thus ends this series of "teachings." There is nobody here
      'qualified' to be a teacher, but there is always the chance
      these posts may have stirred the reality "within you," the
      "Inner Guru" or "Satguru."



      JERRY: What is spiritual power? It's a good question. What is
      it? I feel that people who have overcome great obstacles in
      life must know spiritual power. However, someone who is using
      nondual knowledge to avoid obstacles, or to pretend the
      obstacles are not there, is failing in the way of spiritual
      power. Spiritual power is real seeing. It's x-ray vision.

      Another good question is, What exactly is the source that one
      resorts to which would provide spiritual power? What's it's
      feel, place, qualities?

      COLETTE: To me Jerry this is where meeting other
      personalities comes in .. I know the Nothing is impersonal &
      many preach That's just It. But I like Almaas believe It
      adores personal .. communion. This to me is where Shiva
      (absolute) adores Shakti (relative) (Impersonal One
      differentiates into many flavours to Taste It Self AS Love
      and .. much more. Nothing Is All the Something. All Brahman.

      This is where the non moving moves. All the same water.

      COLETTE: Well I like to think that power does not mean power
      over others. I like to think it means power to accept we are
      one. If it's over others then that's dualistic imo.

      JERRY: Not power over others, but power OF others, which
      might be what you're saying: to accept we are one. Spiritual
      power is the drumming of truth; nonduality is the silence
      when the drumstick falls through the spaces in the drumskin.

      So going back to what Tim said, I feel there is a wave of
      nondual knowing moving through the populace, however some
      people riding that wave are going to have to back-up and
      re-visit or learn about the secrets of sound and light, the
      inner terrain. The hard work in nonduality isn't the nondual
      knowing itself; it's the movement toward that, the traversing
      of the inner terrain, which might be called a person's life
      and be defined by all the obstacles a person has had to

      Obstacles require a person to seek out the source-lands of
      the inner terrain. The source-lands have qualities of sound
      and light: angelic voices, penetrating mantras, and clarity
      of vision are known. A person comes to resort to the
      source-land. This is a knowing of spiritual power.

      At some point there is movement beyond the source-land and
      into nondual knowing. There are levels of nondual knowing. At
      one level of nondual knowing there is still resort to the
      source-land. Finally there is no more need to resort to the
      source-land, though it can still be done. However, as has
      been said, it is possible to taste of nonduality without ever
      knowing the source-land.

      In descriptions of near-death experiences one hears of a
      dying person travelling to a white light, meeting some being
      there who reveals a secret and then sends the dying one back
      to a lower world and then to the world of the living. In
      esoteric literature it is said that when one dies he might
      travel to the white light and then be sent back to lower
      worlds. The same with the world we are in. A person can come
      to the white light or the realization of nonduality and yet
      need to be sent back to a lower world to learn not only
      spiritual power, but personal power as well. In fact, as I
      see it, we live in many worlds at once; there's no actual
      'being sent back' to any other world. We are in all worlds
      already and sometimes need to do work in one world or




      Walk in the rain, JUMP in mud puddles, Collect rainbows,
      Smell flowers, Blow bubbles, ooOOoo, Stop along the way,
      Build sandcastles, Watch the moon & stars come out,

      Say Hello to everyone, Go barefoot, Go on adventures, Sing in
      the shower, Act silly, Take bubble baths, Get new sneakers,
      and dance the Macarena.

      Fly kites, laugh out loud and cry out loud, wander around,
      wonder (???) about stuff, Feel SCARED, sad, Mad & Happy,

      Give up worry, guilt & shame and in the process re-discover
      our ever existing innocence.

      Say yes & no and the magic words, Ask lots of questions,

      Ride bicycles, Draw, paint & color, See things differently,
      Fall down and get up again, Talk with animals,

      Look at the sky, Trust the Universe for that is trusting

      Climb trees, Take naps, Do nothing, Daydream, Play with toys,
      Play under the covers, Have pillow fights, Learn new stuff,
      Get excited about EVERYTHING,

      Be a clown, Listen to music, Find out how things work,

      Make up new rules, Tell stories,

      Save the World, Make friends,

      and do anything that brings more Happiness, Celebration,
      Relaxation, Communication, Health, Love, Joy, Creativity,
      Pleasure, Abundance, Grace, Self-esteem, Courage, Balance,
      Spontaneity, Passion, Peace, Beauty and Life energy to

      For one has only oneself to give.

      Dobeee Dobeee Doooo Or if you prefer, Ladeee Daaaa Deeee. Or
      one can even go Ghingalaa Laaaaa Ding Ding.



      Although all teachers are ultimately false, a good and
      genuine teacher can be very helpful on the path. Words can
      convey something about the existence of the Truth. The words
      of the wise can bring you to the brink but cannot deliver the
      Truth. That is because You Are Already the Truth. To Know It
      with Supreme Clarity, your sincere longing and aspiration is
      needed. It is only due to Grace that one suffers and reflects
      on the nature of things. Therefore, one should not feel
      hopeless and gradually continue in the company of good people
      who follow the teachings of nonviolence.

      It is only due to Grace, one comes across the purest
      teachings. It is only due to Grace one understands the
      teachings. Clever words and arguments involve the intellect.
      But the highest teachings is a matter of the Heart and It is
      Grace It Self. Such a teaching leads directly to Silence of
      Self-Knowledge and then disappears completely. What can one
      truly say?


      In ancient days, there was a sect of Sadhus in India. People
      said they were totally crazy because their guru advocated
      suicide for everyone. Their philosophy was that the world did
      not really exist, was a miserable illusion, and the only way
      out was to climb the big local mountain and jump off it, head
      first. The guru of the sect was widely respected.

      One day, the king called the guru in and said, "I don't like
      your philosophy at all. It is very stupid. Two people last
      week jumped off the cliff. Some say they were drunk and
      others say they jumped off after visiting your Ashram and
      hearing your lecture. This Sunday, I propose that your group
      gather on the top of the local mountain. I will honor you and
      your group there. After that I will have my people push all
      of you off the cliff. You will be happy to be free of this
      worldly illusion and I will be happy to be free of you."

      The guru said, "I cannot accept your proposal my beloved and
      wise King. Our philosophy is sacred and the teaching must be
      maintained. If me and my group go off the cliff as you
      propose, who will be left to give this sublime and noble
      truth to others? Our ancient and beautiful tradition must
      remain unbroken."

      The king said, "Sublime teachings my foot. This is all a
      bunch of B.S. Why is your noble teaching not an illusion
      along with everything else. You are all total idiots! Please
      be on top of the cliff Sunday morning and I can pay my
      respects to you and your group in a formal sort of way."

      Well, the guru and his followers ran away and never showed up
      on Sunday on top of the local mountain. They applied for
      visas in foreign lands based on religious persecution. Those
      visas were granted and they continued to spread their noble
      and sublime teachings in other lands.

      From the Super Secret Teachings of Harsha



      I think as Maitreya says, typical human love IS conditional,
      but believe it or not, we are only human on the surface.

      What a delicious surprise awaits in the depths below.

      I thank you for reminding me (with this) not to be so grumpy,
      a nice little wake up call.

      In this last couple of days, it has actually been an issue
      for me. I saw myself walking around with potentially powerful
      but practically useless knowledge.

      I have seen here as well, on this list, examples of the same.

      As humans, that most obvious part of us, the conditioning,
      hormones and mechanisms are strung to react, and even in the
      face of indesputable fact, the mechanism continues to funtion
      as a machine.

      No amount of explaination seems effective against this
      powerful machine of habit.

      In my experience, only insight has been able to permit
      significant changes. Insight, doesn't come from any thing,
      although things and incidents at times seem to permit
      insight. It also seems to me that insight is most accessable
      when one opens to unbiased inquiry, and challenges the most
      basic of things.

      The most influencial receptor of insight appears to be the
      heart, a side of me that has only been profoundly touched
      perhaps two times. But it's like a drop of some magic elixer
      in a putrid lake, that radiates out health and clarity for
      all the creatures that it touches.

      But it requires nurturing, the heart is a living entity and a
      solid connection requires the purifying interchange,

      For compassion not to be a sacrifice, open inquiry maintains
      access to insight, which is more than sufficient reward for
      the effort of compassion.



      GLORIA: I'm in dis bar arguin' with dis jerk about Schubert.
      I sez to him, "The essential Schubertian style is in the
      unfolding of long melodies both brusque and leisurely. That's
      the blessed earmark of Schubert's stye and it's all anyone
      needs to sense his distinctive attitude toward musical
      structures." Well, in a high, girlie voice, the jerk tells
      me, "By classical standards, it's a fairly loose
      construction." To which I replies, "Dis is Schubert, tough
      guy, and belaboring him with his musical ancestors is like
      comparing apples to oranges." And then I decked him.


      GLORIA: Hi Ed,
      It's not just "attention"..but people usually give "whatever"
      they would themselves like to receive. Or what they do in
      fact give to themselves. A very critical person tends to be
      self-critical, for example. In general, this behavior
      happens, psychologically level speaking here. People who can
      withstand going it alone, or doing without love and approval
      from others are people who usually received ample amounts in
      childhood. It's not so much they were filled once and for
      all, but they learned to give love unconditionally and
      continuously to themselves by having it modeled. I assumed
      you were just speaking to personality issues, but knowing
      you, it's probably something deeper you are going for
      here..can you say more about it? I can't tell if you are
      referring to a sort of ordinary or ultimate meaning here
      below. Gloria
      ED: Hi Gloria, Marcia, Dan, (and all students of attention)

      Thanks for your inquiry, Gloria. Actually I see the seamless
      interpenetration of both the ordinary and the ultimate. At
      the interface, love or attention given, depending on the
      degree, may fall to one side or the other: a socially
      acceptable ammount given may lead to participation in the
      "world dream"; and when more or less than socially acceptable
      amount is given the recipient may exist beyond the world
      dream, either as a seeker or participant in the cosmic dream.
      My "theory" is that when attention or love is given
      unconditionally, the paradox of attention (both dreams) is
      resolved. This can also be self-realized, provided that
      unconditional attention be proliferated (offered to others),
      as Dan so selflessly does. So you see, we can all become
      enlightened, when we 'really' pay attention.

      Please address questions to the whole class.

      A student of attention

      GLORIA: To whom it may concern:

      What I hear described in this example of Dan's attention (
      and a more stellar example is hard to come by!) is that the
      paradox of this apparent difference at the interface (nice
      word choice, Ed!) is resolved best by giving attention to
      both (dreams is your word choice here?) and not one at the
      expense of the other.

      So, am I understanding what you say here, Ed? Actually, very
      kind of you to pay any attention at all, once Dan has your
      questions already answered! Just being courteous?

      Love, Glo


      Hi Gang,

      I bought another book in Santa Fe... (surprise, surprise!)
      It's Soul Food, edited by Jack Kornfield and Christina
      Feldman, and this is a short excerpt:

      A man walking through the forest saw a fox that had lost its
      legs and wondered how it lived. Then he saw a tiger come in
      with game in its mouth. The tiger had its fill and left the
      rest of the meat for the fox. The next day, God fed the fox
      by means of the same tiger. The man began to wonder at God's
      greatness and said to himself, "I too shall just rest in a
      corner with full trust in the Lord and he will provide me
      with all I need." He did this for many days, but nothing
      happened, and he was almost at death's door when he heard a
      voice say, "O you who are in the path of error, open your
      eyes to the truth! Follow the example of the tiger and stop
      imitating the disabled fox."



      Dear Dan...

      This morsel got my unconditional attention:

      "The delusion is that there ever could be something outside
      of awareness from which awareness could "get" something. And
      of course, without this delusion, we'd never have this
      incredible machine of advertising, consumerism, greed,
      narcissism, etc...

      My theory is that "now" splits itself "now" into a receiver
      and giver of attention because "now" is "now" doing that,
      based on attributing what is happening "now" to "the past".
      And my theory is that "now" can't help doing that because
      whatever "now" is doing "now" is being done by "now", right

      This theory has been verified in actual "face to face"
      conversations. The darndest thing happens; there are suddenly
      two of us talking, paying attention to each other...a "me"
      and a "you". Can you believe that awareness could be so
      divided!! Of course we see the delusion and think...what fun
      this is.

      What were you saying?

      Attentively yours



      Dear Ed-ifying One,

      The apparent split happens
      spontaneously and instantly,
      although taken by "consensus
      awareness" as a real development
      that occurred in the past
      (e.g., with "birth").

      The apparent split occurs
      prior to being able
      to recognize a situation
      as "me talking to another".

      The spontaneous and immediate
      activity of "splitting"
      is the nonverbal orientation
      to a position from which
      awareness "looks out",
      "senses things", etc.

      This nonverbal orientation
      is the foundation for the
      verbalizable comprehension
      "I am talking to someone".

      If awareness instantly
      "notices" this "whole scenario"
      without ignore-ance,
      there isn't any "real split".

      Taking the apparent split as real
      is ignore-ance,
      (the missing of the illusion
      as illusion). Ignore-ance is sudden and
      unconscious positioning
      in "time", as a separated awareness
      which is situated in an ongoing
      drama. The ongoing drama is
      taken as the sole reality, and the
      split then is (mis) understood
      as independently existing reality.

      Awareness "now" reverses this
      taking of illusion as reality.

      Call this "knowing" or "un-knowing" --
      it is awareness able to comprehend
      the situated drama as illusion relative
      to unfixed awareness, yet to
      know the illusion, as illusion,
      is appropriate, never
      disturbing original awareness".

      A common misunderstanding is that
      awareness dismisses the world as
      an illusion, as nonexistent. No.
      The world is "seen" as not an independent
      reality - the "illusion" is the situating
      of awareness as an entity in the world
      as if the world had independently existing
      things and beings.

      Suddenly, there is only reality.

      So while I am talking to you,
      while I can see you, awareness
      is never actually located.

      "To be in the world but not
      of the world"

      Now, attention isn't coming from
      any location. It isn't attending
      to something. Yet all this
      appears - "I" can "pay attention"
      to a tree outside my window
      or the computer screen...

      Nothing that is appearing is separate
      or other, yet I am perfectly aware
      that if I am to meet you for lunch,
      you will come from your house and
      I will come from mine.

      Paradox anyone?




      A messenger ( in the form of a relationship ) knocks on our
      door with a message.

      We can choose to focus primarily on the 'message', or on the
      'messenger' itself. It's our choice.

      I've discovered that the more I tend to focus my attention on
      the 'messenger',

      the less likely I am to ever take delivery of the 'message'.
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