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Monday November 13th

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  • andrew macnab
    Nonduality Salon Magazine is now called Nonduality for the People and is no longer a monthly magazine, but a continuously updated portion of the website. I
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      Nonduality Salon Magazine is now called Nonduality for the People and is
      no longer a monthly magazine, but a continuously updated portion of the
      website. I think you'll find in the new batch of articles something for


      --Jerry Katz


      There is only enlightenment to be found anywhere, nothing to seek and
      nothing to change. Dive in, everyone!




      Patience is not seen from here as a virtue, but more
      a quality found in those who neither expect, nor demand,

      that people/events should unfold a certain way.

      And thus a doctor who is *patient* would simply
      do what was before him to do (such as sew stitches
      in someone's skull, and prescribe appropriate
      follow up care) WITHOUT yelling thru a loud speaker
      ......announcing to the entire hospital that the person
      he was treating was an 'abject slave'.....was
      nothing more than someone's "puppet".... whose
      presence makes him so sick he could throw up.



      White Wolfe:

      Stop. Silence. Stillness. Reach out in humility and receive with empty hands, and
      clear eyes what cannot be grasped or seen...

      She who cannot be held and whose name cannot be spoken is outside you....
      Your empty heart is full and ready to give because your Sacred Heart is full of
      He who cannot be seen and whose name cannot be spoken is within you...
      Your blind eyes see and your mind ready to give because your Mystic Mind is full of



      Total nothingness ignoring! (as opposed to not ignoring) of another!

      It brings to mind a Universal Being, that is only interested in THIS,
      or is that the problem? Too much interest in THIS, too much focus? The
      interest in THIS is not the Universal Being, nor is THIS, but for THIS
      we (may) see IT (by default).


      Sandeep and Marcia:

      > > M:
      > > I did go to a slumber party with a group of friends of twenty-five
      > > years. I was trying to intuit in the moment some feelings and
      > > my friend kept asking for examples and finally I said this was
      > > very frustrating as she was asking me to switch from feeling
      > > in the moment to thinking about feeling.
      > S:
      > Feeling in the moment is always impersonal.
      > Thinking about feeling is in time, in recollection, in memory (could be just
      > half a second later) and is always by the 'me".
      > > M:
      > > There is a big
      > > difference of which I am suddenly very aware.
      > S:
      > What was the difference that you have become aware of?

      Location in the body. Feeling in the moment located primarily
      in the chest area. Sensing my entire body and feeling in the
      chest area. She kept pulling me to think about which seems
      to be located in the head. Feeling in the moment seems in
      tune with what is coming through or seeping through whereas
      trying to find an example ssems to be in the scanning mechanism
      in the head. I mean, I felt like I was in the moment describing
      feeling in the moment so the example was right there now.
      One friend kept asking what I was feeling when my other friend
      kept asking for an example and I said frustration. Frustration
      cause the feeling was be disrupted. Make sense?




      I am convinced that almost every human being, deep
      down inside actually knows what is going on. The evidence of suppresion
      is overwhelming. The knowledge is kept, securely, umpteen levels
      below the surface, well out of conscious reach.

      Even when they're saying yeah, uh huh, yup, um hmm, even when they're
      asking for knowledge.

      The full context of existence permits expansion of the paradigm beyond
      the physical. The physical context is incomplete and is evidenced by
      anomolies in structure, like infinity, which physically can't be, but
      is evident, like I AM, which can't be but seems evident, and I'm sure you
      name numerous others, which itself is impossible but I'm sure you would
      agree is also evident.

      Well, I'm rambling on. Unfortunate that the ears that understand are
      the ones that already know.

      Thanks Anyways,



      *The Attention Game*

      Dear Ed,

      I enjoy hearing your thoughts on this
      very much.
      You had my undivided attention.

      Hey, if I've now got yours, let
      me tell you a paradoxical, ambiguous and wise
      nondual story. It's for your further
      edification of course. Once there
      was this priest who wanted attention.
      But when he asked his parish for attention,
      they thought he said, "a tension." So,
      they all started yelling at him in unison
      about all his flaws and short-comings.
      He got an ulcer.

      Pretty eddie-frying, huh?

      Anyway, enough of me talking about me.
      What do you think of me?

      O.K., as (if?) you've suffered through the
      preceding bullshit, I will now
      state uniquivocally that you are
      on to something.

      Images coming to mind regarding what
      you say about attention:

      Hitler in front of the masses ...
      the Pope speaking in Vatican Square...
      the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones,
      Michael Jackson, 'N Sync on tour...

      Adi Da, Osho,
      Jim Jones, David Koresh speaking
      for hours to enthralled disciples...
      Jesus on the Mount, the Buddha
      with his disciples, Mohammed
      speaking of visions...

      All the politicians giving speech
      after speech
      All the stage hypnotists doing their

      All the lovers enraptured with each
      other, until it wears off, and
      is heard, "...you're not paying
      attention to me anymore" or
      "I just fell out of love with you"...

      Not to mention, the television set attracting the
      entranced attention of millions of viewers.

      Well, the list goes on and on --
      and all the audiences giving
      their undivided attention
      unconsciously hoping for
      ...something special...
      to be in the presence of
      greatness, to be witnessing
      a historical moment...
      or at least to be entertained
      and forget their suffering for
      a moment ...

      Well, your story about attention
      as a causal factor in suffering
      is fine, and then there's this:

      There is nothing to cause attention
      to be diverted to something "out there"...

      There is nothing there until attention
      believes/perceives something out there
      to give attention to, and to receive
      attention from ...

      There is nothing there until awareness
      believes/perceives itself to have
      lost something (e.g. undivided attention/love)

      So, really, the question is, how does
      anything "other" come to be perceived
      by awareness in the first place, and
      how does awareness perceive itself
      as lacking something from outside
      of itself (i.e., needing unconditional
      attention) in the first place?

      Many theories abound (Greg's idea of
      creation stories fits here)...
      many spiritual theories talking about
      the attraction/experience of
      materiality, splitness, duality ...

      Follow this closely and you'll see, it
      starts right here, now.
      The only reason there seems to be games
      being played for attention is because
      right now, here, there is this split
      in awareness which is attributed
      to a past event (e.g., the child wanted
      unconditional love but didn't get it, etc.)

      How is this split occurring right now, this
      instant, here? (I assure you, now that
      I have your attention, that it does indeed
      begin and end here.) Because the
      instant there can be believed to be
      a past, a memory of something that happened
      to me -- that perception of something
      outside has already "now" split "now".

      Now, attention can "heal" itself.
      Awareness can re-cognize that the past
      actually *is* "now", and therefore
      isn't what it appears to be perceptually
      (i.e., a record of events that happened to "me"
      from things outside of me)

      The delusion of time happening to an entity
      can end right here, now, and then it doesn't
      matter if I get or don't get attention...

      (Is anyone reading this?)

      The delusion is
      that there ever could be something outside
      of awareness from which awareness could "get"
      something. And of course, without this
      delusion, we'd never have this incredible
      machine of advertising, consumerism, greed,
      narcissism, etc...

      My theory is that "now" splits itself "now" into
      a receiver and giver of attention because
      "now" is "now" doing that, based on attributing
      what is happening "now" to "the past".
      And my theory is
      that "now" can't help doing that because whatever
      "now" is doing "now" is being done by "now",
      right "now"...

      See? It all makes sense "now"...
      Doesn't it?

      Well, maybe not...

      Thanks for your kind attention...




      Tim, the people on this list don't realize that what they're doing is
      suffering, in fact, they even enjoy it! :-) I mean, they scream, hollar
      and complain and all that baloney, but they really love it. :-) They
      love their ignorance so. :-)
      If one of them were truly to come face to face with their suffering, I
      guarantee you, they'd bring an end to it post haste! :-)
      Faster than you could shake a stick at. :-)

      Happy Days,

      Omkara posted:

      The undisturbed state of being is bliss; the disturbed
      state is what appears as the world. In non-duality
      there is bliss; in duality - experience. What comes
      and goes is experience with its duality of pain and
      pleasure. Bliss is not to be known. One is always
      in bliss, but never blissful. Bliss is not an attribute.

      - Nisargadatta Maharaj

      Bliss is Eternal,
      even though it appears to arise when the mind dies.
      Bliss is not an experience, it is your nature.
      This is the Heart of the Wise.
      This Gift is always calling to everyone,
      "You are seated in the Heart of all Beings."
      This is the Truth: Your face shines.

      - Papaji
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