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Thursday November 9th

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  • andrew macnab
    Snip from a conversation; Tim: Buddha would never have gotten tired enough to sit under the tree without first breaking his ass. Sandeep: That is correct Tim.
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      Snip from a conversation;

      Buddha would never have gotten tired enough to sit
      under the tree without first breaking his ass.

      That is correct Tim. And that is why my suggestion that nothing which gets to occur in
      phenomenality is inappropriate, whether it be a futile attempts of trying to break
      ass, one's own or somebody else's, or whether it be the cessation of the focus on the


      >Right now I am ambivalent. My mind is telling me I should listen to
      >my friend and my mind (?) is telling me bullshit. But I can't quite
      >let go and trust myself. I don't think anyone can tell me what I
      >should/shouldn't do but......on the other hand I can't trust that.
      >Does this make sense?

      Marcia, which of these many 'I'-voices will you be influenced by? Or
      can you abide the storm, relax, and have a mint julep, knowing full
      well that you own the entire universe?

      >I just think it is total bullshit to tell me I need to go sit in
      >front of a teacher and have them teach me how to do but on the other
      >hand I am lazy and indulgent.

      Your laziness and indulgence would make you a perfect teacher of 'abiding'.

      Abiding myself,

      ==Gene Poole==


      Hi Good Friends,

      I bought several books in Santa Fe (and I'm trying to justify my
      spending spree by posting them all... hee, hee, hee.)

      Well, there is obviously a lot of talk about ultimate freedom on these
      lists, as is certainly reasonable, and there is also talk about
      practices. I hear several folks suggesting that practices and ultimate
      freedom are less strongly linked than those of us who are advocating
      practices like to think, and I think that makes sense. As I was reading
      the introduction to a book of stories (Soul Food: Stories to Nourish the
      Soul edited by Jack Kornfield and Cristina Feldman - see Jerry and
      Harsha, even the cool guys are getting into the populist lit... I see
      it as Jack's version of Chicken Soup for the Soul, a popular series...
      well anyway, that's not the point I want to make here...). As I was
      reading the intro, I came across this passage:

      "We have all experienced moments of revelation, of profound opening.
      These moments seem to touch us in an unexpected fashion, yet they can
      make a transformative impression upon us. It may be a moment of walking
      in nature when the chatter of our mind suddenly stills, and in the
      silence we experience deep sensitivity and harmony. It may be a moment
      when, conversing with a troubled friend, we feel our judgements drop
      away and our hearts open. We know ourselves to be totally present, the
      barriers between self and other melt, and the natural radiance of our
      own compassion emerges. It may be a moment alone, when our need for
      busyness and the clamoring of our thoughts cease. In that stillness we
      experience an aloneness that knows no loneliness or alienation but that
      speaks of a rich completeness and oneness with the rhythms of the entire
      universe. These moments offer us a glimpse of our own possibilities."

      Well, I ask you if you recognize what Jack is talking about, and I say
      if you do, then you KNOW IT. (I like the fact that Jack doesn't
      capitalize his key words, but hey...) I also am realizing that I don't
      much care about the label that is put on the experience. I have it and
      then later on I get caught up in my monkey mind, so is it
      "enlightenment"? Am I experienced as Jimi Hendrix used to ask? Will it
      last next time? If not, can I get it back again? Who fucking cares?
      The point is that I like feeling that heart opening, so I intend to
      allow it as often as I can. I call this practice because I am
      practicing this feeling. It's like practicing the piano. Does hitting
      the same notes over and over make you a good piano player? I suggest the
      answer is no. I think real practicing of piano playing is noticing once
      or twice during a practice session that it "feels right" and then going
      after that feeling until it becomes natural. So I suggest just paying
      attention and noticing when you feel the way that Jack describes (it
      happens all the time, but we rush around so much, we don't usually
      notice it) and then when you really can feel it and know it, you can see
      what actions bring it back, and you practice those actions, so that
      other people's advice becomes irrelevant after awhile because you
      recognize it yourself. We have endless arguments about what makes it
      happen because what makes it happen for each of us is different, so
      learn to trust your own experience of it, and you can practice it
      however you like.

      Love, Mark
      ps Ivan, "who am I?" I am the question "Who am I?" asking itself
      endlessly, joyously, creatively, with love. Yum. Yes, I know this. Yes,
      I am still seeking. Yes, it's fun.


      Jan B.:

      ...my brother's dog and cat, ... would open the fridge in a joint effort to binge
      on raw liver, but refused to drink a plate of fresh, good quality blood that I was
      losing due to an injury. The animals were
      looking very reproachfully at me but I almost felt insulted :) This however opened the
      eyes to the fact that
      sublimation/transmutation of feelings isn't limited to humans only :)

      / ___ \
      <( @ @ )>
      \ = /
      ///// ^^^^^^^^^ \\\\\
      || ||
      ^^ ^^

      > Does anyone share the feeling that communicating on this E-Group
      > is sometimes like being with a group of people and everyone
      > is speaking at the same time? Shelly.

      You should try the chat room! Especially when Gene Poole's holding
      court. I don't have the address for it, but it's on my home page:

      Maybe we could plan a Sunday night bash? Gene?


      Aye, Cap'n!

      All hands on deck, Sunday PM. Shall we say, 6 PM, Pacific Standard
      Time? Those in conflicting time zones may come earlier, it is always

      Here is the URL to go to and bookmark for when that time comes:


      Between now and then, clean out those scuppers, and trim
      that mainsail...

      ==Gene Poole==

      And BTW, I am still holding to the hope that I can interest some of
      you in live real-time video/audio/keyboard chat.

      Go to this URL to download a FREE client, for PC or Mac:

      <http://www.ivisit.com> (eye-visit... get it?)

      You can participate even if you do not have a cool webcam or
      microphone. You can still see and hear those who are so-equipped, and
      you can chat via keyboard.

      This is better software than the popular CUSeeMe thingy, and is
      totally free, no ads or other garbage.

      If you do have a webcam (or even a camcorder and proper interface
      cable), you will be able to share your shining visage with one and


      Hi Marcia,

      you said:

      So perhaps the problem is that I am having a problem.
      And the problem is that someone I love is telling me
      I have a problem. I could just declare that I am on
      the security square and be done with it. I think that
      is my biggest problem. I am fine and then someone
      comes along and pushes on me and I fall over.


      This quote from Anthony deMello comes to mind:
      To a disciple who begged for wisdom
      the Master said, "try this out: Close
      your eyes and see yourself and every
      living being thrown of the top of
      a precipice. Each time you cling to
      something to stop yourself from falling,
      understand that it is falling too....."

      The disciple tried it out and never
      was the same again.

      An this story that Mary Bianco told me also comes to mind:

      It was getting dark. A skier did not see the edge of the cliff and fell
      off. As he is falling he grabs on
      to a branch. He held on as long as he could and died doing so. He was
      found later. The branch which he had clung to had only been a few feet
      from the ground.

      I say just let go and fall; there is no bottom.

      Love, Mark


      It happens. When the eternity is reduced to the moment, and the moment
      vanishes into emptiness, one knows one's own immediacy as not separate from
      oneself. When it happens, one knows that something has happened, and that it
      has always been happening, and how utterly amazing, that it always has been
      happening, not as a separate happening, but as the continuous, unbreakable
      happening that is transparent to itself. That happening is you.

      Love to all

      So, you are describing itself
      to itself without any distance
      between yourself and itself?


      >Both within and between the lines of these words are sharks, tigers,
      >lions, gangsters with automatic weapons, nuclear weapons, killing knives
      >and crossbows, 'smart bombs', cobras and asps.


      Asps rearranged spells spas.
      Crossbows rearranged spells
      boss crows.

      Clearly, this is a coded message
      meaning that mobs of boss crows
      will smarten the bras of a company.

      That's as far as I've gotten in
      decoding the message "within
      and between the lines".

      I'm scared to go further as the cups
      on my desk are moving about,
      and the furniture is rearranging

      Otto, I don't think we're in
      Sanka's anymore.
      (the wise will decipher this
      sentence, also the preceding

      Thanks for alerting us to the
      power of this message, Tim,
      and I can only guess at its
      scope. The unwary may find the
      remains of their reality
      unscrambing as eggs pour
      themselves back from
      their frying pans into
      their shells.



      Some say that Enlightenment is "sudden", as if struck by lightening, and one
      is never the same. Some say that Realization takes place "gradually" and
      just as the clouds evaporate and dissipate with the wind and the rain, Sun
      eventually shines brightly. Both views are meaningful and may be helpful. No
      perspective can embrace the Truth without a frame of reference and yet Truth
      embraces all perspectives and admits no reference point. There is no point
      in clinging to either the "sudden" path or the "gradual" path, and no point
      in resisting clinging. Having nothing to gain or lose, the wise ones are
      comfortable supporting many perspectives and do not mind inconsistencies.

      Love to all


      Splish, splash, I was taking a bath.

      Sandeep jumped in, and the bathtub went crash!

      Wu, wei, I had a good day!

      Heard myself exlaim,
      feelin' no pain:

      "neti -- not,
      let's thicken the plot"

      And splish, splash, I jumped
      back in the bath ...

      The tub was gone
      but the party's goin' on!



      Mid-Morning Meditation

      Stop just now. Silence. Stillness. Allow yourself to Touch and Be Touched!

      What matters most is what happens within:
      look to what is pure;
      hold to what is simple;
      let go of self-interest;
      temper your desire.

      further up and further in,

      white wolfe


      ....this story that Mary Bianco told me also comes to mind:

      It was getting dark. A skier did not see the edge of the cliff and fell
      off. As he is falling he grabs on
      to a branch. He held on as long as he could and died doing so. He was
      found later. The branch which he had clung to had only been a few feet
      from the ground.

      I say just let go and fall; there is no bottom.

      Love, Mark


      ...It has been dawning on me that it is all about feeling. I am so tired of listening
      to others but especially myself tell me what I should and shouldn't do and should and
      shouldn't feel. It is that inner critic constantly blabbing away. I just don't have to
      listen anymore or I can listen with compassion and humor. No techniques including no
      techniques. Just gives it strength. I think I have finally 'figured out' <s> what not
      letting the right hand know what the left hand is doing, means.



      > Ok, I got a question. When you're playing golf, and the ball goes
      in the
      > hole,
      > is it sudden or gradual?
      > Judi
      sudden of course. Unless you have instant replay and watch the ball
      drop in the cup in slo-mo. The ball going into the cup is always
      sudden (even on a 4" putt) but there is a hell of a lot of gradual
      work to get it to the cup.

      There is only enlightenment and it doesn't happen - that is observation, not argument.
      Regarding the veiling mind, the metaphor
      of a multi-blade propeller. When the focus is on the blades unmoving, they seem to
      veil "what is behind" and that notion remains
      when the blades are turning so fast that "what is behind" shows clearly. According to
      my memory, the focus on the propeller
      blades is the moment the basic feelings in a newborn arise for the first time (like
      hunger, thirst, having to pee and to shit) and
      unless a miracle happens (like "enlightened" parents who notice and respond
      accordingly), monkey mind starts to develop.

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