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#5216 – Conversation between Dh anya Durga Moffitt & Jody Radzik

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  • Jerry
    Please visit the following link to read today s Nonduality Highlights:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2014
      Please visit the following link to read today's Nonduality Highlights:


      Here's a bonus feature not contained in the blog version in the Highlights, from Anamika:

      Life without stories

      Soo interesting to see that the person
      we think we are is only held up by all
      the stories we keep telling ourselves.

      I am so and so, have such a character, these habits
      my likes and dislikes, inclinations, my past,
      my history, my trauma's, my goals and future dreams etc etc.

      And we keep the stories alive by:
      believing them,
      telling them to others,
      regurgitating them over and over again ( repetitive thoughts )

      So basically what we do, by believing all the stories,
      we construct the little robot, the person, the me.
      ( see the amazing creative power of consciousness at work )

      So what happens when we stop believing the stories,
      and stop telling them to others,
      and see that the repetitive thoughts are just another stream of thoughts which do not have any reality beyond the value we give them???

      What remains without stories?

      Aren't you curious....?

      And who wants to know?

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