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Nondual Digest for Friday, July 18

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Hello. The Nondual Digest is a sampling of the best posts appearing on the Nonduality Salon mailing list each day. It is sent out once a day and there is no
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      Hello. The Nondual Digest is
      a sampling of the 'best' posts
      appearing on the Nonduality
      Salon mailing list each day. It
      is sent out once a day and
      there is no discussion on this
      list. It was created as an
      alternative to negotiating the
      often heavy flow of email
      traffic on Nonduality Salon.

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      Nondual Digest please click


      Sunday, July 18th was a
      *remarkably* prolific day for
      the NDS and no digest can
      possibly do justice to the
      prodigious energy and insight
      that manifested on the list
      on that extraordinary day.
      Nevertheless, I have agreed
      to try, and I do so with the
      proviso the absence of any
      post or poster does *not* in
      any dismiss or denigrate the
      words of that post or poster.
      On with the impossible...

      From Gene Poole:

      It is not necessary to remove
      mind, only to let it collide
      with the unknown, in the
      discipline of refusal to paint
      a familiar (remembered)
      picture upon the visage of the
      unknown. In this collision of
      mind with unknown, unknown is
      then unjudged; unknown is thus
      not subject to the familiar
      conditions which define what
      difference-mind has decided is

      Also from Gene:

      Mind may conclude, when it
      concludes that there is no
      difference between difference
      and non-difference. Upon
      conclusion of mind, there is
      no difference; upon conclusion
      of mind, awareness continues...

      No escape,

      No remedy,

      No problem.

      ...and one more from Gene:

      The human heart is the final

      A heart becomes liquid, old
      rigidities become flow; tears
      nourish the heart; youth is
      regained, as the casts of past

      What I have found of value, is
      found by finding myself in
      others; that another may find
      themself in me, is my greatest
      and rarest joy.

      I find in myself, those whom I
      love. I nourish and nurture
      them. Tears are healing.

      From newcomer Kristie Shelloner:

      As I have more experiences of
      expanded awareness ( I believe),
      I am also exploring a new kind
      of terror. If awareness confers
      a sense of oneness and joy, a
      sense of limitlessness and
      absolute acceptance of the
      present moment, then what is the
      point of the intellect and what
      purpose does it serve to think
      thoughts beyond those which
      absorb the self into the present
      moment. The one thing I seem
      unwilling to relinquish is an
      attachment to my intellectual
      self. Does this make sense to
      anyone out there?

      Kristie later asked:

      The truth now, please! How do
      you guys maintain a state of
      awareness throughout the busy-
      ness of life in this world?

      From Xan:

      Some one said, "The intellect
      makes a good servant but a
      really, really, really bad

      Recognizing oneness and joy
      is much too simple for the
      It's too simple for words,
      and too simple even to talk
      So I'll shut up.

      Xan again:

      You are the bliss of your own
      awareness and the silence of
      your heart. You *have*
      intelligence, but it is not
      what you are. You may think
      you know this already, but
      fear is always a sign of
      identification with something
      that is not real and eternal
      and can therefore be lost.
      Since an identity of qualities,
      intelligence being one, is not
      real its surrender would be
      your greatest gain.


      From List Owner Jerry Katz:

      If you are stuck on solving
      the duality/nonduality
      problem, you will never
      progress, and some people are
      stuck on it. They need to
      grapple with it. But there's
      no need to grapple with it.
      You know the nondual moment,
      and you move into the nondual
      moment, and the children show
      up and there are dealings with
      their father, and you are in
      the nondual moment and the
      dealings are done and a
      fisherman stops and talks to
      you about the price of salmon
      and the fisheries today, and
      you are in the nondual moment
      and you never leave and have
      never left.

      From Dan Berkow:

      I look to these day-to-day
      realities to contribute the
      learning and energy that is my
      path in the world of "sensory
      awareness". Senses and
      perceptions are nonexpendable
      emanated expressions of Energy-
      Awareness. These "dualistic"
      experiences instruct "me" in
      "nonduality". The less there
      is a "me" who is struggling
      with work, family, time-limits,
      the more "I" am learning. In
      honesty, this learning has
      been, at times, very

      From the one-named Aleks:

      ultimately, if the margins be
      the *edge*-- where the sea
      meets the shore those who have
      not been eclipsed by the wave
      are on the margins. . . i like
      the sea margin as metaphor for
      the *edge*, as it is always
      shifting. . ..

      alas. . .being an outsider--
      is this a cosmic head start
      program? :)

      it is grace which "pushes us
      out the door"--sets us apart.
      it is grace that shows us that's
      where the action is! outside
      the boundaries. . . the
      outsider, the marginalized-- is
      there less fear of the unknown,
      as the quality of life has
      prepared one to *expect* less
      or nothing? less effort?
      less attachment?

      From Melody, a song:

      We dance atop the ocean.

      Waving, frolicking,

      Yet, underneath the
      sometimes tumultuous,
      sometimes peaceful

      movements of life,

      the Ocean Is.

      A contemplation from Melody:

      The Cross

      The vertical world,
      the world of I AM.
      The Tree of Life
      ...kingdom of Heaven.

      The horizontal world,
      the world of duality.
      The Tree of Knowledge
      ...of good and evil.

      Christ IS
      at the Center
      of these two

      And is the portal
      from one world
      to another.

      At the Heart
      of every cross
      we bear,

      Is a doorway.

      The door is
      simply marked,


      From Marcia Paul:

      I notice that when I wake up
      in the morning if I can not
      put "Marcia" on and just
      gently bring my awareness back
      to the sensation in my body
      over and over again I seem to
      be able to actually accumulate
      something. If feels like a
      finer substance. I feel real.
      But if I once start to follow
      a thought and begin to work it
      so to speak it becomes harder
      and harder to get back to the
      place of self remembering. So
      what I am saying is that for
      me it is important not to be
      tempted. Not even once. Because
      once "Marcia" is on sometimes
      she is really stuck on good. :-)

      From Tim Gerchmez:

      We can hold onto nothing for
      even a microsecond. Everything
      is impermanent, changing, in
      the process of flux (or so it
      seems). To cling to anything,
      to attach to anything will only
      produce misery, because we're
      trying to claim an island of
      stability for ourselves in a
      sea of constant change, and
      there is no such island... so
      we make one up and sit alone on
      it and suffer. Hold on to
      nothing. Let it all go... the
      past and the future. Flow with
      change. Dissolve in it.
      Become it. When this is done,
      causation ceases as well, and
      we have our island, and it is
      real, not imaginary, and
      everyone and everything is on
      it with us.

      Once it is seen that there is
      no space and no time, and thus
      nothing is happening or can
      ever happen, let this
      realization permeate the
      deepest levels of
      consciousness, and promptly
      drop all these ideas when
      they're no longer needed.
      Drop them without hesitation,
      without fear. Then you are
      the Absolute, and it is ended.
      Duality is finished. It never
      had a chance. It never WILL
      have a chance, because it is

      The concepts of "stillpoint"
      and "locus of awareness" are
      false. I am everywhere and
      nowhere, there is no locus. I
      am everything and nothing. I
      am all of time embodied in
      timelessness. I am timeless,
      spaceless, bodiless, luminous
      awareness -- not a speck of
      awareness, but *all* of
      awareness. I am Humanity; I
      am the Human Condition. I am
      Absolute Being - Consciousness
      - Bliss.

      Another from Tim:

      Boredom is a gift of grace.
      If you ever feel bored, know
      that you are blessed, because
      the state of boredom is a state
      of detachment from samsara. It
      is uncomfortable for that very
      reason, but Grace is calling
      you to replace it with
      something else. If you ever
      feel bored, sit or lie down
      somewhere and abide. BE.
      Contemplate your nothingness.
      The sense of boredom will vanish
      into Joy.

      Tim sums up:

      I sense a strange synchronicity
      and amazing movement of Grace on
      this list these past few days
      beyond anything I've yet seen.
      It parallels the movement of
      Grace in my own life lately
      (world as mirror). The answers
      to all the questions I've never
      asked are bubbling to the surface
      here, as I sit writing this in a
      state of inner bliss. I'm
      sitting on the crossroads of
      Forever, ready to sink into Self.
      Come with me!

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