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NDS highlights for Saturday, October 29

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  • Melody
    SKY: Words vibrate through my body to resonate with other bodies, generally in the form of words and symbols, but also, textures and temperatures, colors and a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2000

      Words vibrate through my body to resonate with other bodies,
      generally in the form of words and symbols, but also, textures and
      temperatures, colors and a panoply of sensations infinite and
      unpredictable. Each cell, I find, is imprinted with memories of all
      has experienced and each cell speaks to me with both the tenderness
      and the insult it has felt from a universe of both gentle and

      I'm but a trembling rabbit, heart pounding, in the arms



      wrestling enlightenment is like trying to grab hold of
      mercury from a thermometer. You grab it and try to hold it in your
      hand and the tighter you try to hold it the quicker it escapes
      without you knowing it so you open your hand believing it has given
      up and it is gone. haha, the jokes on you.



      Perhaps it could be helpful to consider a life form as a unit of
      biological responsiveness. Whatever initiative or action is taken, it
      always turns out to be a response to something "underneath". The
      nicety is that by responding, the responsiveness will change along:
      the analogy is self-modifying code in computers.



      i first started the realizers/confessors list, it was the first to put
      'regular people' alongside famous teachers/enlightened ones. but it
      stemmed from my realization as a boy sitting in hebrew school and
      hearing about moses and them guys: i knew there and then that i was
      different from moses or anyone else; i had the same inner knowing, the
      same sense of self. moses was not more special than me. in fact, i
      was/am moses. now there is another movement happening in the world.
      really it hasn't even happened yet.



      Impunity says,
      Impurity prompts;
      Immunity does.

      No impurity,
      No purity;
      At parity.



      A gasping question arising with me now is whether the
      'unlimited' "me" as pure awareness -a most often *concept*
      becoming more an event- must eventually be throttled by the
      forces of evolution, (including physical, biological, and social
      evolution) carrying "me" hopelessly, grasping and screaming, in
      its currents.

      o O
      O o



      Softly, softly, softly.

      A good runner leaves no tracks,
      even when running over fresh snow.
      The best prey leaves no scent
      Like the wind, it has no direction.

      The dis-ease of brinkmanship returns: "I am wittier than thou, more
      enlightened than thou, more PC than thou..."

      Duality certainly is alive and well at the Non Duality Salon, perhaps
      should be the Non Non Duality Salon.

      white wolfe embraces you all he sees himself in you all. that is why
      keeps running, every time he finds himelf deluded with delusions of
      non-duality, duality drops him to his knees one more time (as in this
      if he observes his existential self trapped in dualistic knee-jerk
      reactionary relationships with others (as when I am writing this), is
      still trapped in duality? who is watching? what lies beyond...

      i guess i remain in the game because

      i am in the game, and enjoy the chase, because i am the prey i play
      does this mean i am not as I thought, a wolfe, but, rather a deer
      since we
      are what we eat! maybe i should change my name to "bambi" - naw! i
      like to
      howl and whine too much.



      reaching the beloved

      "He that keeps you will not slumber."
      -Psalm 121:3

      reaching for something,
      what is it?
      it's like this
      ever since I can remember.
      Why was I, will there be purpose?

      remains like this:
      a long journey of loneliness.
      Why am I, is there a purpose?

      leaped forward to include you.
      Yet, united we remain alone.
      Why are you here, do you have meaning?

      lurched backwards,
      to that frail, empty beginning.
      Will you be as lonely as me?

      will not stay still.
      Past, future, present all are one.
      Are we all lost in the cosmic stardust?

      remains the same
      Tomorrow is just yesterday.
      Lonely, do we watch it passing?

      leaves us not alone.
      Truly, but requires us to leap.
      In leaping are we together?

      creator, beloved, friend, teacher
      ushers us to a beginning.
      Will we understand in the end?

      is like yesterday
      tomorrow, or perhaps, today.

      it is the joy this side of tomorrow
      the peace discovered shy of yesterday

      leaping for nothing,
      what is it?

      is discovering that i am you,
      that you are me
      and we are not alone

      In the Name of the Father,
      In the Names of the Mother and Son,
      In the Name of the Holy Spirit,

      Oh, Cosmic Wind and Burning Flame,
      Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Lover and Beloved,
      Holy Father and Emperor, Sweet Mother and Empress,
      Compassionate Son of Man and Savior,
      I belong to you as an unborn child belongs.
      As one belongs to two, as two belong to three,
      As three Incarnate make the Holy Trinity, I come to you,

      I come to you as knower, knowing and known,

      To the Four Square Mystery, the Uncarved Block,
      I come, in you I find salvation and redemption,
      in you I am unassailable and complete, I come.

      I come to you not dreaming, but Awake, Beloved!



      What'd Da say if I were to ask him, "how come I feel
      when I haven't slept for a few days, or when I'm feeling insulted, but
      not after I've had sex, meditated, or reunited with an old friend? I
      haven't changed anything except my mind/body chemistry, as far as I
      can tell."


      Understanding, or freedom itself is not to be found in feelings. A
      'you' can feel this way, a 'you' can feel that way, a 'you' can feel
      miserable, a 'you' can feel blissful,
      a 'you' can have a quiet, blank mind, makes no difference, because
      is still a 'you'. Understanding, like he said, lies in the recognition
      of that whole adventure
      of their even being a 'you' in the first place. In truth, there is no
      There is only consciousness, freedom. So, when a 'you' realizes this,
      and it can be quite a shock, :-), because it's death, the connection
      cut, the adventure is brought to an end, and understood for what it
      and identity of the living being, is then shifted out of separateness
      into consciousness itself, which was always already there in the first
      place. And from this point of view, time is no more, immortality is
      and life in Truth is understood and enjoyed. There is no such thing as
      There is no time, there is only and always 'now'. It's always been
      There is only this Enjoyment, it's the only alternative. It's what for
      lunch. :-)


      I wasn't looking for understanding or anything else. I was just
      pointing out how I feel when. I know that anyone will feel
      separation/anxiety when insulted, sleep deprived, persecuted, etc.
      Especially a severe combination of these. That's when the shit hits
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