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Highlights, October 24

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    TIM GERCHMEZ I am nothing and nobody. I am so small and meaningless that I am a non-person, almost nonexistent. I know nothing at all. Every word I say is just
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2000

      I am nothing and nobody. I am so small and meaningless that I am
      a non-person, almost nonexistent. I know nothing at all. Every
      word I say is just a guess, a pretense, a lie. Even my name is
      too big and important sounding for me.

      I am so small and meaningless that when someone attacks me, it's
      like yelling at a particle of dust, or punching the wind. I know
      so little that I am unable to get into an argument or a debate
      with anybody, so I do not try. Even a wino living downtown under
      a bridge is a king compared to me.

      Knowing that I can know nothing, I do not crave knowledge. Being
      small and meaningless, I do not seek meaning in life. Being
      unimportant and knowing myself unable to be important, I do not
      crave power. Too unimportant and small to own anything, money
      means little or nothing. Knowing how mortal I am, it's useless
      to fear death; it could come in the next five minutes.

      It is strange; I find myself at peace.



      Bhairave according to John Grimes, my wonderful teacher, in his
      Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy,a book I find
      continually useful and enlightening, bhairava means "frightful,
      fear inspiring, horrible, terrible, formidible, form of siva"
      further "Siva the terible. A name for siva implying the Lord who
      is responsible for the creation, sustenance, and disolution of
      the universe. In the Kapala and Kalamukha sects of Kashmir
      Saivism, they worshop Bhairava as Siva or the absolute"

      According to Jaideva Singh, Bhairava consists of three letters,
      bha, ra, and va. Bha indicates bharana or maintenance of the
      universe. Ra indivates ravana or withdrawl of the universe. And
      Va indicates Vamana or projection, manifestation, of the
      universe. Thsu, Bhairava indicates all three aspects of the
      divine. (side note: vihanana means wisdom or intellect, hence
      the wisdom of Bhairava)

      I always thought of Bhairava as the wrathful form of siva, like
      the tibetan wrathful deities. The etymology, however, shows that
      this is a form of siva that indicates all aspects of the divine.
      There is also a feminie form of Bhairava called Bhairavi who
      corresponds to sakti in the siva sakti dyad.

      Bhairav in a paper by Paul Muller-Ortega (any errors in
      representation are of course mine and not his) is denoted to
      represent both the cremations-ground culture of hindu tantra
      and, by Abhinavagupta, as the samavesa-sadhana, the
      tantric-yogic exploration of the Non-dual consciousness. "Here,
      Bhairava comes to mean the unencompassable adn exquisitely
      blissful light of consciousness which is to be discovered as the
      practitioner's true identity."

      Thus we come to your other question to me about sunya. Bhairava,
      as seen in the quotes, in the Vijnanabhairava is said directly
      to be the absolute void being above all vikalpas, being
      nirvikalpa. Vikalpa meaning though construct and nirvikalpa
      being an absence thereof or a negation of. Thus, Bhairava's very
      character is of sunya, emptiness. The meditation on Bhairava is
      to meditate upon sunya. The formless divine which is the
      ultimate reality. This formless divine, in my opinion, is the
      sunya state, the beginners mind, the dharmakaya, brahman, siva,
      whatever name one has for the reality which is ultimately
      nameless, the not-two.

      As far as the anupaya path, it is pretty much a universal.
      Sankara even states that the path is ultimate realization, there
      are no means to get you to reality, nonduality, because you are
      already there. There is no taking you to the divine. As far as
      anupaya directly addressed in scholarship, I cannot think of any
      specifics. I know Dyczkowski talks about it in several of his
      books. I think the best treatment that I can think of at the
      moment is the Siva Sutras (check out Dyczkowski's Aphorisms of
      Siva) which deals with the three light, the three emanations of
      the path. The first emanation is definately anupaya and then it
      moves to the second which is the "sort-of" means and then the
      third light is a spelled out path to follow. The greatest of
      aspirants will only need the anupaya path, they will hear and
      attain. I however am far from being the greatest of aspirants.

      Thank you for the questions. They keep me on my toes and force
      me to think more and make connections. There is no such thing as
      too much good homework, thank you for the assignment. I am sure
      you will have some sort of comments on what I wrote so please
      ask me more questions and we can discuss. Tell me more about the
      Buddhist Mahakala. I have only the most general of knowledge.



      We each see what we see, who's to say one is right and one
      wrong? I read a quote from Blake last night, saying "If a thing
      loves, it's infinite." To be a thing that loves is to be
      vulnerable, to be (the) infinite is to be invulnerable. Is the
      recognition that one is both an absolutist escape? I don't want
      to single out any individual's post as an example of
      vulnerability. The series of posts last month from some people
      about being German and growing up with parents who had in some
      cases been Nazis come to mind. Please excuse a very brief
      personal story, replete with the word "I", because that's the
      easiest way to tell it, which is no attempt at argument and may
      be disregarded as meaningless. Call it delusion dream or
      madness, if you like. I can't see myself any more as only a
      separate individual. About 30 years ago when I was a teenager,
      following a period of intense personal enquiry after the
      untimely death of a family member, an event occurred in which I
      saw (God, Jesus, the void, unnameable,... you pick a name) in
      the eyes of everyone I met with unbelievable overwhelming
      intensity. It was intensely emotional, all the emotions together
      in the extreme. I knew also that it was also myself I was
      seeing. It was unbearable then, and I found ways to block it
      out, just to function. Gradually, over the years, the blocks
      have come down. I've come to know that I can only live in
      openness to that. The event came first, words and theories are
      found or formulated afterwards. The experience is that a
      division between me and the void cannot be found. That the world
      is in me and me in the world both.



      I do not know whether anybody noticed a mind boggling (actually
      a mind annihilating) development in the field of Particle

      The speed of Light thought to be THE constant for Life, has been

      On the breaking of the "ultimate" barrier, the speed of light
      currently sanctified at 186,000 miles per sec, I was in Europe
      last month when the London Sunday Times carried a report on an
      experiment carried out at the NEC Research Institute in
      Princeton, USA where "light pulco" has been accelerated to 300
      times their normal velocity of 186,00 miles per sec.

      The details of the findings I am told had been submitted to the
      International Scientific journals "Nature" and "Science" for
      verification and validation before open publication.

      This validation and verification took place in the last few
      days. The experiment has been validated and reported by the
      Science magazines and journals, including BBC, Washington Post
      and other leading newspapers.

      The implications of this finding, as I said are not mind-
      boggling but mind-annihilation.The Human Genome project is
      nothing in comparison.

      For the experiment showed that light pulse existed in two places
      at once. In effect, it is "leaping forward in time" (Sunday

      What is making the scientists aghast is that "if light can
      travel forward in time, it could carry information".

      This (carriage of information) is being hotly argued against by
      the rest of the scientific community, but that to me is like a
      Scientific DNS(Dark Night of the Soul, where all your life long
      dearly cherished beliefs are getting exposed for what they are.
      Obviously you are pissed off, in agony)

      The breaching of the speed of Light, would breach one of the
      basic principles in Physics-Law of causality which is based on
      the premise that cause must come before effect.

      It would also shatter Einstein's theory of Relativity." (Sunday

      However for me, the Princeton experiment is completely aligned
      to the premise or concept that mystics have indicated for the
      last 5,000 years, that everything that has happened, is
      happening, is to happen, have all already happened. And thus has
      anything ever happened?

      Is there anything like a cause, an effect or are both "existing"
      together simultaneously? Is the totality of the Picture already

      If yes, the concept of karma goes out of the window, the concept
      of effort which really is a process of becoming (from an
      un-enlightened state, you meditate or whatever your favorite
      poison, towards enlightenment), all that is OUT.

      Dobeee Dobee Doooo



      It is about time that the scientific community made some
      progress toward a new scientific paradigm of the universe. Time
      and Space like all things material are relative and relational.
      As such, they are an illusion of consiousness. The scientific
      community is still in search of a grand unification theory for
      the universe -> Stephen Hawking, "A Brief History of Time."

      For the mystic, however, time past is contained in time future
      and both are contained in time present.

      The ability of Spirit to dream/prophecy/forsee/telepath/stand
      beyond the limits within time and space imposed on it by the
      body/mind has always been one of the reputed signs/powers
      attributed to those who are Enlightened. Spirit in the
      unenlightened is limited by the Five Skandas (Form, Feeling,
      Perceptions, Mental Formations, Consciousness) and remains in
      bondage to the time/space continuum (false self) it projects.
      Spirit (no-self) in the enlightened knows them to be empty and
      transcends them, actualizes non-duality.

      Perhaps that is why those is history who are reputed to have
      been enlightened have manifested it more than they have talked
      about it. Perhaps, too much talk evaporates the realization and
      causes Spirit to fall back into maya.

      what lies beyond...?


      You are who I am, I am who you are.

      There is no distance, no space between.

      All this arises out of Awareness-space,
      which means "you" and "me" arise
      equally, motionlessly, without
      any space between "you", "me",
      and universe.

      Sure, someone can say, there is a space
      between us, I'll prove it by throwing
      dirt on you. But that doesn't prove
      anything. That there is no space
      is an awareness-fact. It's not
      a dream of immortality for "me".
      Far from it. It's the total end
      of that dream. It's really seeing
      and knowing what "insignificance" in
      the terms of "me" is. Dying is
      very real. Being able to keep nothing
      is very real. Not being able to
      accomplish or have anything to keep is
      true. Not even from "this moment"
      to "this moment".

      Articulating it is nothing special.
      I type as I type.
      So what?

      I have no expectation for "you" to get
      something from what "I" type.
      Why should you?

      If someone posts here saying "I get
      nothing from what you write, why
      do you continue to write here?",
      I can only say this writing must
      not be for you. If typing here occurs,
      then it occurs. Sometimes someone says
      that they got something from words
      typed here. I like that. So what?
      They didn't get something real, and
      they're not really there getting it,
      and I'm not here giving something to
      someone. But a temporary feeling of
      enjoyment appeared, then dissapeared.
      Probably, typing here would not happen
      if it seemed inappropriate as construed
      here. And if it stopped, so what?
      Would anything real be lost? No.

      If typing arising here is judged
      "meaningless", that's not a problem.
      Meaninglessness is where the mind's
      activity ceases. There is no
      meaning-maker and nothing to be
      had. It's just simple livingness.
      Livingness that includes, not excludes

      You've been writing about vulnerability
      and not denying vulnerability with
      illusions of immortality.

      That rings true to me.

      If any idea is clung to as a means
      to evade death, including the idea
      of not-clinging - there is
      only futility.

      What you call "my mantra" I might
      call the meditation of non-meditation.
      In this livingness, typing sometimes occurs,
      sometimes reading occurs, sometimes talking,
      sometimes sharing, sometimes touching,
      sometimes making love.

      What arises, arises.

      There's really nothing to say about it.

      I'm not saying anything about it.



      This is the Siva Sutra from _The Aphorisms Of Siva_ by Mark S.
      G. Dyczkowski

      The First Light Called "The Description Of The Nature Of The
      Light Of Universal Consciousness"

      1. Consciousness is the Self.

      2. Knowledge is bondage.

      3. The group of sources constitutes the body of obscuring

      4. The ground of knowledge is "Matrika".

      5. Bhairava is upsurge.

      6. When the Wheel of Energies fuses together, the universe is

      7. Th consciousness which is the expanse of the Fourth State
      (abides constantly in) the various (states) of waking,
      dreaming, and deep sleep.

      8. Knowledge (born of sensory perception) is the waking state.

      9. Dreaming consists of thought constructs.

      10. Deep sleep is Maya, the lack of discernment.

      11. The enjoyer of the three states is the Lord of the Heroes.

      12. The planes of union are wonder.

      13. The virgin is the will, the supreme power.

      14. The perceptible is (His) body.

      15. By fixing the mind in the Heart (the yogi) has a vision of
      the perceivable and of dreams.

      16. Or (the yogi can realize Siva) by contemplating the Pure

      17. Energy established in its own abode.

      18. Right discernment is the knowledge of the Self.

      19. The bliss of the Light is the joy of contemplation.

      20. The body comes into being when the energis unite.

      21. The union of the elements, the separtion of the elements and
      the union of the universe.

      22. (The yogi) attains mastery of the Wheel by the arising of
      Pure Knowledge.

      23. (The yogi) experiences the vitality of Mantra by
      contemplating the Great Lake.

      The Second Light Called "The Arising Of Innate Knowledge"

      1. The Mind is Mantra.

      2. Effort is that which attains the goal.

      3. The secret of Mantra is the Being of the Body of Knowledge.

      4. The expansion of the mind in the womb (of consciousness) is
      the slumber of (all) particular forms of ignorance.

      5. When the knowledge innately inherent in one's own nature
      arises, (that is) Siva's state--(the gesture of) the one who
      wanders in the Sky of Consciousness.

      6. The Master is the means.

      7. The awakening of the Wheel of "Matrika".

      8. The body is the oblation.

      9. (This yogi's) food is knowledge.

      10. The withdrawl of knowledge heralds the vision of dreams that
      arises from it.

      The Third Light Called "The Vibration Of The Powers"

      1. The mind is the Self.

      2. (Emperical) knowledge is bondage.

      3. Maya is the lack of discernment of the principles beginning
      with "Kala".

      4. The forces are withdrawn in the body.

      5. The withdrawl of the vital channels, the conquest of the
      elements, freedom from the elements and the separation of
      the elements.

      6. (The yogi attains) perfection through the obscuring veil of

      7. (But) by conquering delusion and by (his) infinite expanse
      (the yogi) achieves Innate Knowledge.

      8. Waking is the second ray (of consciousness).

      9. The Self is the actor.

      10. The stage is the inner Self.

      11. The spectators are the senses.

      12. The pure state is achieved by the power of the (illumined)

      13. (Once this has been achieved) freedom is achieved.

      14. As it is here, so it is elsewhere.

      15. The nature (of consciousness) is emission and so that which
      is not external abides as such.

      16. Constant attention to the seed.

      17. (Comfortably) seated (the yogi) sinks effortlessly into the
      lake (of consciousness).

      18. (Siva) fashions the world by means of His mother.

      19. Once (limited) knowledge is destroyed, rebirth is destroyed.

      20. Mahesvari and the other mothers of the soul in bondage
      reside in the gutterals and the other classes of consonants.

      21. The Fourth should be sprinkled like oil into the three.

      22. Merged (in his own nature, the yogi) must penetrate (the
      phonemes) with his mind.

      23. The emergence of the lower (plane) occurs in the centre.

      24. When the breath moves uniformly one has an equal vision of
      all things.

      25. That which was destroyed arises once more in the course of
      the unifying awareness of one's own perception of the
      individual units of experience.

      26. He becomes like Siva.

      27. The activity of the body is the vow.

      28. Common talk is (his) recitation of Mantra.

      29. Self-knowledge is the boon.

      30. Knowledge and the cause reside in the cosmic nature and the
      source (of the universe).

      31. The universe is the aggregate of the powers.

      32. (Such is also the case with) persistence and absorption.

      33. Even when these are operant, (the subject) is not lost
      because (he is) the perceiving subjectivity.

      34. (The yogi's) feeling of pleasure and pain is external.

      35. The one who is free of that is a liberated soul.

      36. A compact mass of delusion, the soul is subject to karma.

      37. When diversity has been eliminated (the yogi's) action is to
      give rise to another creation.

      38. The power of the senses (is proved) by one's own experience.

      39. That which is preceded by the three states vitalizes them.

      40. The same stability of mind (should permeate) the body,
      senses and external world.

      41. Due to (one's) craving, that which is transported moves

      42. Then (when the yogi) is established in pure awareness (his
      craving) is destroyed and so the individual soul ceases to

      43. (The soul) clad in the cloak of elements is not free but,
      like the Lord, becomes supreme once more.

      44. The link with the vital breath is natural.

      45. (The movement of the vital breath is stilled) by
      concentrating on the centre within the nose. Of what use
      (then) are the left and right channels or "Susumna"?

      46. May (the soul) merge (in the Lord) once again.

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