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#5075 - Friday, October 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #5075 - Friday, October 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... It s great to see people
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      #5075 - Friday, October 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/


      It's great to see people marching for solidarity and sacred lands, building real-life communities, travelling to teach, going on the radio, in other words, living nonduality. All these activities are given space in this issue.


      Scott Kiloby's in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I went to see him speak last night. This weekend he is leading his Living Inquiries event. From Scott's website he writes:

      Scott is reaching out to all people who are suffering or seeking or cannot seem to find fulfillment in this life, no matter where they go or what they do. He is bringing a very simple approach called the Living Inquiries to cities across the nation. These inquiries contain three elements and one question and are used in different ways to free you from the entanglement of seeking, addiction, anxiety and every other form of suffering. Come see this approach in action for yourself. Scott is not teaching anything. He is merely showing you how to look into your own experience and recognize a joy and freedom that cannot be captured in words.

      Learn more here:



      Our most recent Nonduality Network Talk Radio show may be heard here:


      Topics: Canadian Thanksgiving, Autumn, everything knowing That, the Science and Nonduality Conference. What is Breema all about? Andre Krylov: Simple Truth in Tranquility of Peaceful. A vibrant call from David in Cambridge, Massachusetts, peering into his open awareness meditation meetup group. David reads a poem he wrote inspired by friendship.

      Mark your calendar to listen to our show this Wednesday, October 23, from 12:30 to 1:30PM EST. We'll feature coverage of a solidarity march Mandee and I attended, whose purpose was protest and bring attention to proposed fracking on lands which the Mi’kmaq native people of Elsipogtog, New Brunswick, consider traditional hunting ground. The Mi'kmaq fear fracking will damage the environment and specifically the water supply. I felt my participation in this march was a chance to remind people of what is sacred, much as what we do in each issue of the Highlights.

      A one minute video is shown here:


      We'll have much more, including interviews, in our radio broadcast this coming Wednesday.


      One of the original ten members of Nonduality Salon, David Hodges, now runs the Nonduality page on Reddit. Visit, contribute, enjoy.

      Big thanks to David for including issues or portions of issues of the Nonduality Highlights on his page. At the same time I'll be scouring his site for material for the Highlights! hmmm



      David Hodges started Outermost Village Green, in Vermont, which "is an Intentional Community dedicated to transformational living through spiritual growth, the arts, healing and sustainable living. Our goal is to build, together, a way of life that is mutually supportive of the individual as well as of the whole."

      Learn more here:


      This is from the blog:

      The Heartbeat of Community


      It is late Sunday afternoon. A community member is in the kitchen, cooking for the community dinner . As the time approaches 6:30, people drift into the kitchen. The dining room table gets set. Or, if the weather is warm, the picnic table out on the deck is prepared. People supply themselves with their favorite drink and we sit down for our weekly community dinner and meeting. There are the usual sounds of food being dished up and plates passed. There is a lot of random chat and a good deal of laughter. It feels great to me to have our whole group together, to see 7 or 8 faces around the long table, to feel like this place, around this table, is where I want to be and where I am supposed to be.

      Dinner over, we clear the dishes, refill our drinks, and gather again for our meeting.

      The person who is chair for the week calls the meeting to order. When it is your turn to be the chairperson, you can choose to start with an activity if you want.

      Activities bring us together in a special way. We have had scavenger hunts. We have played games, given massages, done craft projects or writing exercises, done listening exercises, and given presentations on things that interest us. Some weeks we are all tired and we just get on with the meeting.

      After the activity, we have a check-in. We go around the circle and share where we are, what’s going in our lives, how we feel. People don’t interrupt during our check-in but its ok to give feedback when its over. We each get to feel that people are listening to us and are interested in what is going on with us.

      Then we go to accomplishments. It is important in community to celebrate our successes, to give each member attention and recognition. So we list our accomplishments, big and small, whether they relate to our community or not. They can be such things as completing a construction project, getting eggs from the chickens, cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood, scoring an A on a test, buying something that is needed for the house, taking a trip, getting a job, and so on. Whatever they are, we are glad to hear them.

      After accomplishments, we discuss upcoming travel plans, and guests that are coming to the house. This keeps us all informed about where our community members will be and who will be in the house any given day. I know for me, I like to know who is in the house each night.

      If it is summer we have a garden report from Natalie and a flower report from Jaimie. In the autumn and winter we have a firewood report from Daniel. We might have a report on the animals from the various people that tend the animals.

      Read the rest of the article and learn more about Outermost Village Green here:

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