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#5068 - Friday, October 11, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    *#5068 - Friday, October 11, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz* * * *The Nonduality Highlights* http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... *The Ashes of Love:
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      #5068 - Friday, October 11, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz


      The Ashes of Love: Sayings on the Essence of Non-Duality

      by Rupert Spira

      A beautifully produced new hardback book containing 280 sayings by Rupert Spira.
      This book is a distillation of penetrating statements, gleaned from the numerous teachings of Rupert Spira: at times borrowing the musicality of a haiku, the terseness of a pith instruction, or the persuasive power of an oration. But no matter their shape, each one bears the treasure of a full teaching. -From the Foreword by Monique Proulx


      From the viewpoint of the earth, the sun 
      comes and goes, whereas it is, in fact, always 
      present. likewise, from the viewpoint of the 
      body and mind, our essential nature of pure 
      Awareness comes and goes, but, in its own 
      experience of itself, it is ever-present.

      ~ ~ ~

      All experience is illuminated, or made 
      knowable, by the light of pure Knowing 
      this Knowing pervades all thoughts, feelings, 
      sensations and perceptions, irrespective of 
      their particular characteristics. We are this 
      transparent, unchanging Knowing.

      ~ ~ ~

      Our self – luminous, open, empt y 
      Awareness – cannot be enlightened. It 
      is already the light that illuminates all 
      experience. Nor can a separate self be 
      enlightened, for when the separate self faces 
      the light of Awareness, it vanishes, just as a 
      shadow does when exposed to the sun. 

      ~ ~ ~

      To invest one’s identity and security in 
      something that appears, moves, changes and 
      disappears is the cause of unhappiness.

      ~ ~ ~

      The separate self is not an entity; it is an 
      activity: the activity of thinking and feeling 
      that our essential nature of pure Awareness 
      shares the limits and the destiny of the body 
      and mind.

      ~ ~ ~

      Just as a screen is intimately one with all 
      images and, at the same time, free of them, so 
      our true nature of luminous, empty Knowing 
      is one with all experiences and yet, at the same 
      time, inherently free of them.

      ~ ~ ~

      We are the open, empty, allowing presence of 
      Awareness, in which the objects of the body, 
      mind and world appear and disappear, with 
      which they are known and, ultimately, out of 
      which they are made. Just notice that and be 
      that, knowingly.

      ~ ~ ~

      Learn more, read a longer excerpt, and order the book here:


      Before you drop of to sleep and when you wake up, just before memories flood the brain, Self is revealed briefly. You will find there are absolutely no thoughts. I-ness is there. If you try and hold onto it, this moment will be prolonged. Slowly you will be able to carry it over into the day or postpone sleep. Even if you manage just briefly before your thoughts return,  do this exercise every day. It will bring results. I am vouchsafing for it with my own sadhana.

       Om Shiva Shankar
      Christiane Cameron (Sri Mata Devi)
      'Lets re-invent the gods!'  Jim Morrison


      The paradox

      by Anamika

      Who is the one reading these words right now?
      What is it that perceives these words?

      Is it confined to the body?
      Does the one reading this stops at the skin?

      Or is it confined to the mind and its processes.
      The comprehension,  the reactions,
      the thoughts coming and going?

      If one takes the trouble to investigate,
      just where one is right now,
      inevitably one finds that there is no end to This.

      Everything is perceived,  is known in This and as This.
      Including the body,  the thoughts,  the emotions,  the perceptions,
      the swaying trees,  the sound of water,  and a car passing by.

      Everything is perceived equally.
      There is not one thing more yours than other things.
      Life is impersonal


      Everything is perceived equally
      Everything you meet and encounter is You,
      There is no other.
      Not Two. 

      Life is Personal
      Everything is You 

      The total paradox...

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