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#5043 - Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #5043 - Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Arvind is creating a
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      #5043 - Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/


      Arvind is creating a revolution in the nonduality interview game with his apparently unedited video interviews using Google Hangouts, interviews he can upload within an hour or so of conducting. I was pleased to see that yesterday Arvind interviewed James Traverse, one of the organizers and founders of our Nova Scotia nonduality satsang meetup group. Here are Arvind's interviews:


      Anyone can do an interview! Go to Google Hangouts and figure out how use it,


      then let us know when you've done your first interview and we'll publicize it.

      Your discussion can be with anyone in the world you're interested in talking to about some version of the nonduality theme. You don't have to be like anyone else currently doing nonduality interviews. If you consider conducting such interviews and you find you are thinking about questions you "should" ask, you're off on the wrong foot. Forget what you "should" be doing and just start talking to someone out of a sincere interest to learn something about him or her. Don't try to fit into the nonduality scene.

      Good luck!


      This is a long thread on enlightenment topics as inspired by the movie The Matrix.


      Here is the initial question. It is followed by many fine responses:

      More then a year ago I bought the book of Pradheep Kumar, Journey to the Source, the book about the Matrix movies. I find the movie very inspiring and helps me on my personal quest.

      I read lots of things about self realization, and although there are different approaches like hinduism, buddhism, zen, etc. I sense that, they are all talking about the same thing.

      Whatever method/teaching you choose, all end up realizing of "I am" and nothingness.

      This is where it gets complicated for me.

      I don't really understand nothingness, and maybe the whole point of enlightenment is "understanding it".

      I am also not sure what it means "I am nothing". For me, nothing sounds like non-existence to me.

      When I think deeply on meanings and purposes, it ultimately leeds to "nothing". Even if you believe in god, you can ask what is beyond god, and the answer will be "nothing". Maybe this is what it called as Para-Brahman.

      Right now, nothingness, sounds to me like being meaningless, being purposeless. Maybe this is what they call, "living the moment" or "being in present".

      Because all desires, hopes, expectations, ultimately leads to suffering. Because everything you own, even owning your "memories" which are the building blocks of your personality, causes a fear of losing. Which in the end causes suffering.

      But, what enlightenment offers to solve this? Nothing really, "Nothing" really. As I understand it just offers you to accept that, everything comes from nothing, and goes to nothing, so it just says, "live with it".

      I don't really like this, and also I do not see an escape from this. It seems like we are trapped in "life".

      The enlightenment idea, started to seem to like just another psychological defense mechanism: disassociation.

      Disassociation is a psychological defense mechanism, and the enlightenment thing seems like just the most extreme version.

      The seeker, somehow, disassociates himself from everything, and starts to see himself as nothing, so, when he loses something, which could be anything material or mental, feels no suffering because he does not own it.

      So, the enlightenment doesn't really answer any question, or solve any problem, it is just what i call "a mind hack".

      We are trapped here, there is no escape, and the only thing we can do to not experience the suffering, is the ultimate psychological disorder: disassociation of self mentally from everything else. You will still be trapped here, but you will not see yourself as "someone". Just another illusion of mind.

      Please, prove me that i am wrong.


      Here is one of several responses:

      making all the products confuse

      It is a nice indication that all are confused. The word "con" is to bring together and fuse is to connect or join. This means everybody are going to connect to the Truth. which is known in different names Reality, Knowledge etc.

      "viscious cycle" There is only one path to one destination. However, the "I" does not want to go away and so creates viscious cycles of different paths, different, traditions, different religions, different beliefs, different concepts, different teachers (guru,s acharya,s prophets etc) different justifications........ This is the viscious cycle the Ego wants to keep itself , if possible eternal.

      "Acharyas, they are still in the cycle" It is the knowledge that liberates by removing the "I". No teacher, no Acharya, no Guru, No God can remove the "I" and its accompanied suffering. Only "Truth" or knowledge can liberate and so the "I" self-creates new methods to "justify" and lengthen the time to stay alive.

      No ritual, no technique, no touch of a holy person or saint can remove the "I". Only knowledge of light can remove the darkness of "I". The "I" wants somebody to come and help, only to while away the time. it is scared of Knowledge, like darkness is afraid of light.

      This does not also mean that without technique or ritual or a Guru/Acharya/Teacher can this "I" can go away. Rituals, technique, Acharya's are a means to impart the knowledge. It is the knowledge that finally removes "I" and not the physical, ritual, technique or the teacher.

      How to get the knowledge: Corner the "I" from justifying, step by step move the "I" to the higher Energy levels. From Body energy, move to mental energy, then to intelligence, then to Self awareness and then to Consciousness. The "I" grows thin and thin and finally vanishes.

      This is the only path to the only destination we all seek. Justifications to while away time and move to the next level are the viscious cycle of of path we create.

      There are several festivals designed to corner the Ego. One of the most powerful is Navarathri, focusing on the visible Energy form (All-things), which is a slow way and the other is Shiva Rathri (accelerated way), focusing on the invisible (No-thing-Consciousness)

      Even this discussion is a trap, The "I" finds a new way of thinking or doing an action to "while away time", even in any discussions that gives or imparts Truth.

      stage of dream
      Another justification of the "I" to get more time to live. A dream is a dream only when the "I" sleep gets over and the sleeper get awakened. Till then it is a reality for the "I".

      If "I" was not the creator of itself, then how can it perform something by itself. "I" is an illusion and not any product that can be created. "I" is darkness (absence of light), "I" is cold (absence of heat), "I" is Evil (lack of love), "I" identifies (lack of infinite space-time knowledge) .

      In sum total "I" is the absence of "Truth or Knowledge". Fill in with experential knowledge and not justifying intellectual knowledge. Darkness in a room is not real product, however when light is shown in each and every inch of the room, there is no darkness.

      Live life to bring the Experiential Knowledge (Gnana) in every moment of life (and all walks of life).

      ~ ~ ~

      Read the entire thread here:

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