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#5042 - Friday, October 4, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    *#5042 - Friday, October 4, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz* * * *The Nonduality Highlights* http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... *Excerpt from article in
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      #5042 - Friday, October 4, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz


      Excerpt from article in One The Magazine

      Pursuing the "I Am" and Beyond

      by Jerry Katz

      Triple Rainbow Initiation into Awareness, “I Am,” and Death/Rebirth

      Closer to age 12, there were out-of-the-body experiences in which a part of me would awake from sleep and hover over my body.  I would see my body sleeping.  I would see the body breathing, the chest going up and down, and I’d think, “Wow, look at that kid there.”  The realization was that what I was, was the awareness that sees the body.  It was obvious.  This I-as-awareness, by the way, wasn’t a kid.  It had no age or any qualities at all.  It was awareness.

      Then I-as-awareness would turn in the direction opposite the sleeping kid.  Instead of a body sleeping, there would be a black sky full of stars.  I felt an intimacy with that, as though it, too, was this awareness.  Focusing upon one star, it would expand, open up like a flower, and merge with I-as-awareness.  Realizing that a total merging would mean no more association with the body, fear would arise and awareness would join the body again.

      My sense is that in the death experience, one meets this starry sky and if rebirth is meant to happen, there will be a merging with one of the stars.  My experience is that one does not choose a star; it’s not as though you’re sitting down with a pencil and paper and considering the pros and cons of each star.  Rather there is a meeting, a merging, of qualities of awareness.  When I would merge with a star, it seemed random and at the same time obvious.

      If all the stars are lives, it could be asked whether they are past lives, potential future lives, or present lives.  I would suggest they are none of those, since in this realm of the starry sky there is no time.  I would like to suggest trying to imagine an experience that is timeless in the sense that is even more present than the “Now.”  Is the experience even possible to imagine?

      These out-of-the-body experiences were initiations on three levels.  One, I was initiated into the knowledge that I am not the body, but a formless seer of the body known as awareness.  Two, the unfolding star was the shape of “I am,” on a level that was neither body-based nor vibratory, but subtle in some way.  Three, there was an initiation into the nature of death, rebirth, and past lives.  I guess I could call it a triple rainbow of initiation.  It happened on a subtle level.

      Awesome Spiritual Experiences Are Not Necessary

      These are the kinds of experiences you have when existence is trying to shake you out of your sleep.  They may be viewed as indicators that one is missing the obvious reality that awareness and experience are not separate.

      Awesome spiritual experiences aren’t necessary.  They are the universe’s way of saying, “What the heck do I have to do to wake you up?”

      ~ ~ ~

      Subscribe to One The Magazine and read the rest of my article:


      Part 2 of my interview with Galen Sharp is online:

      Galen Sharp is a sculptor and author. In the 1970's he began a correspondence with the brilliant and enigmatic non-duality sage Terence Stannus Gray, who wrote under the name Wei Wu Wei, that was to last several years. His teaching was to completely transform Galen's worldview and life. Galen is the author of What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional Living. His book and his other interests may be researched at the following sites:

      Contents by time cues:

      0:00 -7:19 Mountain Path magazine discussed http://www.sriramanamaharshi.org/resource_centre/publications/mountain-path/. "Have you ever had an urge to go to India?" Necessity of going to India prior to internet days. Chinese and Japanese cultures noted. Western nature of Galen's book What Am I? 

      7:19 - 10:08 Galen's family, kids, grandkids, greatgrandchild! Family support and understanding in writing What Am I? 

      10:08 - 20:12 Reality Meditation #1 from What Am I? discussed. "Intuitive research" discussed. The "I" charts. "Nothing perceived can be me or mine." -Nisargadatta. What labels do we identify with? Nature of Galen's workshops as participatory rather than lecturing. 

      20:12 - 29:55 Galen's new and upcoming workshops being planned. Interest in sculpture discussed as a primary pursuit. Galen's meeting with Chuck Hillig at a sculpture show. Galen's opinion of travel. Science and Noduality Conference. Value of meetup groups.

      29:55 - 38:16 "I learn by fumbling around." What would you say to a seeker who wants to know for themself that there is only awareness? Wei Wu Wei discussed. "Obnubilation." Life as oniric. Dreams. 

      38:16 - 49:13 Living life with open eyes and wondering. Workshop Galen taught in the 60s. People are fooled into thinking they already know who or what they are. Value of using new words as shifting the dualistic mindset imposed by religions. How Galen creates disruption in his workshops. Zen koans. The word nonduality as disruptive.

      49:13 - 52:49 Wei Wu Wei and his wife Natalie discussed. 

      52:49 - 1:02:19 Appreciation of haiku and Zen expressions. Nature of the quotes Galen uses in his book What Am I? Raising of questions. "You can't tell people what they are." Mainstreaming of nonduality discussed. Evan Gattis mentioned as source of mainstream nonduality. 

      1:02:19 - 1:13:38 Can Wei Wu Wei's work be presented in a more accessible way? The letters Galen and Wei Wu Wei exchanged. The Sixties discussed and teachers of the era. Handling difficulties of seeking and pursuing understanding. Challenge of the current internet days and how they compare to Zen days in Japan many years ago.

      1:13:38 - 1:19:30 Mainstream disclosure of nonduality at the heart of religions. Nonduality communities as self-regulating. Galen's interaction with people with regard to nondual understanding.
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