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#5027 - Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #5027 - Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... The latest Nonduality
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      #5027 - Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/


      The latest Nonduality Network Talk Radio show with Mandee and me is at


      Topics discussed include...

      Gratitude, Yoga class, nature of spiritual experiences. "Keeping your moments with God secret." Having conversations about conversations. Paying attention to attention. Silence: having no need to fill space with words. Taking walks in nature, silently. Buddhist story about silence. What is nonduality? "You have to come by this understanding by your own experience." Can't define nonduality with the mind and we try to use the mind to grock nonduality. Audio clip of Laura Lucille leading a meditation that allows us to experience nonduality. Nonduality meetups groups discussed. Stumbling upon nonduality. Having extraordinary experiences vs living the ordinary. Sadness discussed as an element of nature rather than as a personal hurt. A spontaneous drive to Labrador and a contemplation on sadness. A song about love is played. UFO and nonduality disclosure discussed. Resorting to your own authority, as radical. Nonduality can't be lost. Many people are thanked.


      In response to this show, Charlie Engel wrote:

      Listening to this talk show, in particular, leaves me with a deeper understanding that non-duality does not, nor is meant to, make sense!


      I'm realizing that nonduality would not make sense to anyone that does not abide in nor has visited that center without a circumference. I have been frustrated in attempts to discuss this with others. How does one effectively communicate the essence that is beyond thought? Transpersonal experiences come to mind. I share sacred experiences and insights in my role as an instrument in awakening brothers and sisters to eternal nature that belongs to no one while encompassing all. In doing so, I oftentimes venture outside of my comfort zone, an arena of unexpected insights, lessons and opportunities.

      Steven Doyle and I discuss nonduality quite often. I learned tonight of an aspect of Steven's interpretation and/or experience that is significantly different than mine. I have been feeling very small, vulnerable and empty while he has reported being physically frail, transpersonal, eternal and full. Having the awareness that I am creating my reality is both liberating and sobering, a matter of choice. The inner landscape is as vast as multidimensional universes and as limiting as the mind.

      Is anyone that is reading this familiar with transrational thinking? This is one of several additional subjects that we could possibly explore. Introduction to transrational thinking @ http://www.hyponoesis.org/content/pdf/introduction_to_transrational_thinking.pdf

      Charlie Engel

      ~ ~ ~

      Mandee responded to Charlie:

      yes Charlie... i hear that. so nice of you to share your experience! it seems fun to talk about sometimes, and not fun at times. being quiet speaks volumes too.
      who knows?
      om namah shivaya


      My interview with Charlie Engel has been viewed over 3000 times:



      Here are some excerpts from the web site on transrational thinking:

      Introduction to Transrational Thinking

      by Tom Arnold

      Abstract: Transrational Thinking is a combination of the rational-analytical power of thinking and the intuitivecreative side of our mind that is not analytical but rather synthetic in character. Transrational Thinking directly taps into reality (Hyponoesis). It can access the totality of information in Hyponoesis directly without the need to acquire knowledge or information first.

      The interesting thing for me - as a philosopher - is to find and develop a new way of thinking
      that is able to go beyond itself and tap into the universal pool of information, in a volitional act.
      We know that a higher form of consciousness or intuition can accomplish this. But can thought
      accomplish this too? Is it possible to think and talk about any subject as if I knew everything?
      Isn't that blasphemy in the eyes of religion?

      It's a natural and logical conclusion from my philosophy that every human being is capable of
      tapping into the totality of reality, or what I call Hyponoesis. We are not separated from Reality.
      We are connected and interrelated with everything else in the universe. In the light of these
      assumptions, doesn't it make sense to claim that our mind and in particular thinking is potentially
      capable of accessing any information in the universe?

      I call this non-conceptual thinking that allows access to any information in the universe
      Transrational Thinking or Paranoesis. This higher form of thinking exists latently in us because it
      shines through from time to time in the greatest thinkers of humanity. There is also some more
      physical evidence of its existence in the latest results of psychic research that demonstrates the
      existence of a faculty in our mind that is capable of accessing information that is not locally stored
      (in memory) or acquired by any traditional means (learning, experience, etc.). This faculty is
      commonly referred to as telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, etc.

      Transrational Thinking and Intuition

      The concept of Paranoesis (Transrational Thinking), as I developed it, ought not to be
      confused with intuition as generally understood (hunch, premonition, "gut" feeling, etc.). This is
      what could be called "emotional" intuition. The one I'm interested in is known in philosophy as
      "intellectual intuition" (see Spinoza, Schelling, Hegel, and others). It is a way of thinking (not
      feeling), on a higher level and usually leads to insights, understanding, and a more
      comprehensive, holistic knowledge.

      I'm actually taking the concept of intellectual intuition a step further by claiming that
      Paranoesis is able to access any information in the universe without the need to acquire
      knowledge through traditional means, such as learning or reading. However, Paranoesis is not a
      tool of our mind that we naturally possess in full-fledged form. It is latent and needs to be

      Most of us have experienced what we popularly call "intuition" in one way or another before. It
      is this "inner voice" which tells us what to do or gives us the right answer to our questions or just
      pops up in our mind (hunches). We usually ignore that intuition or don't care too much about it.

      ~ ~ ~

      Read the rest of the article here:

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