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#5026 - Tuesday, September 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #5026 - Tuesday, September 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Nonduality Network Talk
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      #5026 - Tuesday, September 18, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/


      Nonduality Network Talk Radio is on the air Wednesday, September 18, from 12:30 to 1:30PM Eastern Time.

      Listen at http://ckdu.ca

      Call-in number: 1-902-494-2487

      Or call us via Skype using the id nondualitynetwork

      We would love to receive your call, or to hear from you about the show. We'll be talking about what nonduality is, play some good music, and a clip from a sage, as well as talk about topics that arise. We come from a joyous spontaneity, so what emerges is as much a surprise to us as to you.



      Brendan Smith sent the following to his mailing list, and I pass it along. I like the look of the group he's forming:

      Dear Friends,

      Over the last two months energy has been spilling into expressing the inexpressible via Youtube. Anything is possible now, as it seems the entire Earth has grown ears and the capacity for direct communion is unleashed. I wondered one day who in the world was watching "my" talks on Youtube, and found out that half of the views are from folks in South Korea!! This gives a touch of comedy to the already hilarious happening. Any of it that has vocal chords can claim to speak about non duality and self realization on the internet now..... And, still, it's all THAT without an other....so it goes....

      These videos are coming out of that hilarity and boundless energy of not knowing who or what one is that is happening. It's the creativity of this. It's not that it's fun, rather it's the exquisite wonder that there's no driver of this, and no one with their hand on the steering wheel.

      You can visit the Youtube Channel here ...where there is now a growing collection of videos, and they keep sprouting out!


      If that link doesn't work...just type the name brendan smith and non duality together and they will all come popping up, laughing and giggling...

      As to speaking live!

      Our new space of activity is.....

      The Vanishing Point:
      A Transpersonal Meeting Place

      3886 Howe Street, Oakland, CA, 94611
      Upstairs Loft and Meeting Room

      If you would like to come and give a talk or host an event....the floor is yours.

      Just email me with your idea.

      And here's an invite to a meeting on September 29th in Oakland.

      Open Discussion of Everything is Looking
      A talk and meeting of open unknowing and freedom.
      Sun, September 29, 4pm – 7pm
      The Vanishing Point 3886 Howe Street, Oakland, CA
      (Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request


      Are Ufo's conduits for nondualism? Is it a coincidence that both UFO disclosure and nonduality are reaching toward the mainstream?

      Should the public become notified by their governments that UFOs are real and originating from something or somewhere other than an earthly civilization, what kind of mental adjustment would be required to absorb the personal and cultural disruption? I would offer that it could be nonduality.

      So might Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada who has spoken about the reality of UFOs and who said that resort to the Golden Rule would be the mind set that could handle the disruption. The Golden Rule is a popular form of a portion of the teaching of nonduality, pointing to action based on recognizing a level of sameness between one's self and others.

      Many of us in the nonduality field are familiar with Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon and who founded IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences. Members of that group interface with and consist of nondualists. Mitchell has no doubt that earth has been visited by visitors in UFOs and has urged government agencies to disclose what they know. Mitchell is from Roswell, New Mexico, and he has spoken with ranchers who witnessed the Roswell Incident and who entrusted him with their confidential stories consistent with reports that it was a UFO that crashed in Roswell.

      If you want to familiarize yourself with the degree to which UFO disclosure is unfolding, here are a couple of related videos. The first one is an introduction to the 7 videos accessed through the second link and featuring revelations by U.S. Air Force members of their experiences with UFOs.



      Regarding UFOs and nonduality, I almost wonder if the nonduality disclosure of the last 15 years on the internet is harder to accept than UFO disclosure. I do think nonduality is a major missing piece in the UFO picture.

      In fact nonduality possesses many qualities of UFOs: Nonduality makes right turns at high speed, which is to say it's highly paradoxical. Like knowledge of UFOs, knowledge of nonduality has been under control of powerful groups, namely the major religions. Knowledge of nonduality has been repressed and held tightly by academic and religious institutions. Nonduality as an explicit teaching has been around for thousands of years, just as UFOs apparently have been. UFO disclosure and nonduality disclosure are both disruptive to Western civilization as they undermine the stories that keep our society, economics, and politics intact.

      Edgar Mitchell's videos about UFO disclosure are found here:

      Paul Hellyer's work can be accessed here:


      Hellyer interrelates UFOs, the banking system, the environment, technology, the military, and the control of information. The video describes his position.

      I would like to offer nonduality as another piece of the puzzle. Speaking about society in general (he doesn't mention UFOs!), David Loy says in his classic, Nonduality: A Study in Comparative Philosophy, "So perhaps new forms of spiritual practice need to be developed, which temper the yin of spiritual practice with the yang of grass-roots social activism. The last two centuries have shown us that it is naive to expect the necessary changes through political or social revolutions alone. Both the personal and the species dualisms are due to delusions that cannot be behavioristically 'conditioned' out of existence but the require the desire and effort to develop an awareness that transforms one's life. Perhaps the future of our biosphere depends to some extent on the quiet, unnoticed influence of those working to overcome their own sense of subject-object duality." (p. 303-304)

      Although application of the Golden Rule is a start when it comes to adapting to, or preparing for, the disruption of society and Western civilization, Loy, as well as the thousands of others sharing the teachings of nonduality, invite a shift in awareness from a dualistically based life to a life lived from nondual perception, nondual action, and nondual thinking.

      The Golden Rule is dualistic as it calls for for 'me' to treat 'others' as I would treat myself. It is a contrived system. A nondualistic version of the Golden Rule might say, "Seeing that ultimately we are what is, it is natural to share life from that view, and that sharing is, without any attempt to teach, influence, or change, an invitation to turn awareness to the understanding that unchanging reality itself is what we are."

      No world religion is required to gain the understanding of nonduality, as well as no money, no rituals, no control of others, no churches, no secret knowledge, no levels of development, no power center, no leader, no cliches or catch-phrases, only a profound self-awareness. Therefore nonduality is not popular. Like UFO disclosure, nonduality disclosure is disruptive. Yet it is my opinion that these two disruptions, hand in hand, will open a corridor vast enough to take humanity beyond its current problems, beyond the solar system, and beyond the known dimensions. An understanding of one's self from the nondual perspective easily, joyfully, and humorously welcome UFOs and their occupants.

      -contributed by Jerry Katz

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