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NDS highlights for Saturday, Oct 14

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  • Melody
    POU: Yes in this village square, besides those enjoying the afternoon sun, or simply enjoying the laughter of children playing, also this village square
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2000

      Yes in 'this' village square, besides those enjoying the afternoon
      sun, or
      simply enjoying the laughter of children playing, also 'this' village
      has a visit from a person going thru their personal spiritual
      All that that was once loved, must now be rejected in order to
      establish new
      values for oneself.

      and yes also those who simultaneously are a slave and devotee to the
      they experience (d) a personal suffering under.

      and yes also the Prometheus' who in returning from their costly
      now have new spiritual toys to display in order to attempt once again
      receive love from others..

      and also the Icarians who just hate the idea of ever landing yet again
      the seeming reality of what is not...

      and yes also the matriarchal heroes seeking the pristine state of
      unity. The
      grand striving of the patriarchal s believing the masculine goal is to
      free of the mother goddess and establish one's independence

      and yes Eros running here and there denying psyche's call for love
      unity ..

      and yes western mystics teaching the transendental, and the eastern
      teaching that God is immanent

      I saw Odysseus preparing for departure and Oedipus searching for his

      Ericksonian's quietly whispering "there's a number of things that you
      want me to know about, that you don't want to tell me. There is a lot
      things about yourself that you don't want to discuss".

      There is a coffee table with Bruno Bettelheim's disciples discussing
      irreplaceable importance of fairy tales.

      There Krishna's disciples reading the Bhagavad Gita "I am the origin
      of all,
      from me all things proceed ..... I am the Self, established in the
      of all beings, there beginning, middle, and end ..... I am the
      gambling of
      the cheats. I am the vigour of the strong. I am victory. I am
      effort. I
      am the principle of harmony in the good".

      There are the philosophizer's discussing the wound in Christ's side,
      delivered by Longinus's spear, is a counterpart of that of the Maimed
      Fisher; the crown of thorns is a counterpart of the Bodhisattva's

      There are also Nietszche's disciples describing the euphoria of
      when he opened Schopenhauer's major opus, "The World at Will and

      And yes, in this village square, we have Sri Ramana answering the
      "there is no creation".

      And yes, we have renowned German psychotherapist, Alice Miller,
      to a friend questioning the whole of psychoanalytical theories and
      day psychiatric methods.

      And yes we have the village idiot who claims to hear voices in his or
      head. And yes, we have clowns, academics, and gangsters. We have
      selling belief systems. We have those selling second hand used belief

      And yes, it is a fine sunny afternoon here in the village square. And
      suddenly awoke to the laughter of children playing in the village
      square and
      realised I had been dreaming on this sunny afternoon.


      DAN and JERRY respond to

      MATTHEW's earlier post:

      > There are only two things:
      > bullshit and nothing.
      > Werner Erhardt


      This is true. And when a person first discovers it, it is always
      else who's putting forth bs, never them.

      When this list was started it was clearly for the purpose of
      I believe that purpose is stated in our list description. Prattle is a
      euphemism for bullshit. Any scripture worth its salt declares itself
      be prattle, because who can say what 'is'?


      There are at least two more things:
      a) an expansionistic training program
      to impose my view of the two things,
      b) an ex-wife who got the shit
      kicked out of her, and
      left with nothing in
      place of self-esteem.



      Some days ago, I saw on television the violence in the Middle East
      caught by
      the live camera. In one of the scenes, I saw a terror stricken young
      perhaps 9 or 10 hiding behind his father as there was shooting all
      them. One could see the incredible helplessness and fear in both their
      It was a sight of a father not being able to protect his son in
      trouble. How
      painful to watch. The anchor then said that the boy had died. There
      other scenes of rage, of people throwing stones, and soldiers being
      and tortured and killed. There were scenes of women and children
      crying. I
      don't know who was who and what their religion was. It just seems like
      heart breaking never stops. It goes on all over the world in some

      Over 2500 years ago, the Jain Tirthankra Mahavir noted that All life
      to live and flourish without exception. He taught that the way to
      peace for
      humanity was through mutual support and help. By helping others, we
      help ourselves. By giving room to others, we make room for ourselves.
      Nonviolence is not a religion. It is the supreme principle for
      evolution. It
      is the radiance of Self-Realization. If we have realized our true
      nature as
      Being, then we see that Being permeates all life. How do we separate
      ourselves from "others." How do we look away when "others" are
      suffering. I
      know in the spiritual life everyone is doing their best and hope our
      will reach out and heal some broken hearts.

      Wishing for all of you, peace and love and comfort in your lives.
      I pray that everyone realize reconciliation, forgiveness, and kindness
      their lives.



      There is one word which describes the way of non-duality for me: LOVE.
      was at a Jesuit Retreat recenty with Father Tom Allender. He was
      about violence, domestic violence and psychological violence of which
      violence in the east is a mere shadow. Violence is just another word
      Suffering. Father Tom reminded us that the first commandment of Jesus
      "You must love your neighbor as yourself." Then he asked us why we
      did not
      do this, Love our neighbor as our oursel?." He said that is because
      we have
      not died to the self, we have not been born again in the Godhead that
      Christ, we do not love our true Self. Subtle distinctions here, but
      is subtle. He told that when we can learn to love our true self we
      then love our neighbor as we should. I embrace truth in all
      religions. I
      have yet to find one that does not come to this conclusion. It is as
      Nisargadatta Maharaj points our in "I Am That." The best thing we can
      do is
      become a light unto ourselves. Or as Bede Griffeths admonishes us,
      "We must
      walk through the darkness to find love." Or we must take up our
      cross of
      suffering and carrry it until our frail human self-serving love into
      Divine Love that is Compassion.



      Humor lightens the load, disperses
      the burden.
      If pain is humor's fuel, light is humor's
      Humor knows that pain doesn't define my being.

      Humor can cover pain as well.
      And there comes a time to be with the pain,
      without covering or attempting
      to lighten, simply noticing
      as is.

      To be wounded is to be mortal.
      To be born as eternity is to be unsplit.
      To be one who is "mortal eternal" is to
      breathe one's wound without
      defense, without strategy,
      without escape. It is to laugh
      and cry, while being where there
      is no laughter or crying.


      from WHITE WOLF:

      "Give us this day our daily bread."
      -Matthew 6:11

      of Nothing,
      will come nothing: except Peace.
      something will come,
      of Something: except Peace.

      Nature herself - who can be no better
      or worse made but by her own hand - is the
      porcelain past evolving the clay future:
      She is rushing and unmitigated;
      the all becoming the all becoming.
      Nature is Something -- Something is waxing.

      of Something,
      will come something: except Peace.
      nothing will come,
      of Nothing: except Peace.

      Nature herself - who can be no better
      or worse made but by her own hand - is the
      porcelain past involving the clay future:
      She is crying and unassuaged;
      the all becoming the all becoming.

      nothing will come,
      of Nothing: except Peace.
      of Something,
      will come something: except Peace.

      Nature herself - who can be no better
      or worse made but by her own hand - is the
      clay future revolving the porcelain past:
      She is dying and unpalliated;
      the all becoming the all becoming.

      something will come,
      of Something: except Peace.
      of Nothing,
      will come nothing: except Peace.

      Nature herserlf - who can be no better
      or worse made but by her own hand - is the
      clay future devolving the porcelain past:
      She is rushing
      and crying
      and dying:
      the all becoming the all becoming.
      Nature is Something - Something is waning.

      of Nothing,
      will come nothing: except Peace.
      of Something,
      will come Something: except Peace.

      Peace will come of Nothing: Death is Nothing.
      Sorrow will come of Something: Dying is Something.
      Something will come,
      of Nothing,
      will come Peace.

      -Mark Christopher Valentine



      Objects in space are all in relative movement, and that is why they
      are seen. Only space itself does not move; and awareness is movement
      in that space of non-movement. It is that relationship of movement to
      NON-movement which seems to fill awareness, and to signal

      Naturally, our attention is drawn to movement, but it is only our own
      stillness and silence as awareness itself (space) which allows a
      comparison to be made. Stillness is what is looking at movement,
      creating movement by the act of looking.


      from Joel Goldsmith, The Thunder of Silence

      Years ago, during the 1950's, as part of a long international journey,
      flew to Joahannesburg, South Africa. When I arrived, there was only
      my one
      little piece of baggage waiting for me, and the two large pieces were
      missing. Immediately, the airline personnel began searching for my
      baggage, but they did not find it anywhere. Despite a great deal of
      speculation and hullabaloo no baggage was found.

      For three weeks I was in South Africa without baggage and without
      although my needs were taken care of minimally by the airline. The
      time I was convinced that my bags would show up, which was a very

      Two nights before I was to leave for India, I sat down to give this
      incident some serious consideration. "This represents a failure on my
      part. What is the failure? What has gone wrong here?"

      As I sat in my room, pondering and meditating, finally the answer
      came: "This is a spiritual universe, and yet here I am waiting for
      baggage, when the truth of the matter is there isn't any baggage. All
      baggage is, is part of the belief of time and space - space that is
      occupied by baggage, time in which it could be lost, and space in
      which it
      could be lost. Here we are trying to find baggage, which if it were
      would only be more evidence that the material world is solid reality
      obeys physical laws."

      "There is no truth to this whole picture because we are living in a
      spiritual universe where nobody has any need of baggage. Whatever
      there is
      of reality is incorporeal, spiritual, and omnipresent; and whatever
      as finite baggage in time and space must be no more than an image in
      thought and can have no reality to it; so I have been fooled into
      and waiting for material baggage to turn up in a spiritual universe
      every idea is omnipresent."

      With that I retired for the night.

      The story came to a quick conclusion after that realization. The next
      the assistant manager of the airline at Johannesburg had an
      come to him and the baggage was found in a room where no one had
      thought to
      look before. Nobody had thought of that possibility until I
      remembered we
      were not dealing with material baggage but with Omnipresence.

      The suffering of this world is due to our looking around for a piece
      personal baggage - even expecting it to be in its right place. That
      is the
      error. There is no place for you or me, or for any he, she or it,
      in the only place where it is to be found and that is in Omnipresence.



      the way i see it is that drawing conclusions is just something mind
      does. It is a simple and natural function of mind. Where
      the "problem" arises is in our identifying with the conclusions that
      mind has drawn. So to me, trying to stop mind from drawing
      conclusions is a total waste of time, except perhaps as a minor
      begining exercise. Mind draws conclusions endlessly, and that
      process just needs to be seen clearly for what it is; a function of



      The metaphor is
      never strong enough to bear the weight of the wisdom it attempts to
      form to. What is wisdom today will be childish foolishness by
      tomorrow. The
      sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Spirit is always beyond
      and forcing consciousness to expand continuously with or without
      until suddenly, every direction you turn one is overwhelmed by Truth
      Beauty, Beauty and Truth and you are in Love with Love.


      SANDEEP responds to this
      statement made by Sri Aurobindo:

      > Not only a truer knowledge,
      > but a greater power comes to one
      > in the quietude and silence of a mind
      > that, instead of bubbling on the surface,
      > can go to its own depths and listen.

      And so to obtain this "greater power" one tries to go into one's depth
      listen to the quietude.

      Who is to listen?
      Who knows this "true knowledge"?
      Who experiences the quietude?
      To whom does this "great power" come to?

      Such bubbling nonsense.<s>

      But then Aurobindo was as much an example of the perfection of
      as anything/anybody else manifested.

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