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#5001 - Sat/Sun, August 17/18, 2013 - Editor: Dustin LindenSmith

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  • Dustin LindenSmith
    *#5001 - Sat/Sun, August 17/18, 2013 - Editor: Dustin LindenSmith* *The Nonduality Highlights ò http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/* I enjoyed reading
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      #5001 - Sat/Sun, August 17/18, 2013 - Editor: Dustin LindenSmith

      The Nonduality Highlights • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/

      I enjoyed reading Friday's 5000th issue, and I also enjoyed seeing Jerry's discomfort at being singled out for some strongly-deserved praise for having started this whole business. I first met Jerry in the lunchroom of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based marketing research call centre in 1996, and we were trying (with no success!) to hold satsangs by 1998. Then I got really busy for several years and had 3 kids, and sadly, for lots of the 2000s, the Nonduality Highlights were one of the only regular points of contact I had with Jerry -- even though we both live in the same city.

      I've always found it difficult to overestimate the value of this daily resource of carefully-curated insights pertaining to this strange and wonderful fascination we all share about nonduality. For today's Highlights of the Highlights, I thought it might be fun to skim across each thousandth issue leading up to this one.

      In Issue #1001 (which was technically considered our 1000th issue because of an earlier duplicate), we thanked our founding editors Melody and Jerry, along with the several others who had joined in since then such as Andrew, Michael, Christiana, John, OH, and others. In that issue, edited by Gloria Lee, an interesting piece by Jerry describes his conflicted feelings about the marketing of spiritual practices and such:
      i went to a talk the other night
      given by the head of Shambhala Spiritual centers
      they publish Shambhala Sun
      Chogyam Trungpa and all that
      so anyway
      it was a very good talk
      i enjoyed it
      the speaker made a big point
      of going on how people value and seek
      the impermanent in our culture.
      namely entertainment, the media, money, etc.
      you know what i'm saying

      so my friend buys a copy of Shambhala Sun
      and gives me the copy
      great articles and all
      but the ads drove me crazy
      they're designed no differently than any other commodity
      offered by our culture to a public seeking the temporary pleasure
      of the impermanent.
      Brightly colored ads they make you feel
      you must
      go to this retreat center
      or own this prayer accessory
      'cultivate compassion'
      as a full page blue ad for Naropa implores.

      the whole thing makes a person feel
      like there's a need to do something to get
      that's it's not good enough to live one's ordinary life

      that evocation seems most un-Buddhist-like

      i guess they're figuring the steak will turn out more appealing than the

      so they probably know what they're doing.

      but that's another problem.
      do i want my spiritual community to know what it's doing

      From Issue #2000, also edited by Gloria, came these two bits of verse, the first uncredited and the second from Zen master Hakuin:

      Deep awakening
      requires a tremendous journey,
      but nothing much
      needs to happen.


      Past, present, future: unattainable,
      Yet clear as the moteless sky.
      Late at night the stool's cold as iron,
      But the moonlit window smells of plum. 

      Issue #3000 was ALSO edited by Gloria Lee (yeesh, doesn't anyone else get to edit the milestone issues?), and featured this nice little excerpt:

      Everyone is this naturalness. When we start calling it enlightenment and awakening, thought can use that to compare, right? But if we say this naturalness or this simple presence, thought can't run a comparison study. The whole invitation is to look prior to language, prior to concepts, prior to thought's projection. 

      What's looking and what's seeing? There's not that much there. There's just this simple, ordinary presence, and it is so unadorned. You can run right by it if you're looking for something fancy. It's always been here, it has no age, it doesn't really have any properties or qualities, it's just this intelligence. It's so quiet, that's why they call it silence. 

      - Pamela Wilson from Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom 

      Jerry took over the reins for Issue #4000 and featured an interesting piece of writing from the pseudonymous Sri Gawn Tu Fahr. Here are four examples of his aphoristic musings:

      Logic definitely has its place. I keep mine gagged and tightly bound in the garage.

      Got egg on your face? Feeling disgraced? No worries. Perk up your smile, light up your eyes and fling omelets of love high into the skies.

      Congratulations! I heard that you lost your mind. Don’t waste your time looking for it. Enjoy your newfound freedom.

      This is no journey’s end. Love is all there is.

      And with that, I close this issue! To all of our readers, please accept our warmest thanks for being here.


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