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#5000 - Friday, August 16, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #5000 - Friday, August 16, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... I feel a little lonely here
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      #5000 - Friday, August 16, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/


      I feel a little lonely here being the only Highlights editor making a big deal about our 5000th issue.

      Editor-on-hiatus Mark wrote, regarding #5000:

      "Is this really important? I only bought one new car in my lifetime, and when it turned over 10,000 miles, I eagerly told my friend about it. She asked me why I cared. It seemed obvious to me, but I didn't really have a coherent answer. It's about as important as mile 103 or 25,007. Heck, 203,678 is even MORE cool, because it means the car lasted quite awhile. My car didn't make it that long, probably because of the test drive before I even owned it. I wanted to make sure it had "pep," and I scared the salesman who was in the passenger seat. I probably scratched a piston, which eventually led to the head gasket failure which ended my car's life.

      "I think one of Melody's posts back in 1867 probably will lead to the HL's demise. I recommend you go directly from issue 4999 to 5001 and blame me for the mistake. I recently learned that my good friend has had a stroke. Maybe she ate bacon when she was ten. Who knows? There are those things which are important, and those which are not. In the end, nothing is important. Be well, my friends."


      Mark's letter made me kinda sad about #5000.

      But I forged on.

      Past editor Christiana wrote:

      Jerry, Gloria and at least 6 other editors
      produced 5,000 Nondual Highlight issues!

      Countless moments of grace
      of quickening
      of abiding.

      This living pulse, in fellowship
      with an anonymous
      community of

      With deepest gratitude for
      the editors
      the community

      the de-minders

      to this

      to now.


      Thanks, Christiana. And thanks to those other past editors, if I remember them all: Melody Anderson, John Metzger, Andrew Macnab, Joyce, and Michael Read.

      And thanks to the current editors: Mark, Dustin, and the heart and soul Gloria Lee.

      Gloria has said nothing about issue #5000. She wants no part of it. She's going through it like an illness in the family, like a tornado warning, like hearing Thich Nhat Hahn hates plums or that Al Larus broke his camera.

      But I forge on.


      The biggest thanks goes to our readers and contributors.


      So yeah, I asked readers to tell us how the Highlights impacted their lives, and here's what people wrote:


      It keeps me on track for the many times I get 'caught' in my attachments. I like the poetry best. - Gerald Carter


      It's natural.

      - Woody Nelson, via Xan


      Back in 2003 I was adrift in an ocean of cultural change, having relocated to regional Queensland, Australia to care for my frail-aged parents. I had left behind an extraordinarily rich and rewarding life in Europe, but more to the point, the bottom had fallen out of the 'me' basket-case and I was a free-falling fool without any guidance or the company of folk of like mind (my mother excepted.)

      One day, in an attempt to assure myself that I hadn't fallen into terminal insanity, (paradoxically, I had never felt saner), I turned on my computer and did a search. I found the Nonduality Highlights. It's impossible to express my delight and relief at that time. In the ten years since, I've never missed an issue. Gratitude to you, Gloria and Mark for your vision, clarity and tenacity. And also for including my own waffle from time to time...

      As they say downunder: You beautie!

      With love

      miriam louisa


      I cut my teeth as a writer here. Thanks.
      Vicki Woodyard


      NDHighlights has served me the daily dose of ND pointers pointing beyond
      themselves for the last couple of years. Thanking the team for all the
      effort. Regards, Gururaj.


      Dear Jerry and Gloria,

      I'm a ridiculously tough case, so desperately look to the Highlights each and every morning to ask "Who am I?" Right now, it's a lifeline as I navigate the conflicting responsibilities of launching my latest book, about awakening through fierce love in the wilderness.

      --With deep gratitude,
      Gail Storey, author of I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, http://gailstorey.com


      Greetings Jerry, Gloria, Mark, Dustin
      and the ones I'm forgetting the names ...
      (on purpose or not!)

      As David Bowie sang many years ago:
      "You can buy God."*

      And if we represent the demand
      in all this spiritual and/or self-improvement
      bonanza offerings by ways of books, clips,
      gatherings, it is tremendously judicious
      that we can find a more than decent place
      to, if not share, at least, pick up
      pertinent information, "pointers"
      of recognized quality, sublime inspiration
      from well-chosen quotes and pix from M. Al Larus.

      I could say that the NDH have been so constant
      that they have an anchor in my cyber-life,
      but that would be bullshit.

      It made me buy a couple of books,
      thanks to Greg Goode and you,
      made me discover fascinating personalities,
      irritating in a good way and not.

      Yeah, I'd buy a book from Dan Berkow
      with my eyes closed, so to speak;
      though I can keep a private e-mail
      for life.

      Okay, you said 'briefly'
      and I'll oblige.

      The Nondual Hilights
      are merely a reminder
      of the sacredness
      of this life on Earth.



      P.S. Yes I can hear your wife whispering.

      Bit Number 2

      I can't do brief.

      Thought I had something more to say,
      along the lines of belonging to a community,
      invisible, yet tangible and most likely
      with a heart full of the good thing.

      Kudos for such a nice number;
      it is -thousand- after all, five of them,
      yeah, that is quite a lease.
      Gosh we're spoiled.

      The Bowie song is "Joe the Lion"
      where is sings "you can buy God"
      and the thing is a amidst all the noise and haste,
      oups, I mean deceptions and scandals,
      there is such a thing as flair and intuition
      and NDH are quality-prone, just that.


      One word, brief enough?



      P.S. Thank gawd you didn't ask about
      your "radio show".


      Jerry Katz ruined my life. When I came across Jerry's group I was a young impressionable immigrant with brown hair and a dream of becoming somebody. Now I am an old impressionable immigrant with grey hair and a dream of becoming nobody. Thousands of Highlights told me that there is nothing you can write about this non-duality; thousands of talks told me that there is nothing you can say about this non-duality.

      Highlights’ Highlights:
      What I learned about non-duality:
      “To know the reality I have to give up all concepts; however, there is no “one” who can give up all concepts because giving up concepts by a conceptual "I" is in itself a concept and I should give up all effort and remain silent; however, I cannot remain silent unless it happens by itself after “I” give up all giving up. It may all make sense once I stop making sense of it, which I myself cannot do because the “I” which wants to make a sense of it is the “I” that needs to give up making sense of it.” Quite easy. Repeat 5000 times.

      I’ve read all Highlights. I remember little and comprehended less. Yet, everything that I am and I do today stems from those seeds planted by [the Highlights]

      [The remainder of this letter reads like a eulogy and that's when it could be heard, at my funeral. But if anyone would like to read it, please ask and I'll gladly send you what Mila wrote.]

      Mila Makal
      Phoenix, Arizona


      Congratulations on 5,000 issues! Wow! I think a number like that is actually beyond space and time, don't you?

      I want to thank you so much for the Nondual Highlights, this "Daily Nondual Digest" that so many of us read, enjoy every day. It helps me stay in touch with this nebulous, yet connected and altogether wonderful wisdom community.

      Of particular note for me, of course, is my deep, heartfelt gratitude for the attention you've shown to Awakening Clarity. You took notice of a "different sort of blog" very early on, and have been extremely generous in helping us become a popular destination for seekers and teachers from around the world.

      I remember our mutual friend Scott Kiloby calling you the grandfather of Internet Nonduality. I hope I can add to that honor by naming you one of the Honorary Grandfather's of Awakening Clarity! We couldn't have done it without you, Gloria and all of the NDH roundtable. I wish all of you a happy and successful next 5,000 issues!

      Your friend, in truth and love,

      Fred Davis
      Awakening Clarity http://awakeningclarity.blogspot.com/


      Thank you for your dedication in preparing Nonduality Highlights over so many years and emailing them on a regular basis. It must be a labor of love. I have broadened by understanding from the diversity since each author/teacher adds something unique and valuable. I look forward to your emails.



      So that's it folks. Issue number 5000.

      Thank you readers and contributors for giving us editors a discipline and a practice. Without you guys, me, Gloria, Mark, and Dustin might have go around chasing Mooji or something. But you allow us to follow a good path.

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