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#4993 - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4993 - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ Nonduality and the Opportunity of
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      #4993 - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Nonduality and the Opportunity of Language
      by Greg Allen Morgoglione
      I learned about the Nonduality Highlights forum a few years ago when Gloria
      Lee informed me that I’d been quoted in them. A few months later Jerry Katz
      invited me on his radio show to talk about my book “The Now Exspirientuality:
      The Way of Unity – Conversations with Dog, Book I”, my cd “It’s Time That
      Time Was Overthrown”, and the practical fashion in which I bring spiritual and
      philosophical ideas uniquely to life.
      Based on my radio chat with Jerry I found a Nonduality meetup group not far
      from home and attended a meeting. The topic was “What do you do with bad
      feelings?”, and it quickly became clear that their “pursuit” of Nonduality had
      to do with finding “the good thing”; with moving from a “bad” life state to a
      “good” one. The group looked up to the leader as “having it”, and they longed to
      “attain it”, this “good thing”.
      I felt like a country boy in the city, for it seemed odd to me that a Nonduality
      group would utilize this basic illusory duality as a departure point for an
      exploration into an illusory dualistic life quest: how to get from “this here
      place of bad feelings now” to “that there place of good feelings later”, and so
      “what can I DO with my bad feelings so I can eventually get there?”
      Stories were shared about bad feelings and things that trigger them, and some
      went way back to suggest who or what was still to blame for these inescapable
      bad feelings.
      And then I said “Well, it’s sort of funny but I don’t really have bad feelings.”
      Now, the astute Nondualist may recognize this as a simple meditative
      perspective wherein one does not afford a certain “reality” to a perception by
      means of affixing a label and possibly a judgment. One just sits with the
      perception, mentally quiet. It’s the peace that passes understanding.
      Considering the company I was in I felt as though this was at least a
      considerable approach to dealing with any perceived duality as one moves about
      one’s day to day.
      But it was not considerable. The theme of the group’s not-too-friendly reply
      was “How ridiculous. Of course you have bad feelings. Everyone does.” And I
      almost tried to explain but it is like jazz – if you have to ask then you don’t
      know. And the group leader put the cherry on top of their derision by saying
      “Greg, I am trying to figure out if you’re for real or a total fraud!” I asked him
      to let me know what he came up with.
      To me the “elephant in the room opportunity” for 21st century Nondualists is to
      begin to talk the talk. Stop speaking to (breathing life into) the 10,000 things.
      Speak to the Nondual thing; breathe life into its glaring mystery.
      Believe me, I understand the historic pretendency (a tendency to pretend)
      about language and things metaphysical – that language is a hindrance because
      it’s inherently dualistic; language cannot speak to the true Nondual nature of
      things. But that is nonsense. It’s a central theme of my book, and it’s why I
      believe Jerry Katz called The Now Exspirientuality “an important Nonduality
      work” – because I demonstrated practical Nondual speak in action. I
      demonstrated how to meditate in real-time on the streets of your life, by
      changing the way you view and talk to yourself about your world.
      The meditative notion that I no longer label my feelings is not just for the
      quiet room with the candle – it’s a perfectly valid moment to moment life
      strategy. When I crashed a motorcycle on the racetrack and broke my foot and
      knee, it hurt extraordinarily. The crash was caused by a rookie mistake,
      although I am a very experienced racer, and perhaps you are familiar with the
      “feeling” that comes with that sort of personal knowledge, especially when
      you’ve just cost yourself thousands of dollars and weeks of rehab. Warm,
      flushed, perspiring, chills. Second-guessing. Embarrassed. Nauseous.
      Now some people would say that a broken foot and knee hurts, and things that
      hurt “feel bad”. And some people would “feel bad” having made a rookie mistake
      of this magnitude. They might say “I feel stupid. I know better.” They might
      put themselves “on a hook” and not let themselves off for years.
      I would agree that the broken knee and foot hurt. Terribly so. But “hurt” of
      this nature can be seen as “coming with the territory”. We’re talking 165 miles
      an hour on paved racetracks with curves and hills. Yet I’ve raced over a dozen
      years and only crashed twice. My big picture perspective says “Cha-ching!!”
      It’s all good. Really! Oh yeah, this knee and foot hurt like hell, but that’s what
      humans came up with meds for; and that’s what sleep is for. Racing, not
      crashing, crashing, healing – it’s the roller-coaster; the trough that comes with
      the crest. It’s what time is for. It’s all good. Row row row my boat…
      The point is simple: if it’s Nonduality then it’s Nonduality. If we’re going to
      label the grand illusion that appears to be “the ten thousand things” then let’s
      give it Nondual labels. Let’s speak Nondual speak. Let’s show some respect.
      If we are all one, let’s speak this way. If it’s all good, let’s speak this way. If
      there’s right view, let’s speak to it. It’s easy. There’s no need to say “We’re all
      one, but not really…” Stop claiming “wrong view” and using it as a pedestal of
      separation. Stop speaking to dualities. It’s not necessary. It’s a choice – to
      create and validate an “outside, not-in-the-know” group to your “inside,
      in-the-know” group.
      Which reminds me of the time I approached a Unity church in person to offer a
      presentation from my book. And the lady was nice, and she took my book and cd
      from me as she listened, and when I finished my introduction she handed them
      back and whispered “This looks really good, but don’t waste them. They don’t
      let anyone from outside of Unity speak here.”
      I giggled and said “That’s sort of funny. I’m having trouble imagining anything
      outside of Unity”, and she agreed.
      Here’s the funny analogy – the one that will send most Nondualists running…
      The opportunity for Nondualists is to put down the mythological fruit.
      Remember that story about the garden, and how you are gifted a life of time
      (lifetime) to do and be as you please? Here, in the garden. And you are free
      free free but… “Oh, by the way. One thing. See that tree? Just a word to the
      wise – don’t eat the fruit. It makes you hallucinate. You begin to believe in
      dualities, like good and bad; good and evil; right and wrong. You see an in-side
      and out-side to Unity. That’s the only caution. Beyond that, have fun! Create
      whatever you want…”
      We created language. It’s a human opportunity, not a hindrance. And the
      opportunity to Look Again and engage language as an ally is rather the elephant
      – the herd really – in the metaphysical room.
      We’ve honed language for eons and can continue. It does not manipulate us, nor
      do we serve its purposes. Language serves our purposes, and we manipulate it as
      we choose to that end. It can be used to divide things up and further the
      illusion of separation, or it can be used as it is in meditation – to help us more
      clearly focus on one thing; to foster and sustain unifying vision, wherein one
      always sees one thing.
      One glorious, mysterious, infinitely diverse thing. Non-thing, I mean…
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