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#4979 - Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4979 - Tuesday, July 22, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/
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      #4979 - Tuesday, July 22, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/


      I found a lot of stuff to post.


      Jake Shimabukuro ReImagining Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"




      Nonduality Buzz

      By: Sally Ross on Jul 22, 2013

      Dear Friends,

      Last week I was invited to participate as a speaker at an event focused on the subject of "Nonduality."
      It turned out to be a very BUSY experience! Lots of talking!!!!!!!! When my time came I spoke about the Size of the Universe, pointed to the importance of Just Sitting meditation as a way of confirming this Immensity and also sat quietly with the group for awhile.

      It seems the event organizer wasn't very happy with my contribution to the event. He has already invited me back next year, but only if I can agree to structure the presentation in a different way. Otherwise, he writes, he will have to begin looking for another nondual meditator to fill the spot I held on the program.

      (Suddenly, I notice what it must feel like to be a lab rat...)

      Then he follows up by telling me I should read Krishnamurti or The Heart Sutra so I can know that "it is all right here right now... meditation is practicing for the future." Hmm, sounds like someone's trying really hard to convince me of something, eh?

      Anyhow, I thought my response might be of value to some. Here I offer it.

      With love,

      * * *

      There is no such thing as a "nondual meditator."
      This concept is a lie.

      I could never call myself a nondual meditator, nor any other kind of meditator. I just meditate. That is, I simply sit, every day, without labeling myself or others—without saying something about what Reality is. This is what "practice" means. In the end, it's the only thing that matters to me. If I do not meditate, all my talk, philosophies, writings, studies etc. have no intrinsic, authentic value. In that case they are just regurgitated concepts that somebody else invented or wrote down.

      The real work is the confirmation, in silence, of what all the great saints and sages have been pointing to. This encouragement is what I share with those whose hearts are open to listening, and I urge them to check it out and see for themselves. In each one of us, ultimately "I" can be the only legitimate authority regarding what "I" actually is.

      The most important thing I can ever read is my own Being, and then the infinite size of this reveals its ongoing expansion and availability. Otherwise, I'll never become familiar with the True Nature of what it is that's sitting on my chair or cushion. I'll never recognize the immensity, boundlessness and all-inclusiveness of the Moment exactly the way it is—the way it already always has been, without something added. I'll never just be naturally myself. I'll never truly love what I am.

      To learn to be quiet inside, allowing the Entire Cosmos to effortlessly express Itself, takes practice. To stop "interfering" by getting mentally involved in concepts requires perseverance, patience and great humility. This is called Abidance, and through it eventually one intimately accords with the source of all Knowledge. Before anything is said, Self-Knowledge is complete, if one is willing to look in stillness.

      The fruits of earnest, committed Practice spill over into every aspect of a person's life.

      Those who are not inclined to meditate will not comprehend what I am speaking of.


      God in Relation to the Non Dual Understanding, with Rupert Spira:



      Terry Choyce sends this by way of Mandee, part of the Nova Scotia gang:


      By Judith Froemming

      "So, when is the leaf not part of the tree?
      When are you not a part of me?

      When is the day not the night?
      When is the wrong not the right?
      When is my question not my answer?
      When is my stillness not my dancer?
      When is my end not my beginning?
      When is my living not my dying?
      The figure and the ground
      are inseparable,
      mutually arising.
      Only when reality is non-dual
      can I know the Way."


      Berit Ellingsen http://beritellingsen.com/

      Found some New York society web pages and felt like an anthropologist studying a strange and foreign tribe.

      Why do we think having more of something, money, fame, or things, makes someone better or more worth listening to. I don't get it at all.

      The beliefs and assumptions of the social ape are incomprehensible.


      From the Nonduality Highlights Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/NondualityHighlights/

      Jerry Katz

      I really feel that -- thanks to Facebook, the length of time that popular nonduality has been around, the advent of in-person get togethers, and the ease with which people are talking about nonduality -- that it's time for a talk radio type of show that people can listen to and be part of, as long as it is fun, informative, open, interesting, and available worldwide over the internet. Wuddayathink?
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      Liesbeth van Woerden, Fernando Rozas, Nancy Hodge Long and 15 others like this.

      Yaakov Litman I agree.
      Sunday at 10:11am via mobile · Like · 1

      Jerry Katz We have a listener!
      Sunday at 10:12am · Like · 2

      Dunc Marshall Do it! Reminds me of urbanguru cafe. That was amazing and certainly helped my understanding to increase and self-obsession to reduce. I, for one, would tune in!!!
      Sunday at 10:15am via mobile · Like · 1

      Jerry Katz Urban Guru Cafe was/is classic. My sense is that we are ready for something more live and in the moment. Thanks for you interest.
      Sunday at 10:19am · Like · 1

      Farski Doodle Make that two listeners!
      Sunday at 10:25am · Like · 1

      Jerry Katz Thank you. Well I've conducted a number of interviews, over 50, and what interests me now is the live dialogue. Just a matter of setting up the technical infrastructure. I've done a radio show before though much of it was recorded material. However the live shows we did always felt energized.
      Sunday at 10:28am · Like · 2

      Pete Sierra What a great idea! With you at the helm it will be radioactive. Listeners will lose weight, and their hair. We all will look like Greg Goode.
      Sunday at 11:25am · Like · 2

      Jerry Katz We already do.
      Sunday at 11:29am · Like · 1

      Kathleen Bodi I liked the hip-hop you did. Non-dual poetry slam would be pretty sweet.
      Sunday at 2:08pm · Unlike · 2

      Howard Peck Terrific idea!
      Sunday at 4:32pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

      Roger Mahaffey I'd listen
      Sunday at 5:37pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

      Leo Drioli Yes! Please ...
      Sunday at 7:43pm · Unlike · 2

      Andrew Hall I agree Jerry. Live shows usually have a great energy that taped stuff finds hard to deliver! But good luck finding a time that works for you and the rest of us.
      Yesterday at 8:04am via mobile · Like · 1

      Nancy Hodge Long Yes, Yes, Yes
      Yesterday at 9:50am · Like · 1

      Jerry Katz Thank you all for your interest.
      12 hours ago · Like · 2

      Pete Sierra Our worthless media/Nondual Royal babies wanted. We are afflicted with a media that wastes hundreds
      of air hrs in inanities and sadistic news. It covers at nauseam celebrities, royal weddings and babies, high profiles
      murders, and disasters. Few things constructive get ever mentioned even in passing.
      Jerry is right we need Nonduality radio, TV, and maybe street clowns too. ;))
      about an hour ago · Like

      Andrew Hall True, ain't much news in the news anymore.. what's that word .. infotainment..fancy way of saying celebrity gossip.
      3 minutes ago · Like

      Jerry Katz Yes there's room for a new kind of media. It could be made of many small radio and tv stations, not centralized in any way, with the only thing in common being this perspective of nonduality or awareness. The contributors and audience are in place. Here we are. Just a matter of making it worth everyone's while to be part of it.
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