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Monday October 9th

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  • andrew macnab
    Does anyone know of Satsang in Hong Kong? Where would someone living in Hong Kong find such information? Thank you, Jerry Katz
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2000
      Does anyone know of Satsang in Hong Kong? Where would someone living in
      Hong Kong find such information?

      Thank you,

      Jerry Katz


      Answers to someone looking for a simple elementary explanation of Advaita for a
      college paper:

      Just a blank sheet of paper would be fine too - however, the underlying assumption is
      that the
      one having to judge the essay, does have a sense of humor and more than an
      understanding of Advaita :)

      But giving some of the stereotype analogies could give an idea, like "what water is to
      (earthbound) sentient life is what consciousness is to the universe"



      Dear Judi,

      in your answer to Charlie bragg : Re: Judi Lurkers, you answer to his
      mentioning, him watching you "masterbullshitting":

      "whatever trips you trigger"!

      exactly ,

      now i assume you are a "big girl", and you can see this vice - versa

      i felt shame, when i saw what i am making out of you and me , jumping
      on this "teacher - student trip", which i feel we BOTH, in our
      according identities, created!

      shame, for not trusting my SELF and my experiences and insights, my
      teacher, but instead greedy searching out there, what possibly
      fulfill some ego desire and ego idea of enlightenment and awakening,
      which already ever happens, according to this body - mind here.

      making the big strong mama out of you, who tells the boy what to do,
      so he finally can awake according to mamas scripture.

      please understand, i see consciousness unveiling its own concepts and
      patterns, which it chose, to make certain experiences, and to, at one
      point, to wake up to its own Source of all that and all searching.

      thank you



      The bottom line is Franz, you lose.
      This is not about finding a "teacher" and becoming "equals" or any such
      You can't figure it out. All you can do is lose.
      It's losing, period.
      You're playing a losing game.
      There are no winners in God.

      Happy Days,

      dear Judi,

      yes i am loosing, still and more loosing of identities and concepts
      and ideas and control.

      and through this loosing, i win this being in love with my SELF.

      why do i get everytime the impression, that i am missing something,
      when you write to me? what is this?

      a sufi:"gesudaraz" said:

      it is not astonishing,
      that he is confused,
      who is still searching the Beloved!

      astonishing is it,
      that me, who reached Him,
      still is confused!



      Hi Jivano,

      maybe there is a misunderstanding on beliefs.
      You say the river is just flowing.
      The name "river" is a concept, an agreed concept in communication.
      When you say "river" I can imagine a river, because I share that concept.

      What is your strange "reality" and "things as they are"?

      At least my perception is filtered by my ego. You think your's is not?

      What gets you out of the bed in the morning? Is it the full realization,
      that you are just a puppet of what is?

      I had enough people around me who claimed to have a direct access to
      reality. All liars.
      Communists, managers, Satsang teachers, trainers, myself included.
      Whoever was interested to display a certain superiority.

      A belief is a thought. "I am" is the first belief.
      If I act on the belief "man is superior" I will exploit the planet and don't
      feel the hurt involved. Until the hurt is strong enough to break my armor.

      I love Avatar because at least it is honest. In duality you act on view
      points. They are always just a fragment of truth.

      The river is flowing...the grass grows by itself.. everything is as it is
      supposed to be....come to the here now...
      Great ego-statements to avoid personal responsibility.


      Dear Sandeep,

      I still believe in the picture, that in the end, the monk gets into the pub
      and has a beer.
      Which means enters fully in the world of duality again.
      Enters fully in an identification with "I".
      Feels suffering and joy.

      I heard in former times the teaching of Non-duality was taught to people who
      showed a high degree of maturity and grounding in their personality.

      Am I misinformed? Or is it just crap at all?


      Hi Hans,

      This is true. In Kabbala, they said one must be "over 40, married, with a
      bellyful of Torah"; in advaita, the student is not taught vedanta unless
      the karma, bhakti and raja yoga fruits were evident in their life, and even
      then it was 15 years of vedantic study before the explicitly non-dual
      portions were covered; in Madhyamika Middle-Way Buddhism, the teachings on
      emptiness were not supposed to be given unless the student breaks into
      tears of joy at the very mention of the word 'emptiness.'




      I wonder. It seems to me that 'needing' to label the garbage
      whilethrowing it out is to try to bring some sense or rationality to
      it which is really just another way to keep hold of it or cling to
      it or justify it. This is how I see trying to make insanity sane.
      But is 'needing' to label the garbage the only motivation for
      labeling the garbage? The map is not the territory but would anyone
      deny the advisability of having a good map before one sets out for
      unknown destinations?



      Not to quibble, but there is no garbage. Ever.

      If the destination is truly unknown, depend upon the compass of pleasure.

      Beware of hungry dumpsters!

      ==Gene Poole==

      Hi Gene,

      Goodness. My compass told me there was something wrong with
      the statement. I just didn't quite get what.

      Compass of pleasure AS the map. Map as defined as guiding.
      Mapping as as process rather than map as an object. 'That'
      is why the map is not the territory; because the map is not an
      object but a process.

      It is the labeling period and not necessarily the labeling of
      garbage.There is already an assumption being made in the
      act of having garbage in the first place.



      Dear Marcia,

      God ripped the map out of my hands and said, "Drive, Monkey Boy,

      Sometimes the road is rocky, sometimes it is smooth, other times it
      straight then twisty then straight again.

      What a panorama is laid out in all directions!

      Gentleness powers the engine.
      Love inflates the tires.
      Grace clears the windshield.
      Conciousness keeps it tuned.

      And 'I' get to pretend to be the driver!
      Whee and blessings for all!


      Peace - care to stop for some pie? - Michael


      Who, how, what delineates?

      If pain is distinct from pleasure,
      who marks this boundary?

      We can rely on "the body-mind system"
      as our fall guy, but who delineates
      the body-mind system as an entity
      that can be described apart from
      other entities?

      It seems that there must be a way
      to emphasize, to throw weight
      behind, to "contract", to contrast --
      otherwise, there will be no
      "dark" and "light", no "before"
      and "after".

      So, just how am I doing this trick?

      I've formed a universe by contrast, by
      delineating. I can see that lines
      unite whatever seems to have been
      bounded. But how did this occur in
      the first place? How did I forget
      "Now" so as to construct "time"?
      How did I emphasize "me" so as to
      allow a "you"? How did "space" come
      to be distinguished from "matter"?

      At best, one can say this is a spontaneous
      act, occurring now, just as Judi's quote
      of Da referred to the construction of "suffering".

      This spontaneous movement has a dual tendency,
      to move and remove simultaneously.
      I have moved, and have removed, and now
      "this" and "that" appear in contrast.
      Yet this movement happened purely spontaneously
      with nothing to "make" it happen.
      It moved without having been moved.


      TIM G. ji:

      "All Good"
      (Comments and flames equally welcome)

      Kickin' back,
      Chillin' out...
      Done lived 500 years
      In the past 36.

      Done some shit folks wouldn't believe.
      Seen some thangs blow yo' eyeballs out.
      Done been homeless,
      Doin up them drugs, even
      that rock cocaine.
      That shit sometime'
      make you crazy fo' a few days
      after y'all done smokin it.
      It don' matter here none.
      It's all good.

      There ain't no word 'problem' in my vocabulary.
      I could have a good time in a jail cell.
      Let them po-lice come an' get me.
      Lock my ass up in a closet
      See, I STILL be chillin'.
      Y'all may think I crazy
      But I ain't motherfuckin crazy.
      Unless y'all wanna call it sane crazy.

      It don't matter where I am
      What I'm doin'
      Who I'm wit'

      Done chillin' out.
      It's all good.
      Anytime, anyplace, anywhere baby.

      Even when things be goin' bad,
      It's all good.
      People done pay too much attention
      to THANGS an' all that shit.

      Things come, things go.
      It's all good.
      Who da hell too stupid to see dat shit?

      Sometime I kick back
      and close my eyes
      The world be gone.
      Done gone.
      Never was no world, really.
      If I want som' world, I just
      done open my eyes again.
      So who give a fuck?
      Y'all feelin crazy,
      Jus' shut yo eyes.

      People runnin' aroun' like chickens
      wid their heads cut off...
      That's all good too.
      Everyone be at where they at.

      Y'all be askin' me,
      I don' give no good goddamn
      Cuz I just passin thru.

      See, shit done may go down
      Shit ALWAYS be goin' down
      Even wid' them clean cut
      tie-boy motherfuckers.
      But shit don' mean shit.
      People be too tied up
      wid' all dat bullshit,
      Y'all know what I mean?

      Jus' passin thru this world.
      Thangs be comin an' goin.
      Bad, good, what dat mean?
      Dem words don' make no sense.
      Fuck all y'all, I be chillin.
      Y'all don' hang wid' dat,
      Then y'all ain't my peoples.
      Some folk jus' too dumb
      But that all good too
      Cuz most folks done wise up
      one way or the other.

      Passin' thru this world,
      Enjoyin' the ride...
      What else y'all askin fo'?
      See, it's them motherfuckers
      think they be deservin' mo' than that
      They the ones done be fucked up.

      Y'all listen up now.
      Nothin' last but a second.
      It come, it gonna be gone right quick.
      I's all good, even the bad shit be good.
      I's all goin' change in five minutes.
      Y'all think dat shit you plannin this mornin
      REALLY goin' go down the way you thinkin?
      Y'all better wise up.
      Y'all think about chillin'
      Cuz even when you trippin, you chillin.
      Y'all just don' know it.
      Dat's the kind of shit you learn
      when your body be 36
      But you done lived 500 years.

      So if you trippin, that all good.
      Cuz y'all really chillin but for
      some reason you done think you trippin'.
      Open yo motherfuckin eyes!

      Peace.... OUT


      ... T.C.

      "All Good" - Reprise
      (Comments and flames welcome)

      When you're nobody
      And everybody,

      You are everybody
      and nobody.

      I Am You.

      You strain under the delusion
      of a separate personality.

      I know your innermost secrets.

      I am The Soul.
      Therefore you can keep
      No secrets from Me.
      Because you are me.

      I am always remaking the world.
      The Lord God is my disciple.
      Satan is in my employ as an instructor.

      I will not ask you to bow down.
      You will not be able to do so.
      I have not given you free will.
      Some idiot lied to you in the Bible.

      If I see you,
      you are nothing but my own projection.
      I am projecting you,
      and you are projected upon me.

      I can flick the "OFF" switch anytime.

      I am utterly, totally and absolutely independent.

      I am utterly, totally and completely alone.

      I don't need you in any way whatsoever.

      If you want, you can love me.

      If you want, you can torture me slowly to death.

      If you think I care either way, you're just plain dumb.

      I am wholly and completely Self-sufficient.

      I am not writing this, nor are you reading it.

      It was never written, nor will it ever be written.

      Nothing has ever been written.

      Nothing has ever been said.

      There is nobody to say anything.

      Before anything was ever said,

      It was all unsaid.

      *** PART 2 ***

      I move forward into the past.
      I reflect back on the future.
      It's this instant that has no reality.
      Does that shock you?

      Because I was not made
      and because I was not born
      Because I have no name or form
      Because I hold no concepts
      I am Free.
      And nothing either
      has meaning, nor lacks it.

      You like your traditionalists.
      You prefer Nisargadatta.
      Take what you like.
      You are nothing but
      some silly illusion.

      Just because I imagine I perceive you,
      Do you think that makes you real???

      I can choose to see living bodies.
      Sometimes I do.
      "That's Entertainment."

      But maybe you're foolish enough to think you're real?
      Maybe you look at your body and think it's there?
      Maybe you think you have a brain, and think you think?

      If you do,
      That's why you're crazy
      and I'm sane.

      I am not such a fool.
      Can the One care?

      Again, nobody wrote this,
      so if you hold any blame,
      blame only your own foolishness
      for thinking you've read it.

      ... T.C.
      "When comes that great lovely cessation of all thought, only pure
      being remains, beyond all specifics, peace beyond understanding."

      Tim's Websites --
      WWW Hub: http://core.vdirect.net
      Radio Site: http://swlinks.webalias.com
      Spiritual: http://coresite.cjb.net
      Shareware: http://tshareware.webjump.com


      It is often said that if one simply stops the seeking, the wanting,
      Realization will happen. It might be true if the seeking stops spontaneously
      and the mind loses its identity into its Source.

      I wonder whether one can just give up seeking and wanting Realization.

      Probably one cannot give up wanting any "want" until the wanting has waned.
      One can certainly concentrate on wanting "total and complete blissful
      surrender." Perhaps that is helpful. The fundamental issue is the
      "wanting." Surrender happens when the wanting has waned or has been
      suspended, or one simply has become completely indifferent to all wanting.
      In other words, one has become "wanted out".

      There is a Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. To approach this Gate, one must be
      a seeker. But the Gate does not open to seekers. And seeking cannot be given
      up by will or effort.

      It happens when you have been waiting and waiting and waiting. Waiting can
      be a form of doing also. Then it is a long wait. You might be doing
      anything. Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, etc. These are all essentially forms
      of waiting. And
      waiting can be helpful. It tires you out. It is Grace that finally makes us
      so indifferent to any "seeking" or "wanting", that we forget what we had
      wanted and what we had been waiting for. Here the Primal Being Reveals It
      Self as Eternal, as the very Core of our existence, being Existence It Self.

      To enter the Kingdom of Heaven one must be completely naked and bereft of
      all things. Seekers can approach the Gate but cannot enter.

      There is no path to this entrance because there is no where else to go.

      Love to all



      What exists does so in light
      Only that light exists.

      The drama unfolds in light
      Only that light exists.

      Count the infinite universes
      Count to one, there is only light.

      Enjoy the play of your life
      Dance in the light for it dances in you.

      Where you seek your salvation
      You find the light and are destroyed.

      Oh my gratitude is boundless
      In this unbounded love.


      Peace - Michael

      ps Don't worry about finding this light for it has always held you.
      You are that light.
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