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#4943 - Monday, June 10, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4943 - Monday, June 10, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ A recent comment from our good friend
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      #4943 - Monday, June 10, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      A recent comment from our good friend Greg Goode.
      "Still doing Nondual Highlights? It must be the Dr. Who of nondual publications -
      the longest running stream of nondual content ever produced."


      “We must become expressions of, not consumers of, realization.”
      ~ Adyashanti

      Big mind is something you have, not something you seek. Big mind is something to
      express, not something to figure out.
      ~ Shunryu Suzuki

      Peter Shefler Photography
      .. don’t get caught up in spiritual superficialities.
      Instead, live a quiet and simple life,
      free of ideas and concepts ..
      ~ Lao Tzu

      Yaşar Koç Photography
      "Doctrines, scriptures, sutras, essays, are not to be regarded as systems to be
      followed. They merely contribute to understanding. They should be for us a source
      of stimulation, and nothing more... Adopted, rather than used as a stimulus, they are
      a hindrance."
      ~ Wei Wu Wei

      Window: Manoir Des Brumes. Normandy, France

      All the True Vows
      are secret vows,
      the ones we speak out loud
      are the ones we break.
      There is only one life
      you can call your own
      and a thousand others
      you can call by any name you want.
      Hold to the truth you make
      every day with your own body,
      don’t turn your face away.
      Hold to the truth
      at the center of the image
      you were born with,
      don’t turn your face away.
      in this place
      no one can hear you
      and out of the silence
      you can make a new promise
      it will kill you to break,
      that way you’ll find out
      what it is real and what is not.
      I know what I am saying.
      Time almost forsook me
      and I looked again.
      Seeing my reflection
      I broke a promise
      and spoke
      for the first time
      after all these years
      in my own voice,
      before it was too late
      to turn my face again.
      Excerpt from ‘All The True Vows
      From 'River Flow: New and Selected Poems'
      Many Rivers Press. ©David Whyte
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