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#4919 - Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4919 - Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Interview with Enza Vita Enza
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      #4919 - Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights

      Interview with Enza Vita
      Enza Vita lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where she and her husband Leo Drioli own and operate Inner Self Magazine: http://innerself.com.au/about.php
      ~ ~ ~
      Here is a listing of the tracks:

      In the first hour (1:16:38, to be exact) there are blasts of static throughout the interview. If you find the static makes the interview hard to listen to, you may read a transcript of the first 1:16:38 here: http://nonduality.com/enzavita.htm

      You may skip to 1:16:39, where the last hour is static-free.

      0:00 - 4:43 Enza's first interview. Husband Leo Drioli. Australia. Meeting Enza at SAND. Chatting, talking about Enza's name.

      4:43 - 17:52 Born in Italy. Going to Australia at age 17. Alice Springs. Coming from Solarino, Sicily http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solarino. Growing up in Solarino. Feeling different growing up and having various boundary dissolving experiences that were outside the normal thus making her feel isolated. Several experiences described growing up and talking to different people in order to understand them. Trying to be normal. Discovery in Alice Springs resonating with childhood activity and being a sign she should stay in Australia. Family dinners in Sicily.

      17:52 - 24:09 Family dinners in Solarino remembered and described. Enza being up on the roof to get away. Stories. How much of nonduality is stories? Awareness introduced.

      24:09 - 30:36 Continuation of the discussion on going to Australia at age 17. Not speaking English. Dealing with her dad who didn't want to let her go. Living in Alice Springs for two years. Reading at the library. Seeking. Trying to understand her experiences.

      30:36 - 35:54 Nature of Enza's seeking. Moving to Adelaide. Meeting her husband Leo Drioli. Making herbal potions. Studying naturopathy. Seeing teachers. Discovering Nisargadatta's I Am That. Also Ramana Maharshi, Dzogchen books.

      35:54 - 46:15 All the teachings having flown through Enza, being part of Enza as guiding energy. Current connection with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu http://www.dzogchen.it/ . Remarkable story he tells that connects directly with Enza's childhood experience. Experience with Zen breathing/meditation teacher that led to an opening up. More about resonance with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu stemming from her childhood. Mystery of it.

      46:15 - 57:29 Being meditated, significance of. Paradox of getting from here to here. Enza learned to describe her knowing out of questions from her husband Leo. Not having anything to teach. Waiting for the next step as a teacher to become clear. If there were no questions she would have nothing to say.

      57:29 - 1:01:58 Waiting for space to open to start teaching. Needing a reason to give teaching. The breast feeding story/analogy to giving a teaching.

      1:01:58 - 1:13:11 Terms consciousness and awareness discussed. Coming from consciousness compared to standing as awareness. "I am" as consciousness. Nature of awareness itself. "Dark radiance of pure awareness." Nature of "I am" and how to realize. Why isn't the "I am" awareness promoted in today's nonduality circles?

      1:13:11 - 1:16:38 Suffering at the level of relative truth and as inseparable from absolute truth. Embracing both. Practice of presence. In teaching, starting with where a person is at.


      1:16:39 - 1:21:08 Enza changes phone. Chatting about coffee and karaoke. Casual chat. Enza talks about her memory not being too good so she doesn't remember what we were talking about before she switched phones.

      1:21:08 - 1:27:34 The event of dropping away, non-separation, or shift in perception, or looking and seeing that she was everything. Everyone is already looking in this way. As a searcher or seeker you are looking for something other than this non-separation. Spiritual people resisting that Enza had this realization. This was seven years ago.

      1:27:34 - 1:34:16 Is this realization a big deal? How the initial realization played out for Enza. Not talking about it openly for a few years. Role of meditation in facilitating realization. Not necessary to meditate as a practice. Enza having an inner knowing that this lifetime was for self-realization.

      1:34:16 - 1:42:55 Enza feeling that a rope from within was pulling her toward "something" and that it was inevitable. Having trust. Nature of honoring that tug toward the inevitable. Relaxing into the spacious knowingness or "I am."

      1:42:55 - 1:48:15 Talking about awareness alone could be boring as it is not the complete picture. Nature of the separate person. We don't need thoughts to know the sharp lucidity. Yet the mind is used to carry out the business of discussing awareness.

      1:48:15 - 1:55:15 A space between the words. I ask Enza if she reads any current books. She says her memory is no longer photographic as when she was young. Things don't stick around, even in the middle of speaking. Silence as the default stand. Her husband Leo keeps her exteriorized. How Enza is engaged in the world. Living in the body.

      1:55:16 - 2:07:00 We talk about the Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) U.S.A. 2012, where we met. Enza suggests a SAND for Australia. I talk about the group in Nova Scotia I'm involved with. Mind grasps perspectives. The activity in satsang where the teacher tries to get people to shift perspective toward non-separation. Enza's experience addressing her husband's questions. Headlessness.

      2:07:00 - 2:16:50 A natural approach to self-realization compared to forcing it, yet can't dismiss the more forced approach. The nature of being interviewed. Is anything happening? Awareness in movement and awareness still. Ramana Maharshi on deep sleep. Enza's out of the body experiences as a kid and energetic experiences as an adult. Enza rehearsing as a backup singer for her husband Leo's band which is opening for the Dalai Lama's upcoming appearance.
      photo: Enza Vita and Leo Drioli
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